Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Since the Easter Bunny Hates video you was such a hit, here's the OTHER side of the story

(Windows Video Media 31 seconds)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Has Morgan apologized for or issued a correction for her slandering the LA Times?

I was off world for a few days on Academy business, and there were no subspace radio broadcasts. Did Melanie Morgan issue a correction or apologize for saying that the LA Times doctored their news photos of the LA immigration protests?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Note to Melanie Morgan and Sharon Brown, "Your buddy Malkin started the private phone posting!"

So I'm listening to Melanie Morgan waiting for her to apologize for her comments about the LA Times photographs and I hear her whining about students posting the personal information of her good friend Michelle Malkin and how she was threatened with death after it was posted. What did Morgan and Sharon Brown TOTALLY forget to mention? That MALKIN was the first to post the phone numbers of the students who protested the military recruiting at UC Berkeley Santa Cruz. (If you want to read the back story on this check out this post at Daily Kos by georgia10.)

So I suppose I could go into the kid's argument of "She started it!" but I won't. What I will say is that:

1) Morgan and Brown aren't' telling listeners the whole story, no surprise there

2) If Morgan thinks that the students should have "consequences" for what they did, do you think that there should be "consequences" for Malkin for her posting?

3) Death treats are wrong. Period. And if anyone is getting death threats on either side of the aisle we should track them down and charge them according to the various state laws.

Everyone knows that you don't make death treats against the President or you will get a call from the Secret Service. Maybe a few people need to get a visit from their state's equivalent service.

I wonder what the ratio of death threats is from the left vs. the right? Considering that the rabid right loves their machine guns so much, I would be more worried about their following through on their threats. But maybe not. Maybe they are just misunderstood peace-loving people treatening others with death. Of course I haven't seen Malkin's death treats, but here are a few that the students got from Malkin's readers.

[BTW, I don't normally use profanity on this site. Three of my 19 readers are under 18 and I like to keep this clean most of the time. Also, I'm not a commercially supported broadcast radio station with a licence granted to me by the state in exchange for access to the airwares, so I can print obscene language if I so choose. I usually chose not to. But in this case I think it is good to show the foulness of the people that sent death threats to the students. Are these the "consequences" that Morgan wanted them to have? ]

These are from UCSC Student's Against the War's website.

From: Wayne
Subject: shame on you
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 21:30:26 -0400

You will pay for your seditious activities. It is only a matter of
time...We are retired military snipers & we are watching you...

From: Hermy Flenagin
Subject: Military
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 07:24:54 -0700 (PDT)

Girls (and other assorted shitdicks),

My sincere hope is that a couple hundred of the local patriots take a
day off work for your next anarchist event, and come down to your
little shithole with some axe handles and bust your fucking heads.

Short of that, I certainly hope the Feds stop sending money to your
dicklicking junior college.

From: Peter Peanut
Subject: I hope...
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 09:38:44 -0700 (PDT) a fine young American very, very soon puts his shiny gun barrel
up to your left temple and pulls the trigger. Now THAT will make
America a much, much better place to live for the rest of us, you
utterly disgusting piece of shit...

"Hearing a Western woman talk about how she might want to become a
Muslim is like hearing black Americans talk about how they might want
to become slaves."

From: "Tom Ault"
Subject: outrage!
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 13:19:52 -0400

You intolerant left wing socialist fucking cock-suckers. We're coming
to get you and when we do we'll hurt you..REAL BAD!


From: Christopher Boylan
Subject: Go fuck yourself
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 21:50:35 -0400
Fucking pansy douchebag, you're lucky one of those recruiters didn't
put his foot up your silly little ass. Get cancer, you traitorous shit
breath cocksucker.


From: primus1
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 11:20:39 +0200


From: "Victor M. Sanchez, Jr."
Subject: Useful Idiots
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 17:15:04 -0500

You 3 are a bunch of useful idiots. Instead of marching around with
your silly Peacenik slogans you should either pick up a weapon and
defend this country from Islamofascists or just Shut The F*** Up. Or
just get back to class...idealistic, wet-behind the ears ingrates.

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UCSC Students
Submitted by Anticonservafascist on Wed, 04/19/2006 - 10:29am.
Why not you brave folks just press charges against Michelle Malkin and her fascist pals for these death threats? Here's the information:

California Penal Code section 422: THREATS
Any person who willfully threatens to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to another person, with the specific intent that the statement, made verbally, in writing, or by means of an electronic communication device, is to be taken as a threat, even if there is no intent of actually carrying it out, which, on its face and under the circumstances in which it is made, is so unequivocal, unconditional, immediate, and specific as to convey to the person threatened, a gravity of purpose and an immediate prospect of execution of the threat, and thereby causes that person reasonably to be in sustained fear for his or her own safety . . .

California Penal Code section 182, conspiracy defined:

(a) If two or more persons conspire:

(1) To commit any crime.

Each member of the conspiracy is liable for the acts of any of the others in carrying out the common purpose, i.e., all acts within the reasonable and probable consequences of the common unlawful design. People v. Kauffman 152 C. 331, 335 (1907).

For the sake of America, please press charges against Michelle Malkin and her fascist pals. You have the hard evidences on your hands... go get them.

Now here is the Morgan/Brown Audio link (Windows Audio 46 seconds)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

LA Times to KSFO's Morgan: "WE don't mess with OUR photos"

Remember when Howard Kaloogian was busted for putting up photos of Istanbul and claiming that they came from a calm Baghdad? Well on the same week that happened his co-founder of "Move America Forward" Melanie Morgan claimed that the LA-Times was doctoring their photos of the immigration protests in LA. "The LA Times actually doctored photographs to make it look as if they were ALL American flags and there were NO Mexican flags."

So I wrote the LA-Times and asked them to check into this serious accusation. Below is their letter to KSFO's boss at ABC Radio. It will be interesting to see if there is a response and what Morgan's response will be. If Morgan holds true to wingnut form she will attack:

1) Me

2) the LA Times

3) Bloggers in general

Then I'm guessing she will claim the whole thing is:

1) Silly

2) Not worthy of her to respond to

3) NOT what she meant to say.
Even though she was quite serious about her claim and, AS A FORMER, ABC RESEARCHER, REPORTER AND ANCHOR she knows perfectly well what it means to doctor a photo. She probably also knows that doctoring a photo (as my post pointed out) is a firing offense at most newspapers.

If she DOES apologize, it will probably be one of those backhanded apologies, like "I'm sorry the LA Times was offended" or give an apology combined with an attack on bloggers and a cry about how nasty we all are to her (and Howard Kaloogian).

