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Charges (Fees)

Purpose of this page

Use this page as a guide to charges and fees for visas and services from 1 November 2005.

Payment must accompany your application and is not refunded if the application is unsuccessful.

All prices are in Australian dollars (A$) and correct at time of release.

Charges & Fees Index

The following index lists the pages of charges for types of visa application, certificates of status, citizenship and review of decisions.

Please choose from the following list to find the charges relevant to your type of application.

Internet applications payment methods

Acceptable payment methods for Internet applications are:

For further information on services available online.
See: Online Services

Note: The currency convertor does not apply to internet applications paid for by credit card. The amount paid will be the Australian dollar (A$) amount. If your credit card is in a currency other than A$, the amount charged will be at the daily credit card rate plus any bank charges.

Lodged in Australia payment methods

Acceptable payment methods in Australia are by:

Payment by cash in person or personal cheque may delay processing.

Please do not send cash through the post.

Lodged at a processing centre in Australia payment methods

Acceptable payment methods for applications lodged in Australia at a processing centre are:

1. Personal cheques are not accepted
2. Travellers' Cheques are not accepted.

The department has processing centres in Australia for many types of application.

Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre
Canberra Global Processing Unit
Hobart Special Program Processing Centre
Perth Business Skills Processing Centre
Perth Offshore Parents Centre
Sydney Entertainment Processing Centre

Lodged outside Australia payment methods

Once you have found the charge or fee in Australian Dollars (A$), use the Currency Converter at the bottom of the page to find the equivalent amount in your local currency and the acceptable method of payment.
See also: Method of Payment Accepted at Australian Missions

Note: If the Currency Convertor does not appear at the bottom of the charges page, then:

Paying in Australia for an overseas applicant

You can also pay the visa application charge in Australia for an applicant outside Australia.
Note: Personal cheques are not accepted as payment for applications to be lodged overseas unless prior, written approval has been obtained from the department.
See above: Lodged in Australia payment methods

To provide proof of payment, send the pink receipt copy to the applicant to attach to their application. Retain the white receipt copy as a record of the payment.

Print version of Charges & Fees

The latest version of Form 990i was issued on 1 November 2005.
See: Form 990i

Previous versions of form 990i

Use these versions only if advised by a departmental officer.
Form 990i (July 2005) – (PDF file, 117kb)
Form 990i (April 2005) – (PDF file, 93kb)
Form 990i (November 2004) – (PDF file, 93kb)

Currency Converter

Use the following Currency Converter to convert the Australian dollar (A$) amount into the amount payable in your country of lodgement.

Step 1:
Choose $AUD charge (fee)
Step 2:
Select country where application will be lodged
Step 3:
Conversion in accepted currency
Step 4:
Check the payment procedures for the Australian Mission in the country where your application will be lodged
See:Australian Mission