April 29-30, 2006

Join us for the Joyland Christianpalooza celebrating family fun with live entertainment!

11AM-7PM hours for the Christianpalooza event

*$19.95 admission, includes admission and all rides open, children under 3 free

** free any day future admission ticket ($19.95 value) with Christianpalooza admission

***Season passes $49.95

***Family passes $99.95

*Rollercoaster and Whacky Shack remain closed for maintenance; all other rides are operating.

** New owners apologize for limited ride opening and want to give guests a free day at Joyland when all rides are open.

***Season and individual passes include unlimited daily admission and all rides;

excludes Palooza events, which are an extra $5.95 per person, for season and family pass holders, per event.

Season pass maximum is 5 people per family, $14.95 per additional family member, only immediate family members qualify.

Park hours are weekends only 11AM-7PM starting April 22nd thru May 21st

Hours 12AM-8PM daily starting May 26th thru Aug27th



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