I really doubt anything will happen. It has nothing to do with the fact that Morgan is married to KSFO's station general manager. They court and condone bad behaviour, hate speech, inciting violence on the air and making indecent comments during drive time.

KSFO hasn't reprimanded or fired Brian Sussman for calling for the preemptive killing of 10 million Muslims, demanding that a caller "Say Allah is a Whore" or talking about how he would torture Iraqis by cutting off their fingers and then their penis.

If there is anything it might be a fake sincere "correction" using the politician's favorite way to get out of a lie "I misspoke" (why is that okay, by the way?) No, they will probably do like that guy from KFI who mocked 350 Muslims that died during the hajj. He went on Hannity and attacked CAIR, the group that called him on his offensive speech. In one of the most obnoxious acts of juvenile debate I've ever heard, Hannity attacked the person who came on to say, "Hey KFI DJ, that was in bad taste". That is what I expect from Morgan and KSFO, but maybe I'll be surprised.

Here is the letter from the director of media relations at the LA Times. I'd like to thank him for calling Morgan on her accusation.

Sheri Yee

Ms Yee:

The blog "Spocko's Brain" brought to our attention an accusation leveled against The Times on March 28 by Melanie Morgan of KSFO-AM's "The Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan Program." An audio clip of that broadcast was posted on March 28 at We trust that clip is an accurate recording of the relevant segment.

Ms. Morgan's accusation is absolutely false. Additionally, our Ethics Guidelines explicitly prohibit that type of manipulation:

Photographs and graphics must inform, not mislead. Any attempt to confuse readers or misrepresent visual information is prohibited.

In photographing news, we do not stage or reenact events. Photographers may direct subjects of portraits, fashion shoots or studio work. In presenting such images, we must avoid creating the impression that they were captured spontaneously.

We do not add color, create photomontages, remove objects or flop images. We do not digitally alter images beyond making minor adjustments for color correction, exposure correction and removal of dust spots or scratches required to ensure faithful reproduction of the original image. Exaggerated use of burning, dodging or color saturation is not permitted.

We are asking for an on-air correction and would appreciate a response.



Director, Media Relations
Los Angeles Times
202 W. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

^Now THIS is a doctored photo. The image was flipped and text boxes added. It is not a news photo, just so you know...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Easter Bunny Hates you

This is for all 37 of my nephews (especially the one who sends me funny videos),
Now do you understand why I'm never around for Easter? It's not that I don't want to, I'm out in the streets PROTECTING YOU. (That and eating all your dark chocolate eggs. Again, I'm protecting you. This time from being fat.)

Video from College Humor. Video safe, College Humor ads on page might be NSFW or NSFSchool

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sussman's new advertiser? Preparation H!

I kind of feel sorry for the poor guys selling time on Brian Sussman's radio show. No sooner do they land an advertiser than Sussman says something that drives them out the door. I'm trying to imagine what it is like. They are sitting in their cubicle trying to win those steak knives and they get a call from Lumbergh telling them that the Bird's Eye C&W; frozen food account just pulled their ads because someone at the client actually listened to the show.

"Damn it! That asshole Sussman is costing me money! Now I'll never get that 64 inch plasma screen. How can I make my quota AND make that asshole pay for losing me another sale. Asshole! That's it! I'm a genius. I'll sell products FOR assholes on that asshole's show!"

Of course these are the same guys that put a Brokeback Mountain ad on Sussman's show, so you know they have a sense of humor. Black humor, but humor none the less.

Ol' Brian was really spoiling for a fight tonight. "Clash of civilizations!" Ohh, how historic! I figured it wouldn't be long until he decided to pick up on Sean Hannity's tactic of attacking the Muslim group CAIR. He thought he was being really clever, "I'm just reading clips from the PAPERS! I'm just telling people what they are associated with!" So if you discredit the group that is calling for an end to hate speech that gives you a pass? How does that work?

So instead of addressing the things he has said about Muslims, he goes after a group. And not just any group. A controversial group. That is so much easier, someone has already done the work for him.

This strategy doesn't negate the things that YOU'VE said Sussman. And we don't have to go back to the last century to find them. We only have to travel all the way back to March 14, 2006 for your famous,
"You got to kill them. That's the only way you can do business. Abu Ghraibs aren't tough enough for people like that. You just have to kill them. "

And frankly it should be Christians and all normal people that are offended by what you say. But of course Sussman isn't willing to actually announce that he is a Christian. I used to think it was so that people wouldn't show up at his church and protest him. Then I figured out his dodge. If he never claims a specific branch, he is free to pick and choose whatever "values" he wants.

Hate from the Old Testament? Check.
Ignore all the love thy neighbor of the New Testament? Check.
Quote zealots like Paul? Check.

It's great! No higher authority to appeal to. Nobody to call and appeal to, "Did you know Sussman is representing your religion wrong?" Heck, he can even advance his own crazy notions that Jesus was in favor of handguns! (I'm not making that up. The logic of his gun lovin' Jesus argument is stunning in its conclusions. But since he is the sole authority on Sussmanism, he's always right!) What a great scam.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bullies, Threats, Lethal Weapon- -The Movie and Nukes

If you haven't read Sy Hersh's article in the New Yorker about possibly dropping an atomic bomb in Iran, do so now. I'll wait.

Did you notice the part where we already have troops in Iran?

If the order were to be given for an attack, the American combat troops now operating in Iran would be in position to mark the critical targets with laser beams, to insure bombing accuracy and to minimize civilian casualties. As of early winter, I was told by the government consultant with close ties to civilians in the Pentagon, the units were also working with minority groups in Iran, including the Azeris, in the north, the Baluchis, in the southeast, and the Kurds, in the northeast. The troops “are studying the terrain, and giving away walking-around money to ethnic tribes, and recruiting scouts from local tribes and shepherds,” the consultant said. One goal is to get “eyes on the ground”—quoting a line from “Othello,” he said, “Give me the ocular proof.” The broader aim, the consultant said, is to “encourage ethnic tensions” and undermine the regime.

I guess that isn't an act of war or anything. They are just tourists who are actively working to overthrow Iran's government. It's not the CIA doing this, it is "troops." Now what would WE call it if we found a bunch of Iranians in the US working to encourage ethnic tensions, studying the terrain, giving money minority groups who dislike the government and recruiting scouts." Spies, terrorists? Illegal immigrants? If an outside group was doing this in OUR country we consider it an act of war?

Bottom Line: We are already in Iran. The war with them has already started. Now it's just a measure of degree.

I read an interesting article about bullying recently, what were the characteristics of a bully. Bush is a serial bully. And the category of bully he most fits? Sociopath.


