Chat met George R.R. Martin

Op dinsdag 23 april vond in de Gelagkamer van Dromen & Demonen een chatsessie met George R.R. Martin plaats, de auteur van onder andere het historische epos: ĎEen Lied van IJs en Vuurí. George R.R. Martin was hier in Nederland om de Fantasy Fair in kasteel de Haar in Haarzuilens te bezoeken. De Fair was een groot succes, maar vanwege de drukte kreeg niet iedereen de kans al zijn vragen te stellen. Dit konden zij alsnog doen tijdens deze chatsessie.
Vanuit Luitingh-Sijthoff logde George R.R. Martin in en las hij de vragen van zijn fans. Hij gaf vervolgens mondeling zijn antwoorden, die door een redacteur werden ingetypt.
De chatsessie duurde een uur en iedereen kwam aan bod. Alle vragen en antwoorden zijn hieronder (in het Engels) terug te lezen. Veel plezier met het lezen van deze transcripts!

[Allard] welkom allen
[Allard] Greetings fantasy fans... Tonight will be chatting with us: Author of the Excellent series a Song of Ice and Fire, Mr. George RR Martin
[Allard] Please ignore typing errors, and most important, Do not blame Mr. Martin for this. He is reading as we speak, and the people at Luitingh are typing his every word..
[Allard] For the Next hour Mr. Martin wil try and answer all our questions and have a nice chat with you all... Please welcome him into the #Gelagkamer :)
[Allard] here goes!
[Ziburan] welcome mister GeorgeRRMartin
[+GeorgeRRMartin] Hi people I am glad to be here and looking forward to your questions
[sima] hello
[Elvendream] hi :)
[Jacob] Hello Mr. Martin, or can we call you George ;->
[Jon] Welcome mr. Martin
[Wendy] hi mr Martin!
[XeNa] welkom mr martin
[Tiger] welcome GeorgeRRMartin
[Ran] Hi, GRRM. :)
[Allard] Well.. lets ask some questions guys :)
[ChrisandLisa] Lisa says: GRRM is The Man!
[Wendy] me me me!
[GaladHrim] Hello, G.R.R Martin
[GaladHrim] Hello, G.R.R Martin
[+GeorgeRRMartin] is ran ilio?
[Isabel-Emma] a question (i forgot to ask that one) is george rr martin you're real name or just a nick name?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] elio that is?
[Rafelrag] mr martin, did you enjjoy the Fantasy Fair?
[Ran] Yes. Just found about this chat today. :)
[ChrisandLisa] Ok, here goes. Will you ever write a book ON writing fantasy?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] george rr martin is my real name
[Jon] George, how much were you aware of the English War of the Roses when you started thinking of the SoFaI?
[Jacob] What do the R.R.'s stand for?
[Erix] Are there more faceless people in important roles trough the seven kingdoms of whom you havenít revealed that there faceless?
[Wendy] mr Martin, where did you get the idea to kill several of your main characters? Was that something that sprung up during the course of the story, or did you have that in mind all along?
[GaladHrim] slow down please...
[+GeorgeRRMartin] i enjoyed the fantasy fair the events went really well had some good signings good interview but was very disappointed in the jousting
[Allard] Ok, time for some answers now ;)
[GaladHrim] hehe
[ChrisandLisa] me too
[+GeorgeRRMartin] I knew quite a bit about the War ot Roses
[ChrisandLisa] not enough blood
[+GeorgeRRMartin] R.R. stands for my middle names
[Erix] Again: Are there more faceless people in important roles trough the seven kingdoms of whom you havenít revealed that there faceless?
[sima] R.R stands for?
[Gog] Ronald Reuel
[Wendy] aha...Tolkien!!
[Gregor] Hello Mr Martin. This is Gregor Clegane. Am I going to die?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] when you are writing about war wars are dangerous things people die as a literary technique it helps to create tension for the reader no character is truly safe.
[frank] How does one earn the title Sword of the Morning?
[Jon] Are you religious, and if so, how do you work around that in your writing. I mean, there's usually a good deal of Myth and Religion in Fantasy
[+GeorgeRRMartin] dear gregor valor morghulis!
[GaladHrim] lol
[Wendy] roflmao
[Isabel-Emma] :)
[Erix] haha
[Gregor] dang
[frank] Good answer. :)
[Gregor] how about my no good brother?
