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Dale & Thomas: Oprah's Favorite Popcorn's WorldView started in 1994 as an effort to share how Christmas is celebrated around the world. This year we've combined the best music, recipes, features and information of the past in a new community based format. Our goal is to have some amount of information for every country in the world. Although, we currently have over 387 worldview entries and/or articles, some countries still don't have complete information. Our content team is actively filling in the gaps with more and more information being added every day. New for this year is a feature that gives you quick statistics about each major region and country. This should easily allow you to see what's available.'s WorldView Map North America Central America South America Africa Christmas in the Middle East Europe West Asia Christmas in the South Pacific Christmas Down Under Iceland Christmas in East Asia Russia
To see what's available, select a region of the world on the map above or use one of the text links below:

North America Europe Russia
Carribean & Central America Africa East Asia
South America Middle East
Iceland South Pacific Australia

Christmas Greetings from Around the World! ~ It's back! We've got Merry Christmas in various languages broken down by country!

Santa and other symbols of Christmas around the world:
Christmas Symbols:
~ The Star
~ The Christmas Tree
~ Christmas Tree Evolution
~ Christmas Tree Legends
~ History of Advent
~ The History of Carols
~ Mistletoe
~ Ivy, Laurel & Rosemary
~ Holly
~ Christmas Rose
~ Poinsettia
~ Glastonbury Thorn
Info about Santa:
~ The Real Saint Nicholas
~ St. Nicholas - The Legend Begins
~ Santa Discovers America
~ Santa Around the World!
~ Santa USA
~ Evolution of Modern Day Santa
~ Santa's Other Names..




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