Remember all the men in the White House worrying about looking weak to the world? "We have to strike to show them we are SERIOUS. If we never follow through on our threats, then they know we were just bluffing." So guess what? We DID attack. We weren't bluffing. Hell, we didn't even care that they didn't have the WMDs we said was the reason for the attack. So now the world can know that we don't always bluff. So NOW is the time to work the diplomatic angle hard. We have the street cred now!

Bush is the crazy man in the room with an itchy trigger finger. "Come on! Hey Iran, you want a piece of me? I'll mess you up! I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it. Ask Iraq. Do NOT mess with me! I might just REALLY Freak out! I'm SERIOUS! Don't think I'm serious? Ask Saddamn. There are over 100,000 dead Iraqis who know I'm as serious as a GD heart attack! Now stop it with the enriching uranium."

I was listening to Ronn Owens (hey radio advertisers, there is a guy who isn't nuts who you can advertise on his show instead of KSFO's Sussman's) and he was saying that of course the White House can't take the military options off the table. And I realized that there is fictional "on the table" and REALLY on the table. The closer the world thinks that a nuke is REALLY on the table the more powerful the diplomatic negotiation position of the Bush White House is.

They can say, "Hey, my boss is NUTS! He thinks GOD talks to him. He has NO problem nuking you Iran. Seriously, he's like Mel Gibson in the first Lethal Weapon film. He might jump off a roof or pre-empetively attack you. He might do it even if he just THINKS you are lying to him. I don't know if I can stop him. For the love of Allah people, PLEASE stop what you MIGHT be doing and open up the books about your current nuke program."

But what is freaking out the pundits is that the "Bush is crazy and might to ANYTHING," meme has worked on them too. This is okay. Kind of like when Veronica Mars didn't tell her dad what was really going on with Duncan and her so that his reaction was real when they kidnapped the baby.

It would be great if all the pundits believing this helps the diplomatic solutions team. We might as well get some good deals with the rest of the world after all the blood and treasure spilt in Iraq. "Dudes, you totally want to cut us some slack and work with us. If you don't, our President might just nuke your ass. Seriously, he's NUTS. He thinks these are "The End Times" nuts. You do NOT want to show up on his radar screen. I don't know WHAT he might do. He attacked a country that wasn't even a THREAT TO US!"

But of course the reason that the pundits are freaked out is they thought that he wasn't REALLY nuts before. They were hoping that Powell would have talked sense into him. Since he didn't, they think he will do it again. And that is their biggest fear, that the Bush admin doesn't get the fact that they now have the negotiating position that can lead to a serious diplomatic solution. That they will just REALLY do something crazy. The pundits have started to worry that Bush REALLY is CRAZY and not just CRAZY as in "Crazy Eddie has low, low prices," crazy. As in "he'll really drop the bomb" crazy, and not just "threaten to drop the bomb" crazy.

Finally, when you read Seymore's article how many of you got this images in your mind from the Dead Zone? I know I did!

CrazyMan #1
Cover: by Neal Adams
Indicia: Crazyman #1

Dead Zone photo of Bush found at

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm sending my old Mardi Gras Beads to Bush to rebuild the Levee

Scout Prime did some great work on reporting in New Orleans, but now the President isn't going to fully fund the levees unless we demand it. He's a visual kind of guy so I figure we need to send him something he can see to remind him of the good old days in New Orleans.

Here is what I'm sending. You'll notice a few features.
1) A clear bag. This is to make the people less nervous in the Post Office, remember the other terrorist attack, Anthrax, the other one the President still hasn't caught the guy(s) who did it?

I put the beads on one side and the message on both sides. I wonder how many will make it intact? The additional benefit of a clear bag will be the ability of others to see the message along the way. That is also why we take the photo of the bag (*or Scan of the bag*) and mailing of the bag.

Visuals. Visuals. Visuals.
The press can then pick up what the "wacky liberal bloggers are doing!" with a visual for the story.
See? (Photo from some ads maybe NSFW, photos were fine.

2) Staple it shut. Of course it is a federal offense for other people to open the mail, so if someone DID steal the beads along the way they would be making a federal case out of it, "You don't have to make a Federal Case out of it, dude." Young man that is EXACTLY what this is, a FEDERAL CASE! That is why the Federal Government needs to send ALL the money to fix this levee!

3) A clear message on this. Scout suggests it here:

Mr. President:
Please fully fund the additional $6 billion the Army Corps of Engineers needs to rebuild the levees for our fellow Americans in New Orleans.

4) If you don't have some old Mardi Gras beads you can of course find photos of beads that you can send with the message. (I'm thinking that Holden, NTodd, and Dr. Attaturk will all be all over this doing research.)

Photo from Hal2000 (some photos NSFW)

5) If you have other visuals with beads and the message, send those to the President too. Scout made a video to explain the campaign. I made a quick video using the Ford Tahoe "Make your own commercial" website. Here's mine. I titled it:

Water Sucks.

BTW, this is a nice way to subvert the SUV commercial as well as give them some backwards PR. A lot of people don't realize it, but these agencies COUNT on backwards PR. They are the ones who secretly slip out the ads with the car sunroof killing the cat or knocking the bird off the hood. They have plausible deniability but they know they are getting name recognition. (at least that is what they tell the nervous execs at the car company that is paying for an evil ad.)

Well that's it for today. Let's get cracking!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Melanie Morgan of KSFO: "The LA Times actually doctored photographs"

Douglas Frantz, Managing Editor
Bob Chamberlin, staff photographer
Gina Ferazzi, staff photographer
Los Angeles Times

Dear Mr. Frantz, Mr. Chamberlin and Ms. Ferazzi:

On March 28th Melanie Morgan of KSFO radio in San Francisco accused the LA Times of doctoring photos from the protest this last weekend to show only America flags in the crowd. Her co-host, Lee Rogers, agreed with her.

Specifically Morgan said, "The LA Times actually doctored photographs to make it look as if they were ALL American flags and there were NO Mexican flags."

Lee Rogers: "What? A major liberal newspaper would falsify the news?"

Melanie Morgan: "Yes."

Lee Rogers: "Why that's unprecedented, isn't it."

Melanie Morgan: And ESPECIALLY the Los Angeles Times."

Here is the audio clip of the exchange: (Link. Windows audio clip. 43 seconds)

[ Note: ^ This is a doctored photo. The image was flipped by the author and captions added.]