[Jasper] The real question is, when :)
[Rafelrag] mr. martin why did you decide to write fantasy?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] am i religious? i have a lot of interest in religion but am not a believer in any particular sector religion
[Wendy] mr. Martin, will Arya find her destiny among the faceless men?
[ChrisandLisa] Mr. Martin, are there any sections/chapters in the series that you are unhappy with?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] the faceless men - they are by and large in braavos
[Erix] kewl..thanx Mr Martin
[+GeorgeRRMartin] aryas destiny you will have to read the next books to find out
[Jasper] Mr Martin, Was Syrio Forel a faceless man, or just a regular Braavosi?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] am i unhappy with any sections chapters? no not really
[Jacob] Have you ever been compared to Stephen Donaldson (Gap series, Chronicles of Thomas Covenant). There are some similarities in the style and themes
[Erix] will there be a great revelation concerning some other faceless people, besides jaqen?!
[Ran] There seems to be a very strong negative perception of Renly among many characters. Tywin, Stannis, Donal Noye, and others appear to dismiss him quite casually, but his actions don't seem to merit that. Is this a reaction to his vanity and not-so-serious attitude, or a reaction to ... err, something more basic about Renly?
[Wendy] ok :) I kind of expected that answer
[Allard] Ok, wait for a few answers before asking more questions ppl, we still have about 50 minutes left ;)
[sima] hey denser
[ChrisandLisa] good! neither are we!
[frank] Are *all* Targaryens recognizeable by their hair/eyes, or is that merely a common trait among them?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to erix you will definately learn more about the faceless men but I don't know if you would call that a 'great revelation'
[Erix] they belong to my favourite characters in the series..thanx again
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to ran i think the perceptions of renly have to do as much with the personalities of the people making the comments as with renly himself
[Gordar] hullo
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to frank merely a common trait
[Ran] I'll have to start the Renly Anti-Defamation League.
[Jon] In regard to the Starks and the white wolves: Will you dig deeper into Celtic Myth and think of venturing into the realm of shapechangers?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jacob I think my style is VERY different from Steve Donaldsons
[GaladHrim] Many of the deaths in your books seem fairly unpredictable, while the deaths of main characters always seem very logic or even predictable afterwards, When do you decide what characters will die, and how (roll dice for the less important ones ? :))
[Gregor] Will Bran be able to procreate?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jon i've ventured into the realm of shapechangers
[Denser] George, this question comes from Lanfir who couldn' t be here. Her question is: "About which character is it the most dificult to write about and why?"
[Wendy] Mr. Martin, at the Fair you gave a lecture on the differences between fantasy and horror and sci fi and such. You said " its all about the furniture". How would you classify the Song of Ice and Fire....fantasy...or something more than that?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] no dice rolling for death
[Denser] lol
[ChrisandLisa] darts then?
[GaladHrim] lol
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to wendy ice and fire is fantasy
[Linda] Does the Dornish tradition of paramours have its roots in the Rhoynish invasion? And, if so, was it something already existing in Rhoynish culture, or did it come about because of a surplus of women among the Rhoynar?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to lanfir bran is the most difficult character to write he is the youngest he is the most passive and his chapters have the most magic all this makes him tough to write
[Rafelrag] mr. do you do a lot of research for your books? If so, in what way?
[sima] what is your favourite fantasy book?
[Jacob] Are any of the characters based on yourself? Like king Robert Baratheon ;->
[+GeorgeRRMartin] yes i research the books extensively in every way
[Jasper] You said in your lecture saturday that sometimes the story partly writes itself -- does that happen often when you're writing about characters who die?
[Erix] are there, or will there be large maps available on which we can see the whole world at once?!
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jacob all the characters are based on myself but the closest is probably tyrion
[ChrisandLisa] I knew it!
[Jacob] I thought so! Tyrion does seem somehow the most 'real'...
[Allard] HeHeHeHe..
[Wendy] Which of your characters do you despise the most and why?
[Jasper] So you feel you're a stunted, deformed dwarf with a libido the size of texas?
[frank] ROFL
[Jasper] :)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to linda yes many of the dornish customs regarding sexuality and woman' s place in society have their roots in nymeria and the roynar
[Ran] Just to repeat frank's earlier question, in case it was missed: How does one earn the title Sword of the Morning?
