News From Coum Transmissions Frendz, 13-28 October 1971
Coum Catalyst, October 1971. Promotional information, including list of 1971 performances
Coum Letter from Genesis P-Orridge, published in Flash Art 78/79, Nov/Dec 1977

Prostitution, ICA, London, 19-26 October 1976

Prostitution ICA promotional leaflet and original exhibition poster
Party Invitation Invitation to party to celebrate 'Prostitution', Monday 18 October 1976


World Premier of The Alien Brain Promotional leaflet for performance at Hull Arts Centre, 2 July 1972
Thrills Promotional leaflet. Quotes New Musical Express article
of 9 February 1974
Couming Of Age Promotional leaflet for performance at Oval House Theatre, London, March 1974

Genesis P-Orridge
'Omissions', c1975

Gary Gilmore Memorial Society

1977 Postcard featuring Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti & Monte Cazazza

Vile magazine

Promotional postcard for Vile magazine, c1977
Scenes Of Victory 1973-1977 Promotional card for Genesis P-Orridge mail-art exhibition, 1978
Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti

Genesis P-Orridge & Cosey Fanni Tutti


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