The journalistic integrity of your paper has been questioned as well as your personal photojournalism ethics. Now I suppose you can say, "it was just a slip of the tongue and she simply 'misspoke'. Besides, they are just a couple of talk radio hosts joking." But Ms. Morgan spoke with confidence that the photos were doctored, so perhaps she has proof she can provide you with. As a former ABC-TV researcher, television reporter and anchor I'm sure Ms. Morgan clearly knows the meaning of the word doctored. If she has deliberately and reckless accused you of doctoring photos with no proof, perhaps she owes you an apology.

In 2003 the Los Angeles Times fired its own photographer, Brian Walski, for doctoring a photo, so clearly you take this issue seriously. I hope you take these allegations seriously as well.

KSFO's business line is (415) 398-5600, but the emails for Melanie Morgan and her co-host Lee Rogers are: melaniemorgan @ and leerodgers @ KSFO is currently owned by ABC Radio, a Disney company which I believe has offices in Southern California.

If you want to hear even more of the clip to get the total context I will be happy to provide it.
My blog:


Los Angeles Times
Managing Editors: Douglas Frantz (News)
Shelby Grad, City Desk
Teresa Watanabe, Staff Writer
Hector Becerra, Staff Writer
David Garcia Director, Media Relations

Associated Press
Ann Johansson, photographer

ABC Radio
John Hare, President

Columbia Journalism School
Prof. Sreenath Sreenivasan
Dean of Students

Penn State University
Dr. Russell Frank,
Professor News Media Ethics

Media Matters
Anna Dimond

Saturday, March 25, 2006

KSFO Radio: Lee Rogers and Brian Sussman -- The Crab Apple doesn't fall far from the Tree?

I sometimes wonder what level of offensiveness it takes on advertiser supported broadcast radio for the hosts to be reprimanded, fined or fired. History and the law have clearly shown that there are legal rules and limits on commercial broadcast speech. There are things you shouldn't say on broadcast radio. If you do, you get warned, fined and/or fired. There are other comments that might not break an FCC law, but go beyond the pale and the radio management steps in and says, "Okay that's too much. Apologize. If you don't apologize we don't want you representing us on the air."

When I play Brian Sussman's radio sound clips from his KSFO radio show (560 AM 6-8PM, San Francisco bay area) to people I usually get shocked, appalled and incredulous reactions. "He said that? And he calls himself a Christian?" (Actually he won't admit to being a Christian, I'll get to that in another post.)

Now on advertiser supported broadcast radio, companies have the right to respond to a host's comments, "We really don't want to be associated with those kind of comments. Please withdraw our ads." In addition, radio management reveals something about their own values when they say, "Yes, we agree with the advertiser's request, that was over the line. Apologize. Knock it off. Tone it down. If you don't apologize, you are fired." (link Washington Post, free registration required)

Radio management can also reveal their values by saying to the host something like, "Yes, keep it up. We agree with you, therefore, no need to apologize. We will keep backing your outrageous comments. Even if you are likely to incite 'imminent lawless action'. Even if we aren't serving our shareholders and costing everyone money. We'll make a stand in support of your statements."

I'm not sure what they have said, but clearly Sussman thinks his views are supported by management,"I've got great support from the staff and management of this great radio station". (Link. Audio clip 10 seconds)

People can look at that management support and say, "They are supporting offensive, hateful comments." Of course the host can position it as a "free speech" struggle even when it's NOT. Commercially supported broadcast radio has its own rules that apply. For example, a station policy could detail certain comments they consider over the line even if another station would allow it.

ABC Radio stations, such as KSFO, are currently owned by Disney and may have different rules of behavior than a Clear Channel station. Of course when Farid Suleman, Chairman of Citadel Broadcasting Corporation, becomes the new owner maybe new rules about Muslims will apply. As always, management can acknowledge that the radio host is always welcome to make certain comments on a street corner in front of the federal building, just not while under their employ.

Now if station management DOESN'T do or say anything publicly about a host's comments, then we must conclude that Sussman's on-air statements do reflect the attitudes and opinions of station management. And according to Lee Rogers, KSFO management does support offensive, hateful comments about Muslims and Muslim groups. "Because we won't ass kiss every Muslim cause that comes along."

This is in contrast to what Rogers thought of the response of Chris Berry, president and general manager of WMAL, to Michael Graham's anti-Muslim statements at WMAL-AM in Washington. (Graham was asked to apologize and when he didn't he was fired.). "Yeah, because that station in Washington DC was run by a gutless nothing." (link. 3o seconds)

The management may position themselves as bravely standing up for free speech, but they are actually supporting the hate speech with the potential to incite violence.

Here is what they are supporting, and by extension companies that advertise on the show are also supporting:
A host (Brian Sussman) that says he:
- doesn't respect or tolerate another religion and sees them as the enemy (link. 23 seconds)
- believes in torture (link. 9 seconds) including cutting off fingers and genitals (link. 19 seconds)
- supports pre-empetive attacks on the enemy (link. 30 seconds)
- doesn't believe in due process (link 18 seconds)
- is armed and supports arming everyone with machine guns (link. 41 seconds)
- considers it a "global fight to the finish and only one side is going to win. It's good and evil!" (link. 20 seconds)
- screams about "the religion of peace" (link. 8 seconds)

So that finally he believes we have to kill 10 million members of the religion he doesn't respect before they kill us. Link. 25 seconds)

For those of you who are tempted to pass this all off sayin, "It's just talk radio, they are just radio hosts. What's the big deal?" I'd like to mention three names to you: Hassan Ngeze, Ferdinand Nahimana, and Jean-Bosco Barayagwiza. Maybe you've never heard of them, but the three Rwandans were convicted of of genocide for media reports that fostered the killing of about 800,000 Rwandans, mostly of the Tutsi minority, over several months in 1994.

# # #

(Note: If you are an advertiser on Sussman's show and no longer wish to be associated with the show, contact Michael Black, KSFO General Sales Manager at 415-954-7661. E-Mail Michael Black. [michael dot black at abc dot com]. If you have written letters to advertisers or management and received responses please send me a copy, I'm keeping a collection. E-Mail spockosemail at gmail dot com.)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Brian Sussman: "You just have to kill them." Complains, "Abu Ghraibs aren't good enough for people like that."

"You got to go out there and just smother them. You got to kill them. That's the only way you can do business. Abu Ghraibs aren't tough enough for people like that. You just have to kill them. You have to begin killing them in such a way that the fear of death will deter them. If that's possible. Sussman show Hot talk 560 KSFO 808-5600." 3/14/2006 ( link 23 second Windows audio clip.)

- Brian Sussman, Talk show host, KSFO 560 AM San Francisco speaking about an estimated 10 million Muslims he has determined are on a jihad to kill "the infidel".

