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1. San Fernando Ch.& Cementery
2. San Hipólito
8. Corpus Christi Church (closed)
11. San Juan de Dios Church
13. Santa Veracruz Church
21. San Francisco Church
22. Expiación Church
23. Metodist Temple
3. Hacienda Museum
4. Viceroyal Paintig Gallery
5. Alameda Museum
6. Yellow Horse Statue
7. Arts and Crafts Exhibit (Fonart)
9. Benito Juárez Memorial
10. Franz Mayer Museum
12. Printing Museum
14. Fine Arts Theatre
15. National Art Museum
16. Minery Palace
17. Postal Building
18. Bank of Mexico Building
19. House of Tiles
20. Latinamerican Tower
A. De Cortés *****
85 Hidalgo Ave.
Tel. 518 2181
. Sheraton Alameda *****
Avenida Juárez
B. Ambassador ****
38 Humboldt St.
Tel. 5518 0110
C. Bamer ****
52 Juárez Ave.
Tel. 521 9060
D. Estoril ****
93 Luis Moya St.
Tel. 55 18 03 74
E. Metropol ****
39 Luis Moya St.
Tel. 55 10 86 60
F. Marlowe ***
17 Independencia St.
Tel. 55 21 95 50

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Alameda is the first park of the City, where hustle and bustle of Christmas feasts combines with the quiet court yards of ancient convents (4 & 10) and the glamour of the Fine Arts Theatre (14). This mood goes back to 1592 when the Viceroy Luis de Velasco ordered its creation in the packed space of the island-city, just in front of it the square of the Inquisition. The initial poplar trees didn't succeed, but other kinds of trees formed an small forest, an ideal frame for seduction.

The modern shape of the garden dates from the end of the XVIII Century when geometric pathways and fountains made it's adornment. During the Romanic Era some cheerful sculptures where laid among the trees, but the most remarkable is the Benito Juárez Monument, in the South border.

In 1985 some of the buildings of that area collapsed after the 2 minute earthquake that killed hundreds of people. The small square and museum (5) in Dr. Mora and Juárez avenue was created in the memory of that tragedy and contains the outstanding Diego Rivera Mural that depicts his vision of the Alameda life and History.

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