Van Hilleary For Senate
"Our country is at war and control of the Supreme Court is likely to rest with Senators elected this time. It is critical that our state elects a conservative who has the courage of his convictions."             -- Van Hilleary

Van's campaign is changing the way Tennessee Republican campaigns are run. Unlike other campaigns that are driven by a small group of elite Republicans, Van's campaign is financed by everyday Tennesseans volunteering to do their part. Whether it's raising money in $10 increments from your neighbors, or $500 increments from your email pals, you can make a difference. Click here to learn how you can be a Trailblazer, changing Republican politics in Tennessee forever.

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This is a grass-roots, people-powered campaign.

Whether you have a little time to offer or a lot, you can make a difference.

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Our next U.S. Senator must be an experienced sincere conservative who is ready to lead in the Senate on Day One.

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