Pretty grim quote eh? But check it out, this constitutes progress with Brian Sussman. After losing 8 major national advertisers he has modified his rhetoric somewhat. It only took 6 months and who knows know much lost advertising revenue for KSFO for him to slightly modify his hate vectors (I wonder if the sales people who lost their Christmas bonus because of his comments are still buddies with him?) So now instead of insulting all Muslims (even going to the extreme of insulting people who just SOUND like Muslims) he recommends we only have to kill the 10 million he estimates are out to kill us. Now I don't know what faith Sussman actually practices, because this doesn't sound like any Christian faith I'm familiar with.

He really wants to ratchet this holy war up a notch! He's not joking around either. He's really into this preemptive strike business. He admits he's always been a preemptive hitter:

"You did it on the playground when you were a kid. At least I did. You find out that some guy is going to deck ya and you decide you're going to deck him first, catch him off guard. Sports is filled with that, it's all about preemption. Surprising the enemy, that's the only way you can win. You can't react. You have to, you have to make the first attack. You can't react you have to attack. And you do it in war and history is laden with examples for us." Link 30 seconds
Hmm, sounds like the school yard bully to me, I wonder who his school yard intelligent sources were? Curveball? Judy Miller? "Brian, Curveball told Judy who told me that Ahmed is totally going to punch you some day." And what sports is he watching, Bumfights? Knife Baseball? Assassin League Football? Sure history is laden with examples of preemptive attacks, but it's the BAD GUYS doing it. Way to hang with Germans in WW2 and every tin pot dictator on a expansionist jag, Brian.

And of course today he's trying to pump Jesus up into his own version of The Terminator. It really bugs him that Jesus didn't smite all those Romans preemptively. I guess in his bible Jesus only turns the other cheek when he is giving a round house kick.

I think Suss-man is confusing Jesus with Chuck Norris or Jack Bauer. Sadly, his faith doesn't sound like it can take any competition.

"And by the way I don't have to tolerate your religion and I don't have to respect your religion, if I did, what good is my religion? If I tolerate, certainly I don't have to respect your religion, if I respect your religion, what good is my religion? Tolerate? How about this, I can tolerate you, but I don't have to tolerate your religion." 2/3/2006 ( link. 25 seconds)

How sad that his religion (Christianity? ) is no good if it respects another religion.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thomas Jefferson's Ghost Vomit! Ick!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

GOP supplies Pundits with Talking Points

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bush: Incompetent, Good, Idiot, Liar

Top 4 words to describe Bush:

Pew Research

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Why is KSFO subsidising Brian Sussman?

Okay so now the eighth NATIONAL ADVERTISER will be pulling their ads from the Brian Sussman show. In fact they were so annoyed that Sussman wasn't reprimanded that they are pulling all ads from KSFO! So I guess their strategy of having him on the morning show "filling in" for Lee Rogers as a way to keep him in check hasn't really worked. Congrats to Spocko's Brain Surgeon James Madison for educating this advertiser.

It appears that right wing radio is terribly forgiving, big name advertiser after big name advertiser drops out but the host keeps going, he even gets MORE air time. I guess it is like the Bush Republicans, you get rewarded for failing. Maybe he will get a Freedom medal for losing such stellar advertisers as:
Borders Books
Mercedes Benz
American Express
History Channel

And now another national advertiser pulls their ads. (I'll tell you tomorrow, I don't want to spoil the surprise for the KSFO team. I want them to hear it from the horses mouth.)

I guess it is kind of admirable that KSFO keep backing him up and forcing the sales team to scramble for new advertisers in lower and lower tiers. The poor sales reps have to call Herbal Viagra makers and say "You can send spam or advertise on the Sussman show!" Must suck to be them.

To do the obvious comparison, do you suppose that anyone who lost all these advertisers would be kept on if they weren't a right wing talker? I thought the conservatives believed in the invisible hand of the market. But we know that's not true, they believe in throwing money at right wing pundits to push their agenda since they know that they will get it back in the back end on juicy contracts.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Why did Stacy Keibler lose to Jerry Rice?

Maybe they used Diebold machines in the count. I asked the wonderful TV critic Heather Havrilesky at Salon to explain this to me.

(Jerry Rice danced better than her? Maybe in Bizarro universe.)

Dear Heather:

Please explain why Jerry Rice beat out Stacy Keibler in the final of Dancing with the Stars? I can understand Drew and his partner winning, but JERRY RICE coming in SECOND PLACE?! WTF?

I have my theory but I'd like to hear yours, both in terms of the narrative that the show's producers wanted to tell, as well as the reasons behind the public's voting (or alleged voting) for Jerry vs other performers.

My take? There was one standard for Jerry (and maybe George Hamilton) and another for everyone else.

I view this result not unlike the way our idiot President was positioned for the debates. "Al Gore is a PROFESSIONAL DEBATER! George Bush is just a cowboy of few words. Simple words. Monosyllable words. When you hear complete sentences from him that's like a little leaguer hitting a home run in the big leagues." And, "Of course John Kerry won the debates, but we don't need professional talkers and thinkers in the job, just people you want to have a near bear with! He's a regular guy! Not a wind surfer!"

George Bush was being set up as winning if he could keep from drooling on TV, Jerry Rice was set up as a winner if he didn't trip on his own feet. It was almost as if, "Look! The Football player can walk in time to music! 9 points!" He positioned himself as a guy who is TRYING REALLY HARD, and GETTING BETTER.

Rice also got to play the game of offended superstar, allowing his fans to proclaim "How dare those judges call him the worst! He's JERRY RICE!" In some ways he was like George Hamilton, there for the comic relief, not for his dancing chops. I understand that, it's just smart TV. Rice was there for the "dog on a skateboard!" appeal. And while that is fun to watch, after awhile you just want to watch something that looks more like a dance and less like a 5th grade boy at a cotillion.

I wonder if there was a cabal of football fans calling in for Jerry week after week? I'm not on any football player message boards where guys are telling each other to call in and vote each week, 'He might be dancing on a fru fru show, but I'll be damned if he loses to some lady rassler! Betty bring me the phone!"

It was PAINFUL to watch Rice dance each week whereas Keibler was not only delightful to watch but filled with positive energy.

Finally, I don't follow all the ins and outs of the scoring, but this article explains how

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dick Cheney Shooting Followup Blogging

I wrote this letter to the TV reporter who did the story about another hunting accident. I doubt if she will respond, but hey, just thought I'd try.

Lynn Giroud

Hi Lynn:I'm one of those "bloggers" you have heard so much about. I blogged your story about the hunting accident and I was curious if there is any more information about this story.