[Gregor] maybe i should rephrase my question, should Bran become the sole Stark will he be able to pass on his genes to the next generation?
[Jon] Just a while ago you said to Wendy that Ice and Fire is fantasy. However, there's pulp and there's good fantasy. Imho good fantasy is more than just rearranging the furniture and create a reality that could not possibly exist (Asimov), but it is by and large a perception of our own reality and a quest to find certain answers. In SoFaI, are you looking for answers? And what was the thought that set the story in motion?
[Jasper] Tyrion is always great fun to read, indeed
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to erix there will be more maps in every book
[+GeorgeRRMartin] but i am not sure if there will ever be a world map
[Erix] hmm, I really hope so
[Wendy] in the next books, will there be more point of views that are new (except Cersei of course)?
[Jasper] Maybe in the last book, when it's not necessary any more to keep any secrets about what lies where in relation to other parts, not to mention the secrets about the existence of some places, even
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to ran sword of the morning is the title assumed by certain men of house dayne who are prooved worthy of wielding Dawn
[Erix] Why hasnít the isle of faces ever been taken. Itís so close to (once) mighty Harrenhal! The mistery scares off people?
[Shaun] How do you view Dany's place in the series. She seems an heroic character to me, but the writeups on the back covers always speak of her as a villain...
[You_Shall_Be_As_Gods] :O
[Ran] Very interesting. No birthmarks involved at all. Heh.
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to wendy yes
[Wendy] hahahha who???
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to erix the green men protect the isle of faces
[Erix] will we hear more about the green men than?!
[Rafelrag] most writers have edit the book before printing. Heinlein once said that he was againt editting his books. What's your opinion? Do you edit your books?
[Denser] In one of your interviews you once wrote /said that the memory sorrow and thorn books by tad williams were the ones that helped you to decide to start writing fantasy, what do you like about his books?
[Jasper] Will we ever see Howland Reed make a personal appearance to do something?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to shaun ignore the blurbs on the back cover and make up your own mind who is the hero and who is the villain
[You_Shall_Be_As_Gods] Why is everybody talking english here? :)
[Wendy] because we are talking to an awsome american writer *g*
[Jon] Because Mr. Martin's Chinese is a wee bit rusty
[Jacob] Are there any plans for movie or TV adaptations of your books?
[ChrisandLisa] Right! Let's switch to Hungarian.
[You_Shall_Be_As_Gods] okay
[Jasper] You_Shall_Be_As_Gods: cause it's polite to speak a language everyone speaks, particularly the guest of honor?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to denser I thought Tad Williams trilogy was one of the best epic fantasies of its period
[You_Shall_Be_As_Gods] what the hell
[You_Shall_Be_As_Gods] lol
[Denser] :-)..I totaly agree with you about that george..:-)
[Wendy] same here
[crow] chrisandlisa, i thought i was lisa ????
[GaladHrim] How is it shaping up with the possible a Song and Ice and Fire tv-adaptation/movie, and are there already some people (actors/directors) you have in mind for it, or is it still way too far away for thar
[Jasper] Mr Martin, have you read the later Otherland series by Tad, and what did you think of those?
[GaladHrim] that to say, sorry
[ChrisandLisa] no, you're Frank
[crow] is that true ?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to rafelrag yes i edit and polish and revise my books constantly i also have a number of editors who do the same
[Jon] Some say you have produced an excellent tale, surpassing many authors. How do you view yourself in the lines of Tolkien, Jordan, Michael Scott Rohan?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] no plans for a tv-adaption of ice and fare
[Linda] Continuing on the Dornish theme ... Can a Dornish woman have a paramour? And are children by paramours just 'regular' bastards or do they get other rights, at least within Dorne?
[Blondy] Ziburan kussssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
[Erix] pfewwee
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jasper i've not read tad's new series yet
[Erix] it would never be good enough...a tv series
[Shaun] Mr. Martin: Theres a rumor going around the internet that the new book will have several Prologue chapters. If so, could you say how many?
[Jasper] Well, they said a movie adaptation of lord of the rings could never be good enough either..
[arend] GRRM, do you ever feel the need for a breather? Perhaps writing a completely unrelated book between two asoiaf books?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jon tolkien is the master of epic fantasy i am happy just to be mentioned in the same breath as him
[Jacob] How about plans for a Roleplaying game adaptation? Either tabletop or computer-based?
