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Hello, and Welcome. As of January 2004 (last updated February 2005), this website is dedicated to those who believe that they have been taken advantage of by a company doing business as "Celebrity Prime Foods".
The host of this site, Brad Ashforth, believes himself to be a reasonable person. When someone is invited to my home to present their products and/or services, it is expected that they will provide reasonable value for said products and/or services. When customers believe themselves to be taken advantage of, I believe that it is their responsibility to advise the company of their complaint and give said company reasonable ability to resolve said complaint. When such complaint(s) have not been resolved satisfactorily, such Customers have little option other than to voice their dissatisfaction to the general public, while being careful not to defame said company.

As such, ALL remarks made by the host of this website are the opinions and beliefs of the host and may or may not be the beliefs of anyone else visiting this site.
The express purpose of this website is to educate potential future customers of Celebrity Prime Foods as to how at least one customer feels about the value of product/service received from this company.  Once armed with this knowledge, these potential customers are free to decide whether or not to do business with Celebrity Prime Foods.


Brad at the Puyallup, WA fair ... September 2004

Disclaimer: Although it should be plainly clear that the owner of this website (Brad Ashforth) is VERY DISSATISFIED with Celebrity Prime Foods, the host of this site (Brad Ashforth) and ISP (Verizon.net) CANNOT and DO NOT accept any liability for anything posted by others on this site. If you want to add your name to the growing list of customers dissatisfied with Celebrity Prime Foods, you should submit proof of any and all claims made. Thank you for understanding that I must be completely fair in all postings here to avoid being prosecuted or shut down by Celebrity Prime Foods. This is a 1st Amendment site, but I also believe that to be fair I must make this disclaimer.