The reason I asked is because I track the media and politics and since this story happened so recently after the Vice President's accident it would be interesting to compare and contrast the two. Of course this is a much more serious and tragic event, but Harry Whittington could have died in his hunting accident.

I'm curious about the following things:

  1. How long did the hunting party wait to inform people? 2 hours? 18? How long did it take to inform police?
  2. Who informed the police?
  3. How was the incident investigated?
  4. Were basic questions like, "Were people drinking?" asked?
  5. Were blood alcohol tests administered? Are they SOP with the police after a shooting accident?
  6. Did the police at the scene interview all witnesses?
  7. How soon after the accident were they interviewed?
  8. What is the history of the person who shot the weapon? (of course this person was not a public figure, but did he have 2 DUIs on his record? Other accidents?)
  9. Were there any diagrams of the distance that the person was shot from? Does this distance jib with the forensics evidence?
  10. Did the person who fired the weapon have the correct hunting license?
  11. Did he complete any mandatory hunter safety classes?
  12. Were other members of the party drinking? On drugs? On medication that would make one drowsy?
  13. Was the type of accident unusual for this kind of hunting?
  14. Other things that raise suspicions with the police or you?

The Vice President shouldn't be above the law, but when something like this shooting happens and the law is obviously flaunted (the delay, the questions that weren't asked, the cover-up of the drinking by the designated spokespersons) we can all see a double standard. Your shooting is a tragic coincidence in which the two events could prove the lie to people that the Vice President was treated different than someone else would have been treated in the same situation.

I don't know your political leanings, but our political system is one of laws and not of men. When men feel that they are above the law tragic things happen in this country. You might be able to move the national political dialog forward with a through follow up of your hunting accident story. Then when people want to show an example of politicians acting above the law and the press or the police not getting the correct information in a timely fashion, you can provide a solid contrast to prove the case. I know you don't want to intrude on the tragedy this family faced, but I'm guessing the police had to ask hard questions of them already. They might appreciate the ability to both clear the air on this issue and offer an example of the importance of safety while hunting for others.

Thank you,

Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday "Dick Cheney Shot a guy in the Face" blogging

"He sat down for a one-on-one with Fox News. Very bold choice. Dick Cheney sitting down with Fox News is like Mrs. Butterworth sitting down with the Pancake Channel." --Jimmy Kimmel

"They were in a car, they drive along, they get out of the car, he shoots his friend in the face, then they get back in the car and they go hide for 18 hours. That’s not hunting ... that's an episode of 'The Sopranos'" --Jay Leno

"But here is the sad part -- before the trip Donald Rumsfeld had denied the guy's request for body armor." --David Letterman

Nun compares Bush to Hitler ! or Goodwin's "law" to be amended?

I've been a fan of Sister Joan Chittister, OSB, ever since I saw her on NOW. I read her, "From Where I Stand" columns on a regular basis. In today's column she talks about what happens to a nation that substitutes idolatry of the leader for responsible citizenship.

She asks: "What happens to a nation that substitutes idolatry of the leader for responsible citizenship"?
She notes: "a military system and its loss of integrity and truth."
She wonders how people can follow the "groundless rhetoric of a rampageous leader who has committed one international crime after another in their name."

And she questions if we are substituting the tradition of "getting behind the president in wartime" for getting behind the values that once made us a great and peaceful nation?

Someone once said that when I made a comparison to something that is happening now to Hitler and Nazi Germany that I had invoked Goodwin's Law and had lost the debate. Well here is a very smart religious woman making a comparison between Bush's America and Hitler's Germany based on the movie "Downfall".

I think I'll forward this to that slippery sophist Hannity so she can be a guest. I'm sure he would have no problem beating up on a nun. I can just hear his flat little tin pot, front-of-face voice saying, "Sister, I'm sure you are an educated person, but do you really believe that George Bush is as bad as Hitler? Yes or no? Come on, this is a simple yes or no question. Is George Bush another Hitler?" Ah yes, The Sean Hannity Show where intelligent debate goes to die. Sigh.

And for my literal X vs. Y readers, it goes without saying that in many ways Bush is no Hitler, (for one he isn't as competent at executing a war) but if the jackboots fit...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ask the Bunny a Question

This is from the Starz-sponsored bunnies satellite media tour August 12, 2005, the spokesbunny I fielded questions for 15 different interviews.

My favorite is number 4. You need to click twice. Once to go to the site, once for the answer to play.

Here is a link to the whole "Movies in 30 seconds as re-enacted by Bunnies" list.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Man Dies In Apparent Hunting Accident

Spotted this when looking for photos of Bush at Wendy's in Ohio when I found this.

Man Dies In Apparent Hunting Accident

Now first I feel terrible for everyone involved. Whittington didn't die, but he could have. This guy did die in what looks like a quail hunting accident. So can we do some comparisions? Of course they are not the same, but shouldn't the law be the same when it comes to some events? That people shouldn't be above the law?

Now I wonder if the guy will be given 18 hours to "get the facts straight" as Cheney was given. Will his word be taken at face value on what happened? Will people try and cover up his drinking for him? Will he get a spokesperson to talk to the press for him? I'm just curious.

Location in the Tri-state

Reported by: 9News
Web produced by: Mark Sickmiller
Photographed by: 9News
First posted: 2/21/2006 6:02:29 PM

WCPO-TV will have an update on 9News @ 11 p.m. Tuesday

Police say a man died in a Dearborn County hunting accident Tuesday afternoon.

It happened at the Quail Ridge Sportsman's Club in Manchester, Indiana.

Investigators are interviewing the person who shot the victim, but they believe it was an accident.

No names had been released early Tuesday evening.

Stay with and WCPO-TV for updates. Please click "refresh" on your browser to view the most recent version of this story.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Should America be the Low Cost Provider of Science?

Check out this great post by David Sirota on Corporate America's education with additional commentary by our favorite science talking guy, Kelley B.

Education is Ignorance and other Corporate Truthiness

Friday, February 17, 2006

Swearing on the radio: What will it cost KSFO? Nothing? $7,000? $14,000? $500,000?

Hey Adults! Be sure to get your FCC complaints in early! We all know how slow the FCC is to react when it comes to anything other than Janet Jackson's right breast. Of course KSFO was up for its station license renewal on December 2005 and it went through because the requirements are so low these days.

But you can always tell the FCC about transgressions of various radio hosts who you hear swearing on the air. Sadly, Brian Sussman's hateful anti-Muslim speech is just fine to broadcast on radio (although not with most national advertisers, as we have proved!). But there are still a plethora of other transgressions that aren't okay to be broadcast on the Radio between 6 am and 10 pm.