[ChrisandLisa] George, any chance of you writing a "How To"-book for us aspiring fantasy novelists?
[frank] Mr Martin, Are all the frozen zombies evil, or mindless, or is it possible to retain ones identity when the Others 'convert' you?
[Wendy] Mr Martin, how do yo feel about roleplaying sites which are situated in the world of Ice and Fire?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] continuing on the dornish theme yes dornish women do have paramours
[Linda] Hmmm, excellent.
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to shaun you are quoting things i said for the first time this weekend!
[Erix] Does hodor mean anything, although bran says it doesnít
[Wayward_Gentleman] Hi all. George, back when GoT came out, i read a summary when the Others were called Neverborn. Does this name originate from you, or was it invented by whoever wrote that summary?
[Jasper] On the theme of frank's question, is Lay Catelyne the same sort of frozen zombie as the ones in the North?
[GaladHrim] its on already ;)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to arend a breather would be nice but my readers would kill me
[Jon] Regarding the breather: Do you ever fear you've not got enough inspiration to keep the tale up to standards and how do you view co-writing? (Now I'll sit back and let you have your breather now, for a while ;))
[Jasper] Lady Catelyne, I mean
[Wendy] Catelyn has been brought back to life by Thoros...she is not an Other I think
[Shaun] Hehe. We are always watching. ;)
[frank] I disagree with that assessment, Mr. Martin. A mild flogging would be sufficient.
[Jasper] Feel free to be scared of us obsessive fans now.
[Gregor] Mr Martin, did House Velaryon come over to Westeros at the same time as the Targs?
[frank] (j/k, for those who didn't get it :)
[Shaun] I noticed on your website that some of the CCG art is already finished. What do you think of it so far? Jaime looks pretty cool, IMO.
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jon i have plenty of inspiration if by cowriting you mean collaborating with other writers i did that with lisa tuttle on windhaven and with many other writers on wild cards but not on this series.
[ChrisandLisa] who's obsessive? (voice from Mr. Martin's underpants)
[Ran] Linda and I liked the Eyrie image. The guy learning to fly is priceless. Clever artist.
[Jasper] There's going to be a CCG? cool.. Might have to dust off my CCg playing skills for that..
[Jon] yes, I meant collaborating
[Isabel-Emma] i haven't seen any obsessive martin fan in the netherlands :)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to gregor probably during the same general period not necessarily the same day
[ChrisandLisa] only Jordan's :)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to shaun i am very pleased with what i've seen of the ccg art so far
[Ran] Check out, Jasper, for more information. It's looking very interesting.
[Erix] wil Arya ever finish her list?
[Jasper] There's a lot of overlap between obsessive Jordan fans and obsessive Martin fans, I've found.
[Jachthond] Do you really want to know that?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] of course there will be more than 200 cards in the set and 20 different artists contributing paintings so some of the art is bound to be better than the rest
[Jachthond] Why not just wait for the book?
[Jacob] If there's going to be a CCG, any chances of a roleplaying game as well (or an AD&D;/D20 adaptation?)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jacob we are presently negotiating with several companies about a roleplaying game
[Wendy]'s my question again: what do you think about roleplaying sites on the net which are situated in the world of Ice and Fire?
[Ziburan] Mr. Martin, how did you come up with the idea of writing each chapter from a different point of view characterwise?
[Wayward_Gentleman] George, did you intend to have the 5 year gap back when you thought the series would take only three years? If so when was it supposed to happen?
[Wayward_Gentleman] three books, I mena
[Jacob] about the RPG: that will probably mean a map of the world as well, perhaps, in the roleplaying game books...
[Jasper] Mr Martin, when did the maesters of Oldtown become a respected center of higher learning, and over what period did they displace the Alchemists that were previously in that position?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to ziburan the pov structure is similar to that of the wildcards mosaic novels
[Ran] Jaime's evolution over the course of ASoS is really remarkable, and is a centerpiece of many discussions about the books. You did a wonderful job with it. Out of curiousity, is his re-evaluation of the Kingsguard vows (protection is more important than obedience) an attempt by him to forge a better Kingsguard, a Kingsguard that might have served Aerys differently?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to wayward gentleman when i thought the series would take only three books i was assuming a much greater passage of time within each book
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jasper the citadel has been around for quite a long time
[ChrisandLisa] George, is there anything you would like to ask us readers?
