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27th April 2006
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  1.   Aftershave.
  2.   Mix it with water and blackwash your greenhouse.
  3.   Marmite grenades.
  4.   Low fat chocolate substitute.
  5.   Spread it on the doorknob.
  6.   Paint the walls.
  7.   Gargle.
  8.   Mix with nitro-glycerine and feed to kangaroos. Stand well back.
  9.   Coat an AOL CD in Marmite, hang it up and you have a fly trap!
  10.   Use it to stick posters to the wall.
  11.   Burn it.
  12.   Use it as fuel for the car.
  13.   Drop large quantities over third world countries as food aid.
  14.   Rub-on deodorant.
  15.   Toothpaste.
  16.   Fly repellant.
  17.   Anti-climb paint.
  18.   Fish bait.
  19.   Moisturising cream.
  20.   Indigestion remedy.
  21.   Sun cream.
  22.   Cover lightbulbs so they give off black light.
  23.   Use it to stick the leaves back on the trees when they fall off in the autumn.
  24.   Engine oil.
  25.   Aphrodisiac.
  26.   National Marmite Awareness Week.
  27.   Glue.
  28.   Hair wax.
  29.   Shaving cream.
  30.   Hair removal wax.
  31.   Slap some on your hands and feed, then pretend to be spiderman by climbing a tall building.
  32.   Keep a jar as a pet.
  33.   Instead of fruit, throw jars of marmite at bad stand-up comedians.
  34.   Turn ordinary glasses into sun-glasses by applying a thin layer to the lenses.
  35.   Let it evolve.
  36.   Ink.
  37.   Elect it as prime minister.
  38.   Fill in all the cracks in the wall.
  39.   Build a statue.
  40.   Grease your axles.
  41.   Wax your snowboard.
  42.   Spread across the road as a traffic calming device.
  43.   Use it instead of your regular washing powder.
  44.   Fabric conditioner.
  45.   Shampoo.
  46.   Oil your cricket bat.
  47.   Smear some across your camera lens to create a neutral density filter.
  48.   Leave a pile of it on the kitchen floor and claim the dog did it.
  49.   Marmite muffins.
  50.   Make milkshakes out of it.
  51.   See how much you can flush down the toilet before it becomes blocked.
  52.   Spread it on crackers with cheese.
  53.   Flavour gravy.
  54.   Eat it on toast with liverwurst.
  55.   Eat it with a spoon.
  56.   Patch up the roof when it leaks.
  57.   Annoy Australians when you inform them that Marmite is far superior to Vegemite!
  58.   Use boiling marmite to repel invading forces from your home/castle.
  59.   Smear it all over your face so that, when the BNP are elected, they'll offer you £10,000 to go and live in a nice warm country with palm trees and a decent cricket team.
  60.   Send a birthday card, it is 100 yrs old in Feb 2002.
  61.   Test whether or not new American girlfriend *really* loves you by feeding her Marmite.
  62.   Throw a jar in the tumble drier to eliminate that static.
  63.   Write a book - 101 Uses for Marmite.
  64.   Ring up the plumber and tell him you have Marmite stuck in your U-bend.
  65.   Use it as a dip for your Doritos.
  66.   Phone dial-a-pizza and ask for marmite topping.
  67.   Devise a chat room handle - The Marmite Man maybe?
  68.   Five loaves and four jars. Feed the 5,000.
  69.   Use a jar to stub out your cigarette ends.
  70.   Attach a 4 volt lamp and you have a Marmite Nite Lite.
  71.   Ear plugs.
  72.   High vacuum grease.
  73.   Smear some on the new teacher's seat.
  74.   Write a song about Marmite. Release it and see how far up the charts it gets.
  75.   Toffee apples? Why not try these new Marmite apples!
  76.   Tie-dye your bikini - wear it.
  77.   Feed large spoonfuls to your baby - be ready with the camera!
  78.   The Midas touch - turn everything to Marmite.
  79.   Write 'RED RUM' all over the walls in Marmite.
  80.   Blow Marmite bubbles.
  81.   Create a Monty Python Marmite Sketch.
  82.   Did you know 'mime art' is an anagram of Marmite?
  83.   'I hate Marmite' becomes 'Eat? I hammer it!'
  84.   ... and 'I love Marmite' becomes 'I am evil. Rot me!'
  85.   Smear on car windows for an expensive-looking tinted effect.
  86.   Fake bogies.
  87.   Spread on Peanut Butter.
  88.   Use it to create abstract paintings.
  89.   What if volcanoes spewed out marmite instead of lava?!
  90.   Smear some on the doorbell button.
  91.   Sing to it.
  92.   End every sentence with 'Marmite'.
  93.   Clone it.
  94.   Marmite pellets.
  95.   Hangover remedy.
  96.   Stay in a watch a movie with a bucket of marmite flavoured popcorn.
  97.   Take it's picture. Pin up copies at work.
  98.   Marmite currency.
  99.   Try to mate two jars together.
  100.   Try to cross breed marmite and vegemite.
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