FCC's Rules Governing Obscene, Indecent, and Profane Programming Congress has given the FCC the responsibility for administratively enforcing the law that governs obscene, indecent, and profane programming. The FCC may revoke a station license, impose a monetary forfeiture, or issue a warning for the broadcast of obscene, indecent, or profane material. The Supreme Court established the definition of obscenity.

And what counts as indecent on the radio?

Indecent Broadcast Restrictions
The FCC has defined broadcast indecency as “language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory organs or activities.” Indecent programming contains patently offensive sexual or excretory material that does not rise to the level of obscenity.

The courts have held that indecent material is protected by the First Amendment and cannot be banned entirely. It may, however, be restricted in order to avoid its broadcast during times of the day when there is a reasonable risk that children may be in the audience.

Consistent with a federal indecency statute and federal court decisions interpreting the statute, the Commission adopted a rule that broadcasts -- both on television and radio -- that fit within the indecency definition and that are aired between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. are prohibited and subject to indecency enforcement action.

Now remember, these are agreed upon rules between the government who-- representing the people--gave this radio frequency spectrum to the broadcasters. If you want to keep your license you follow the rules. If you break the rules you get fined. Ask Howard Stern whether or not the FCC will carry through on fines.

So what indecent excretory material did Brian Sussman spit out on his KSFO radio show airing between 6 am and 10pm?

Brian Sussman: You know, who is the party that is going to cry foul over that?
It's not going to be the Republican Party, what party would it be?

Caller: It's going to be the Democrats who care about the resources

Brian Sussman: OH BULLSHIT! I can't believe you would say that. That's just, that's crazy.

Click here to hear the 7:43 pm swear word Mr. Sussman uttered in anger on Feb, 7 2006 - Clip is in Windows Media Audio and runs 14 seconds (Not Safe For Radio between 6am and 10pm)

The funny thing is that Sussman will probably be defended by the union he hates so much, I'm sure the union lawyers will love to hear some of clips I have of him bad mouthing the unions. But they will still do their job, because they go to bat for all their members, even the ones who badmouth them. He has all the luck.

Well this is one filing, now it might get ignored, or KSFO might get a warning, so then the next filing--with the guest swearing on the radio-- they might get some "counseling". Historically for the third offense they might get a $7,000 fine. Now I'm not sure if talking about "cutting off someones penis" will count to the FCC, but I know the advertisers probably will count it. And they can take their business else where, you know free market.

But probably not, because as we all know "It's All Okay When You are a Republican." applies to talk radio. Lucky ducky Sussman also swore before the FCC new rules have taken effect, I'll bet the management at ABC Radio hopes they don't apply them retroactively. Even then knowing the Suss-man I'm sure that it won't slow him down. There will be more chances for people to fill out FCC Form 475b!

Scientific Ballistics Test of shooting

Yeah! Someone did a test of the distance claimed in the shooting and compared it to the pattern on the victim. I was requesting this the other day, and lo and behold someone did it! They looked at the distance, the shotgun, the size of shot and the condition of the person hit. Guess what? They aren't telling the truth about the distance either! Surprise!

Now you all know Spocko loves him some science, but I'm no Kelley B, and I could quibble over the experiment, but don't you think that it deserves to be checked out by some real legal forensic experts?

And finally, today's "Cheney shot an old man in the face joke of the day!"

This is really all Harry Whittington's fault.
At lunch he said, "I'll have a beer and a shot."

(hat tip to DWD - Challenged Homepage 02.16.06 - 7:57 pm for the beer and a shot joke)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Where are the rape videos?

The comment below is in response to Salon's running of more Abu Ghraib torture photos

As everyone in Hollywood knows, you need to ratchet up the violence in the sequel to get the attention of people after the first show.

I don't think these photos will move the needle in terms of people's outrage, they will be dismissed and downplayed as before by Hannity, Rush and lesser hosts like San Francisco's own pro-torture theocon, Brian Sussman on KSFO. (Link) In fact, the very act of showing them will be seen as treasonous by the likes of O'Rielly. Instead of asking why did this happen they will blame YOU for fanning the flames.

I think it will take the videos of boys being raped (which we were told existed)to make people readdress this issue. To stand up against the torture apologists (and there are a lot of them, sadly) we need to point out the number of people who should NEVER have EVEN been in Abu Ghraib. I think that for every radio host that jokes and says that they are all terrorists who are trying to kill us, we need to identify the non-terrorists who DIED from TORTURE. Yes almost two dozen Iraqis were TORTURED to DEATH. Somehow that little statistic seems to get ignored when shown photos of "harmless" stress positions and men with underwear on their heads. According to the army's own reports

"There were five cases of detainee deaths as a result of abuse by U.S. personnel during interrogations... There are 23 cases of detainee deaths still under investigation..."
--The Schlesinger Report, August 2004

Based on the Taguba report, the Red Cross report and yes even the photographs themselves, clearly more than seven military police were involved.

"The new reports not only decisively prove what was long known, widening the circle of direct blame for what happened at Abu Ghraib to nearly fifty people, including military intelligence soldier and officers (although subsequent disclosures suggest that the number is at least twice that.)"
--Mark Danner, Torture and Truth America, Abu Ghraib, and the War on Terror. p. 27

The fact that this was tamped down to a few people convicted "on the night shift" is astonishing. Photographic evidence PROVES and signed documents SHOW that more were involved than were ever punished.

Must we have a notarized photo of Donald Rumsfeld raping, torturing and killing an Iraq who was rounded up by mistake to get people to take this seriously? Because by signing the military orders and putting in place his policies, he is responsible for those actions as surely as if he committed them himself. To state otherwise is to deny the existance of the military command structure.

The Beer Question

Boy I hope someone asks Scotty the Beer Question at the Gaggle. I'll bet 200 quatloos that April Ryan asks the question. She seems smart.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if she does. I read earlier today that Holden over at First Draft is handicapping who will ask Scotty this question. Do you think that she will ask HOW big the glasses were? Was it a bottle or can? What TYPE of beer? I mean there are some huge endorsement possibilities here. Corporate America really needs to get on the ball. Some of them even have slogans that might fit in with the circumstances. Or they can create new ones. "The Choice of Vice Presidents everywhere" "Drink their beer and you'll shoot a man in the face. Drink ours and you'll just get shit faced."

Let's look at a few famous beer slogans from the Beer Slogan Database (There really is a database like that!)