[Jacob] I'm glad the passage of time is as it is. I recently read 'Mists of Avalon', and it packs too many years in too few pages
[Gregor] Mr Martin, what was House Velaryon's relationship with the Targs back on Valyria?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to chris and lisa no plans for a how to book at this time
[Erix] a question concerning Dunk & Egg; did they both died trying to stop the evil from the north?!
[Erix] and so, did they die together?
[Jon] should read Feist's magician: Before you make yourself a cup of coffee, Puk has grown from baby to retarded old man ;)
[ChrisandLisa] At this time! So we may yet hope! (grins)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] my friend lisa tuttle has recently published a book on writing sf and fantasy that i recomment to any aspiring writer
[crow] Mr.Martin, there is some rumour that each chapter you roll a die for the main characters and whoever comes up with a "1" will be killed unexpectedly in some this true ?
[Gregor lol crow
[Jon] LOL
[Wayward_Gentleman] Are any of the previous books going to be re-released in non-special-edition hardcover in the forseeable future?
[Allard] Will we see more of Uncle Benjen Stark? or is he gone for good?
[Erix] crow, question already asked. answer: no
[Jon] Hee, he's my uncle, I've seen enough of him ;)
[Wendy] Benjen Stark = Coldfingers???
[Wendy] maybe?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to erix i will be writing more dunk & egg stories in the future you'll need to read those to find out what happens to them
[Wayward_Gentleman] The only question is: how many sides on the die?
[crow] really ? somebody asked that again ??
[crow] already,i mean....
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to wayward gentleman bantam is releasing a new hardcover of game of thrones in june
[frank] Yes! Woohoo! (ahem)
[Jacob] How many Dunk & Egg stories are there currently? I know of only the one in 'Legends'
[Erix] hmm, not the answer i was hoping for but i definately read those stories
[Erix] 1
[Linda] Speaking of Dunk & Egg, did Legends 2 fall through? Heard various conflicting reports regarding it.
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jacob only one
[Ziburan] Mr. Martin, who are your favorite authors? Not particularly fantasywriters.
[Shaun] Out of curiosity, do you have a rough idea of how big Braavos would be? Conpared to King's Landing say.
[Jasper] crow: yup. A definitive statement that no dice are involved in deciding which character will die in the chapter are not involved. So it's probably darts. ;)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to linda legends 2 is going forward
[Rafelrag] mr. martin, do you have an emotional bond with your books when they are finishes, or is a finished book just like a 'closed chapter' what you put behind and start on a new one?
[Linda] Great.
[Ran] Woo.
[crow] lol jasper
[Jacob] What is the current planned release date for 'A Feast for Crows'?
[frank] Mr Martin, Will the Dunk and Egg stories be connected the main plot any more than they are now, or will it remain a fully seperate storyline?
[Jon] Jasper...that's debatable... The Die don't roll for the death, but the die can roll and decide
[crow] feast for hungry...need books !!
[Wendy] Mr Martin, what is the chapter in the books you favor the most, yourself and why?
[PhoeNiX] ik is weet pleite..
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to rafelrag my books do become closed chapters when they are done but Ice and Fire is really one enormous book so it will be years before i feel any emotional closing there
[PhoeNiX] doei doei..
[ChrisandLisa] Orcish Librarian!
[Allard] Mr. Martin, Will we see more of Uncle Benjen Stark? or is he gone for good?
[crow] :)
[Bo] hallo
[Erix] I read somewhere that at first, the d&e; story didn' really connected to the series. is that right?
[Wayward_Gentleman] allard, that's aRAFO question ;)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to frank the dunk and egg stories are separate
[GaladHrim] Do you already have a new stack of books-to-be-written after the song of ice and fire (another sf or horror story maybe)?
[frank] Nifty. Thanks.
[Allard] I know, but ya cant blame a guy for trying ;)
[Jasper] Well, according to Pratchett, all the world's a dice game of the gods, and all the men and women merely game pieces.. so that'd mean that on a metalevel, things are decided by dice ;)
[Wayward_Gentleman] ;)
[Jon] Mr Martin, a number of your villains do look quite good. Why would the villain with the most likeable treats looks worst (i.e. Tyrion) How did you come up with his appearance?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to galad don't know what I'll write after I&F; am sure I will think of something
[ChrisandLisa] Jasper, I just rolled a '1'. You are dead. :)
[Jasper] Err. Doh.
