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Note: If you're a new user, you'll need to download the following things before you can use NetSaint to monitor anything:
  1. The core program (probably best if its a non-beta version)
  2. Some plugins (these are what actually do the monitoring)
Also, I would highly recommend that you subscribe to the netsaint-announce mailing list. Its a low volume list and is only used to announce new versions and security issues.

Core Program, CGIs, and Documentation

Version Release Date File Description
0.0.7 03/01/2002

netsaint-0.0.7.tar.gz (1.2 MB)

RPMs are available here, SRPMs here.

The latest stable release of NetSaint. HTML documentation (and lots of it) is included. Make sure to read the docs - especially the "Whats New" section - before installing anything. Remember that you'll need to download plugins before you can actually start monitoring anything!

Thanks to Mike McHenry for contributing the RPMs.

netsaint-0.0.7.tar.gz MD5 sum:5cabd55a73a618acbc82adc76d6ef382


Plugin development has been moved to SourceForge under the leadership of Karl DeBisschop and Hugo Gayosso. The main project page for plugin development is located at http://netsaintplug.sourceforge.net/. Tarballs are and RPMs are available here. Bug reports should be reported to the netsaintplug-devel mailing list. If you need help with compiling or using the plugins, try sending a message to the netsaintplug-help mailing list after you search the archives...


