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Make Way For 'Sextravaganza'

Controversial Health Fair Planned At George Mason University

POSTED: 8:28 am EDT April 25, 2005
UPDATED: 9:30 am EDT April 25, 2005

Organizers say "Sextravaganza," a controversial health fair that will take place Monday at George Mason University, in Fairfax, Va., will raise awareness about such issues as safe sex, date rape and sexual health.

However, the one-day event sponsored by the Pro-Choice Patriots student group has sparked controversy.

Student organizer Amanda Agan told News4, "We're really just trying to educate students and arm them with all the tools so they can make an informed decision about sex. We really have no political agenda at all. We have all sides represented."

But Virginia State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli disagrees. "They're pushing a pro-sex agenda and an anything goes agenda," Cuccinelli said. "And that's what this Sextravaganza is all about."

Organizers said the fair will provide 15 booths with information on abstinence, condoms and self-help exams, as well as sexual orientation, which has also riled Cuccinelli.

"You can't have safe homosexual sex. There is no such thing and yet one of the sponsoring groups is the homosexual group on campus," he said.

But many students said they want to be better informed. One student said "I just think it's kind of ridiculous to think that you could be anti health fair, that's kind of goofy."

The Sextravaganza will take place from noon to 5p.m., and school officials said if it's a success, it could be repeated next year.

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