[Jon] Mr Martin.,... I've got a few good ideas ;)
[* Jasper_ rolls over with his paws in the air]
[GaladHrim] good :)
[Linda] About how old is Arianne Martell?
[ChrisandLisa] lol
[Gog] Mr. Martin, are you ever exasperated by the sheer volume of questions to which the answer happens to be "read on and you'll find out"?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] Arianne Martell is mid twenties
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to gog YES
[Rafelrag] mr. martin, when did you know you wanted to be a writer?
[Erix] on the fair you told we would see Jaqen in an new personality? will we see him in a Feast for Crows already?!
[Linda] Maybe there should be a penalty for asking those kinds of questions ... ;)
[Ran] Speaking of Princesss Arianne, what faith does her mother Mellario of Norvos follow? If she's a R'hllorian, it could have some interesting implications to the politics in the series, maybe . . .
[Jasper] I've seen a less 'RAFO' type questions come by then an average Jordan interview seems to get, so I guess it could be worse
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to rafelrag I was making up stories in Great School (8-9 yrs old) but at the time I thought I wanted to be an astronaut
[Wayward_Gentleman] Are we going to learn why/how the seasons are so unpredictable, or is that just a part of the setting?
[Jacob] Is there (going to be) any mention of the names of the days in aSoIaF? I assume it's not 'monday, tuesday, etc...'
[GaladHrim] I've read the wild cards series came up from you and friends roleplaying. If you still sometimes roleplay, what kindof story's do you use/play?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to wayward yes
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jacob no
[frank] Mr Martin, a question of grave importance. According to reports from the Fantasy Fair, you are not a fan of all-anchovy pizzas. How DO you like your pizza?
[Rafelrag] Did it take you a long time before you got a story published?
[Jasper] Did you want to be an astronaut, as in NASA and Shuttles, or did you want to be a Space Guy as in SF?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to galad yes i roleplay gurps
[Jacob] _everybody_ wants to be an astronaut in grade school...
[Erix] lol george, man on the moon
[ChrisandLisa] Gurps rules!
[Isabel-Emma] to jasper: in the average jordan interview the interviewer mostly ask only the rafo questions not the questions jordan will answer!!
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to frank thin crust pepperoni
[ChrisandLisa] Thin crust pepperoni rules!
[frank] Eeeexcellent
[Jasper] Ooh, we've got quite a few good places for thst sort of pizza round here
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to rafelrag i was publishing stories when i was in highschool but only in fanzines I was 21 the first time I got paid for them
[Wayward_Gentleman] thanks for the clear answer ;)
[crow] isabel, who is jordan ?
[Shaun] Is Braavos bigger than King's Landing? How does it compare to the other Free Cities
[Wendy] Mr Martin, what do you think of Holland and the way you were welcomed in our country?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to shaun braavos is the most powerful and richest of the free cities
[Rafelrag] and did you start with fantasy stories or did you start with another genre?
[Jasper] Repeat question: Is the sort of zombie-effect Lady Catelyn (and probably Dondarrion) are under the same sort of magic as the zombie effects of the frozen north?
[Wayward_Gentleman] (how long has this chat been going on?)
[Ran] 45 minutes, Wayward.
[Wayward_Gentleman] thx
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to ran norvos has its own religion the city is a theocracy of sorts
[Ran] Wow.
[crow] Wendy, how exactly did you welcome Mr.Martin in holland then ? :)
[arend] DOn't get too excited Ran :)
[Ran] Hey, arend. :)
[Linda] I'll keep him calm. ;)
[Wendy] I told him I liked his all
[Erix] Dany will be betrayes 3 times. Did ser Jorah betray here once for money? so does this make it 2 betrayels so far?
[Jacob] How do you enjoy the Dutch liberal attitude towards marihuana, mr. martin? ;->
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to wendy i've had a great time here and everybody has treated me wonderfully
[ChrisandLisa] suggests to kick out crow for foul language
[Wendy] great to hear that
[Jon] Repeat Q: A number of your villains do look quite good. How did it come to pass that the villain with the most likeable treats looks worst (i.e. Tyrion). How did this come to pass? (and I don't mean biologically, but in your imagination)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] the fair was great fun but the jousters could not hit eachother!
