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Influential Abortion Events

Influential Abortion Events


10 questions, rated Very Difficult.
Crafted by player ubermom

What would be family or medical matters become public events and political fodder when abortion is involved. How much do you know of some of the events that have shaped abortion politics?

Question Sneak Peak:

* A picture of this woman, found dead in a motel room, galvanized activists in favor of decriminalizing abortion. For the first time, they had a photo showing grahically the results of a fatal criminal abortion. A documentary of the woman's life and death continues to motivate those who fear recriminalization will lead to more of the same horrible deaths. Who was this woman?
* In 1938, Dr. Alec Bourne openly challenged British abortion law by doing what?
* Dr. Milan Vuitch openly performed elective abortions in Washington, DC, although the law at the time only allowed for abortions to preserve the life or health of the mother. He was arrested and convicted, and challenged his case all the way to the Supreme Court. Did the Court's 1971 ruling overturn the law, as requested by Vuitch?
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