Package Name Release Date File Package Description Contributor
BBNT2NS - [ download site ] This addons consists of a daemon written in Perl that listens for connections from a Big Brother NT/W2K client, and then parses that data and feeds it to NetSaint as passive service checks. Useful if you want to monitor NT machines that already have the Big Brother client installed. Michael Arndt
Command Line Status Viewer 01/06/2000 cl_status.tar.gz This program is designed to run in a console and display the current status of monitored hosts and services. It uses ncurses to display as many status lines as possible based on the screen size settings. It will also make the console beep and flash if there are any problems. You can specify the rate at which the status information is refreshed from the NetSaint status log. Adam Bowen
NetSaint Easy Administration Tool (NEAT) 08/04/2000 (v2.5)
11/08/2001 (v4.9)
neat.v2.5.tar.gz (23K)
neatv4.9.tar.gz (28K)
This is a web administration interface for NetSaint written in Perl. Version 2.5 works for both the 0.0.4 and 0.0.5 releases of NetSaint, while version 4.9 works with NetSaint versions 0.0.6 and 0.0.7. Allows you to add/edit/delete definitions in your host configuration file and restart NetSaint upon completion of the configuration changes. Does not require a database to store configuration data. Jason Blakey
Netsaint Aggregate Notification System (NANS) - [ download site ] This addon is designed to aggregate notifications from NetSaint, thereby preventing floods of alerts in large installations. It is a drop-in replacement that doesn't require any changes to the existing Netsaint configuration other than telling it to use NANS instead of your current notification commands. It is configurable on per-contact basis and allows for different levels of aggregation for epager vs. email notifications. Nicholas Tang
netsaint_alarm 07/14/1999 netsaint_alarm.tar.gz A set of scripts that are intended to be run as cron jobs. The scripts periodically scan the NetSaint status log and make the system speaker beep if one or more hosts or services are down or have just recovered. Useful if your monitoring host is in an area where you want operators to have some audible clue that there are problems. This addon requires that you be running version 0.0.4 of NetSaint. Richard Mayhew
netsaint_mrtg 2.2 10/25/1999 netsaint_mrtg-2.2.tar.gz A set of scripts intended to be used with MRTG. The scripts scan the NetSaint status log and can be used to generate graphs of host and service status totals. This addon requires that you be running version 0.0.4 or higher of NetSaint. Richard Mayhew
netsaint_statd - [ download site ] This addon (originally created by Charlie Cook) is now maintained by Nick Reinking. Includes a perl daemon and perl scripts that allow you to check remote host information (load, users, filesystem, etc.) easily. Several mods have been made since the original release of this addon, so give it a try. addon is released under the BSD license. Nick Reinking
NetSaint Administrator (NSA) 0.3 02/08/2000 nsa0.3.tar.gz (29K) This is a web administration interface for NetSaint. Requirements include Perl5 with DBI and MySQL DBD installed, MySQL v2.22.25, and a general knowledge of how to create/delete databases and tables in MySQL. You must also be running the final release of NetSaint 0.0.4 to use this addon (release 0.0.5 should be compatible when it is released). This is now a project on SourceForge - the homepage is here. Daniel Burke
NMAP 2 NetSaint 0.4 12/05/2001 nmap2netsaint-0.4.tar.gz (4K) This is a Perl script that parses the output of nmap and turns it into Netsaint host and service definitions in your host configuration file. Updated to work with version 2.53 of nmap. Todd Green
NetSaint Remote Plugin Executor (NRPE) 1.2.5 12/23/2001 nrpe-1.2.5.tar.gz Allows you to execute "local" plugins (like check_disk, check_procs, etc.) on remote hosts. The check_nrpe plugin is called from NetSaint and actually makes the plugin requests to the remote host. Requires that nrpe be running on the remote host (either as a standalone daemon or as a service under inetd). Me
NetSaint Remote Plugin Executor/Perl (NRPEP) 0.2 01/07/2000 nrpep-0.2.tar.gz This addon was designed as a replacemnt for the netsaint_statd and nrpe addons (listed below). Although this addon is similiar in function to nrpe, it is written in Perl and implements TripleDES encryption for the data in transit. It is also designed to run under inetd and make use of the TCP Wrappers package for access control. Requires two Perl modules: Crypt-TripleDES-0.24 and Digest-MD5-2.09. If you want RPMs or the required packages you can find them here. Adam Jacob
NetSaint Reporting Tool - [ download site ] This tool can be used to sum up the overall status of the equipment during the week. The status is determined from the RTA values reported by the check_ping plugin. The main page for this tool (where you can find screenshots and the download) can be found here. Sebastien Barbereau
NSC 0.49f 02/07/2000 nsc.tar.gz (14K) This is a console monitoring interface for NetSaint. It is written in Perl and uses the Curses.pm module to display things in color. The homepage for this addon (along with some screenshots) is located at http://www.goth.dk/~goth/nsc/. Stig Jacobsen
NetSaint Configuration Compiler (NSCC) - [ project page ] NSCC is an addon that generates NetSaint object (host) config files from templates and external commands. Check it out if you're looking for a way to generate config files easier. Tommy M. McGuire
NSClient - [ project page ] This addon has been developed to get vital information from Windows NT/2000/XP servers (CPU load, memory usage, disk usage, service states, processes, and performance data). Includes a service which runs on the NT server and a plugin which is called from the monitoring box. Yves Rubin
NetSaint Service Check Acceptor (NSCA) 02/12/2002 (v1.2.0) nsca-1.2.0.tar.gz (40K) This program is designed to accept passive service check results from clients that use the send_nsca utility (also included in this package) and pass them along to the NetSaint process by using the external command interface. The program can either be run as a standalone daemon or as a service under inetd. If you have libmcrypt installed on your systems, you can choose from multiple crypto algorithms (DES, 3DES, CAST, xTEA, Twofish, LOKI97, RJINDAEL, SERPENT, GOST, SAFER/SAFER+, etc.) for encrypting the traffic between the client and the server. Encryption is important in this addon, as it prevents unauthorized users from sending bogus check results to NetSaint. Read the included SECURITY document for more information. Requires NetSaint version 0.0.6 or newer. Note: Version 1.2.0 breaks backward compatability with 1.X clients and servers! Me
NSCA Perl Module (Net::Nsca) - [ CPAN download site ] This is a Perl implementation of the NSCA (NetSaint Service Check Acceptor) addon. P Kent
NSServicer 0.4.0 11/2000 NSServicer-0.4.0.nosupport.zip (1.0M) This addon allows you to monitor of NT 4.0/2000 server resources (CPU load, memory usage, disk usage, service states, processes, and performance data). Includes a service which runs on the NT server and plugins which are called from the monitoring box. Important Note: This product is no longer supported by the authors. Please do not contact them for problems! If you need to monitor an NT/W2K box, consider using the NSClient addon instead... Jan Christian Kaldestad and Hallstein Lohne
NTStat 0.1 02/15/2000 Ntstat-01.zip (70K)
check_ntstat.tar.gz (10K)
This addon allows you to monitor of NT 4.0/2000 server resources (CPU load, memory usage and disk usage). There are two components to the addon - a service which runs on the NT server and a plugin which is called from the monitoring box. Important Note: This software is no longer supported, as there are other NT monitoring addons available and I do not have time to improve it or answer questions about it. Provided only for historical purposes. If you need to monitor an NT/W2K box, consider using the NSClient addon instead... Me
Passive Service Check Watchdog (PSCWATCH) 1.0b3 11/16/2000 pscwatch-1.0b3.tar.gz (25K) This program is designed to periodically scan the status log for services that have not been updated within a certain "freshness" threshold. When it detects "stale" services, it will schedule an immediate active check of the affected services by using the external command interface. This utility is only useful if you are relying upon passive service checks to run in a distributed monitoring environment. Requires NetSaint version 0.0.6 or newer. Me
RatFink 1.0 08/03/2000 ratfinkv1.0.tar (40K) This is an escalation addon for NetSaint 0.0.5. Watches the status log and sends notifications using qpage according to the instructions in it's configuration file. Jason Blakey
Saintmap 2.1 04/10/2001 saintmap-2.1.tar.gz (23K) This is a Perl/TCL app desined to work with NetSaint 0.0.7 that allows you to graphically create 2-D coordinates for the statusmap CGI by dragging hosts around. Very slick program! Remember, 0.0.7 now requires you to specify coordinates for the statusmap and statuswrl CGIs. The hosts (and links between the hosts) that can be used in the map are pulled from the config files when the app starts. You have to option of writing the coordinates for your host layout back to the CGI file when you're done. David Kmoch
Webmin Administration Module - [ download site ] This is a Webmin administration module for NetSaint. You can grab the module from http://www.niemueller.de/webmin/modules/netsaint/. Supports all directives for the 0.0.5 release of NetSaint. The download is a TAR-only file with an .wbm extension. It can be installed via the Webmin-Configuration module. Tim Niemueller

Last modified: Sep 21st, 2002