[arend] The Dutch are everywhere! Even in the BwB
[Wayward_Gentleman] Do you already have sketched a complete map of the ASOIAF world?
[Denser] LOL
[Linda] They read the books first, and got worried about what would happen when they hit, perhaps ...
[Denser] dutch knights aren' t what they used to be in the old days george...:-)
[Jon] Wayw. G... GRRM alraeady said he doubted there would ever be a complete weorld map
[Gregor] is the asoiaf world a sphere?
[Jasper] The jousting is probably not something many people practice regularly, I mean, jsut finding a location would be hell..
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jacob i like the dutch liberal attitudes for a great number of things i am not a believer in passing laws against victimless crimes
[Erix] indeed jon
[Shaun] Are Dany's bloodriders officially a part of the Queensguard? Or are they a seperate group?
[GaladHrim] its probably not a discworld gregor..
[Jasper] Well, maybe a torusworld
[Jasper] or a Klein bottle-world
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to gregor YES
[Jasper] though I suppose those'd be more for SFnal type stories :)
[Erix] Dany will be betrayes 3 times. Did ser Jorah betray here once for money? so does this make it 2 betrayels so far?
[Denser] victimless crimes......thats a way to put it......
[Erix] on the fair you told we would see Jaqen in an new personality? will we see him in a Feast for Crows already?!
[Jon] Erix, RAFO
[ChrisandLisa] Do you mean, if I don't leave a victim, I can murder anyone?
[Ran] Jousting-talk reminds me . . . Any tournament(s) in A Feast for Crows? I was hoping to see a wedding tourney in ASoS, but we missed that chance.
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to erix no comment (twice!)
[Wendy] thats a contradiction in terms
[Gog] Do your publishers put any pressure upon you to extend the length of the series?
[Jon] contradictio in termino...where?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to ran probably too much war going on for a tournament just now
[Erix] oops sorry. and damned off course!!
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to gog no
[Erix] lol :D
[Wayward_Gentleman] Any war elephant going to show up in ASOIAF? ;)
[Ran] Figured. Oh well. :)
[Wendy] murder someone without a victim
[Linda] I guess I'll sneak in a repeat as well: Are children by paramours just 'regular' bastards or do they get other rights, at least within Dorne?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to wayward do war mammoths count?
[Denser] lol
[Jacob] What is the game of 'tiles' based on, and will the rules ever be explained?
[Linda] Stray mammoths sounds dangerous. ;)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jacob probably not
[Jon] Last question, I think... Mr. Martin...with this jumble of organised questions, do you think you'll be able to sleep soundly tonight, or are you afraid your head keeps spinning (if the latter is the case, I've got a good whiskey you can have ;))
[Jasper] It sounded a bit like a combination of go, chess, and mah-jongg to me
[GaladHrim] So far the only god(s) with power seems to be the fire/light god of mellisandre, is there a reason for this? Or did i just miss something?
[Wayward_Gentleman] guess so. mammoth fur probably provides better protection anyway ;)
[Jacob] Are the weirwoods based on a real type of tree or are they fictional?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jacob largely fictional
[Shaun] Does anyone live in Valyria and the Lands of the Long Summer? Are the Targaryens really the only surviving Valyrians?
[Denser] thanks fro visiting is here in the netherlands, and thanks for talking
[frank] Like The Other doesn't have power (he's got a whole damned army marching south :)
[Jacob] What is the planned release for Feast of Crows?
[Rafelrag] when you are writing, is it then necessary that it is quiet in the room you're working or do you prefer music while working for better concentration?
[Gog] Have you given any thought towards appending a Tale of Years to the final book of the series similar to Tolkien's chronology?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jon: I have several bottles of wine I need to drink tonight but thanks for offering the whiskey!
[Jon] No problem
[GaladHrim] the whole damned army are wildlings, we havent seen that much others yet..
[Erix] following on galadhrim: the firegod doesn' really seems to be good nor evil. have you done this on purpose?
[Wayward_Gentleman] How did you come up with the name 'The Others'?
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to rafelrag: sometimes I play music but generally I prefer quiet
[arend] wine? In holland you should be drinking either beer or jenever :)
[Ziburan] Mr. Martin, do you also write poetry, or just prose?
[frank] Mr Martin: On the subject of the future Dunk and Egg stories, will they be multiple stories bundles, will they be spread out over several books, or...?
[Denser] or berenburg arend.........
[Allard] most chracters are good nor evil
[Jon] arend, I'd say Beerenburg is more Dutch
[Jasper] I would jsut like to say that I enjoyed this chance to talk you very much, as well as the lecture & signing saturday, and I hope that you'll come back next year for some more questions about aFfC when that si out by then :)
[Denser] not dutch...frysian...:-)
[sima] :)
[arend] lol
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to shaun there are many descendants of valaryans scattered around the world all of the free cities were once valaryan colonies although there peoples have intermarried and changed to greater or lesser degree over the centuries
[frank] GaladHrim: The whole damned army consists of Others and Zombies. The Wildlings have their own agenda, it seems to me. An agenda that won't last too long, I fear :)
[Jon] Denser, Frysians used to be here before the Dutch... but whatever
[Isabel-Emma] Laugh Oout Loud
[Denser] LOL
[arend] tot ziens.
[Ran] Guess I'll try a repeat. :) Is Jaime's re-evaluation of the Kingsguard vows (protection is more important than obedience) an attempt by him to forge a better Kingsguard as he sees it, a Kingsguard that might have served Aerys differently to better result for the sworn brotherhood and Westeros?
[GaladHrim] Yeah, and thanks for the cool writings that go with the autographs! :)
[Jasper] Is the demise of Valyriua based on Atlantis, by the way?
[Denser] thanks again george, we hope you will visit us again in a while
[arend] Ran, Linda, hope to see you in the flesh sometime and GRRM, regards to Parris as well. It's NJ coffee time here
[Erix] galad "keep your sword sharp!!!" lol!
[ChrisandLisa] and George, keep your pencil pointy!
[Ran] Later, Arend. :)
[Jacob] 'Keep your horns sharp', that's what he put in my book ;->
[frank] Mr Martin, I'd also like to thank you for answering (and, on a few occasions, not answering) our questions.
[ChrisandLisa] you got horns, Jacob??? ;)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jasper yes atlantis was certainly part of the inspiration for the doom of valarya but so was the fall of rome
[Erix] damned, that went fast!!
[Wendy] to me he said: may your winters be short *g*
[Jacob] Do not mock me, ChrisandLisa, or I will cut of your manhood and feed it to the goats!
[Allard] Well guys, I gotta get ready for work in a few minutes.. Mr. Martin, it was really great having you in the #Gelagkamer. Thank you for a most excellent series, and keep on wroting :)
[+GeorgeRRMartin] to jacob so youre the horny guy - I recall
[Jasper] Yeah.. "that was a whole *hour*"?
[Erix] might a perticular spider be an faceless man?
[Allard] writing even
[sima] Laugh Oout Loud
[Isabel-Emma] it was really great to see you that much:)))))))))))
[frank] *coughRAFOcough*
[Erix] muhahaha horny guy?
[Shaun] Valyria: Thats odd. Why didn't the Targaryens intermarry with those Valyrians instead of their sisters?
[Wendy] thank you mr Martin for your wonderful books
[Isabel-Emma] next time i will have more questions:)
[Ran] They did. House Velaryon provided brides to three Targaryen princes, for example.
[+GeorgeRRMartin] Thank you all for coming and please keep reading the books!
[Ziburan] i will
[GaladHrim] Any questions you still want us too ask you? :)
[Linda] The rest just really liked their sisters. ;)
[Jachthond] We will. :)
[Ran] Thanks for the chat, GRRM. Take care. :)
[Denser] oh no...dont give emma the microfon...:-)
[Allard] we sure will!
[Rafelrag] please keep writing them and thx for the chat!
[Ziburan] still busy in the first book
[Erix] we centainly will. keep on writing!!!
*** GeorgeRRMartin has quit IRC (QUIT: De leukste Chat op het Internet!!)
[GaladHrim] jaa, me wolfbrother
[* Blondy heel leuk dit Allard mijn complimenten]
[Denser] MOOI!!!!!
[Allard] thanks :)
[Isabel-Emma] martin is trouwens ook super aardig
[Allard] Thanks to Luitingh en Annelies!!
[Rafelrag] een peter schaap mag van mij ook wel de volgende keer

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