Miller Beer Slogans:

Tastes great, less filling ('cause pellets don't fill you up!)
The Champagne of Bottled Beer (Pop a cap into 'em)
No matter what what's-his-name says, I'm the prettiest and Lite's the greatest (The slogan of deniers everywhere.)

Coors beer Slogans:
It won't slow you down (Light) (As for your aim, that's a different story)
Turn it loose! (Ain't that the truth?)

Budweiser Beer Slogans:

The King of Beers (He is the King of America after all.)
Where there's life, there's Bud (I mean nobody has died-- yet)

Busch Beer slogan:

Busch Beer. Head for the mountains (Or an undisclosed location)

Hemeling Lager brand Slogans:

Give him a right good Hemeling tonight (Or her-- kind of a Swiss Miss line)

St. Pauli Girl brand, Germany Taglines:

Germany's Fun-Loving Beer (Germany, beer, guns, fun-- what's not to like?)
St. Pauli Girl. The Original Party Girl (Party girls on the hunt? Hmmm.)

And finally:

Newcastle Brown Ale brand
Slogans: Newcastle Brown Ale. The Other Side of Dark.
I think we have a winner!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Blogger playing tricks on comments

Hi everyone. Well I just heard from one of my 20 readers that my comments section was eating everyone's posts. So I went into blogger and sure enough comment moderation was turned on! I never did that on purpose, but it appears that the people at blogger switched it on without notifying ME. Oh well. I just found all the comments that have been posted since December 20th or so and published them.
I'd like to thank everyone who posted and I'm sorry I didn't respond. (You weren't banned Ellroon! I'd never do that --unless you started shilling for herbal Viagra!)

I'm going to put up an email address now so that people can alert me to stuff like this.

The good news is that there were some comment spam in there that I was able to delete and not bore you with.

I might comment on a few comments now that I've found them. There were a few comments from Jim that have since been answered in the news for us so I won't need to comment there. I don't always agree with Jim, but I'm happy he comments from time to time.
And of course I appreciate all 19 of my other readers immensely.

I'll be light posting for a while while I complete a project (both light in both volume and content.)

And for those of you who have been following the Sussman Saga, from looking at the blog web stats I can tell you that people from both Disney and Citadel have read the blog and have listened to the audio. I'm guessing that there is some hullabaloo behind the scenes right now. Too bad I can't get a cut of the fines that will be levied for the swearing. And when he leaves to "spend more time with his family" the twenty of us will know the real reason.

I'm also happy to have an online interview with Talkers Magazine, Media Week, or Billboard Radio after the fact.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

"I shot a man in Texas, just to watch him die." *

Cheney bags his limit in Texas Lawyers. ( Link )

Could this be Cheney's way of telling Harry to stop fighting eminent domain?

Or maybe he didn't like Harry's views on executing the retarded.

Hunting can be dangerous, especially quail hunting. But I'm sure that this will be used to enhance this image on the right instead of questioning his safety skills.

Tip of the hat to
&y;, 02.12.06 - 4:12 pm at Eschaton for the headline.

Friday, February 10, 2006

ABC Radio Citadel Deal. How Big?

Farid Suleman, Chairman of the Board and CEO
Judy Ellis, Chief Operating Officer
Patricia Stratford, acting Chief Financial Officer
Citadel Broadcasting Corporation

Dear Mr. Suleman, Ms. Ellis and Ms. Stratford:

First off, congrats on buying all those ABC Radio stations. Kudos to your team for pulling it off. Now of course you still have of complete the deal and when that is done you need to make sure the stations pay off.

You'll want to see who is doing a good job and who is not pulling their weight, who has been losing advertisers and who is incurring fines. I'm sure you'll look at ratings, but you will probably also be looking for production teams and radio hosts that are sloppy, undisciplined or pose potential liability problems at your stations.

I know you will probably focus on the big stations first, but when you get to the third tier stations in your major markets, you'll want to look carefully at KSFO, 560 AM in San Francisco. It turns out that the local evening drive time talk show host, Brian Sussman, has sufficiently upset his advertisers so that seven national advertisers appear to have pulled or curtailed their ads. I don't know if the folks at ABC disclosed that to you, but if they didn't I hope you demand a discount on that part of the sale. Nobody likes to be sold a pig in a poke.

These were big advertisers that stopped their ads. They include:
Borders Books
Mercedes Benz
American Express
History Channel

Why did these advertisers pull or curtail their ads? You'll have to ask them, it could be lots of reasons. For example Sussman has broadcast statements that could be considered by some as hate speech. On October 19, 2005 he seriously demanded a caller to:

"Say Allah is a whore. That'll prove to me that you are not an Islamist." and
"Prove to me that you are not a Muslim, say that you love eating pig."

(Windows media sound clip here)

Maybe they pulled their ads because Mr.Sussman decided to "out" any retail store (KSFO advertisers included) where a clerk might have said "Happy Holidays" to their customers instead of Merry Christmas.

Perhaps it was the possible indecent speech of Mr. Sussman that triggered their displeasure. For example on December 15, 2005 6:14 pm PST he intentionally said that if he were torturing someone (a technique he is in favor of, sound clip here) he would:

"I would say first we cut off your finger next we go for your p*nis, what do you want? What do you want? Okay? I'll tell you what, the guy says nothing we cut off the finger first. Just the tip of the finger, that's all. I got news for you he's going to start talking quickly, we can't do any of that now."

(Windows media sound clip here)
Or maybe they just don't want to be on a show that is so sloppy it allows guests' swear words go out on the air (Windows Media sound clip here, 51 seconds) Some don't like controversy and others might not like being associated with an angry host who swears on broadcast radio while their customer's children are listening.

Click here to hear the 7:43 pm swear word Mr. Sussman uttered in anger on Feb, 7 2006 - Clip is in Windows Media Audio and runs 14 seconds (Not Safe For Radio)

Now I know you are focused on the bottom line so hopefully these recent transgressions will be dealt with before the new FCC laws take place and before your deal with ABC Radio is complete. If I were you I'd want ABC Radio to take the fine hit, since they were the ones who have failed to keep this host in check.

Good luck with your new radio stations but don't let the good folks at ABC Radio pull a fast one on you regarding the situation at KSFO.

cc. John Hare, President ABC Radio
Mike Connolly, SVP sales
John Rosso, SVP Affiliate Relations and Business Administration

Citadel Communications
Kim Willcox, public relations

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Stupid, it Burns!

I just love that phrase. It makes me think of the brilliant Athenae over at First Draft.

I have to say I'm really getting tired of beating down these willful smears of people and attempts to make the Abramoff story a bipartisan scandal. The willful misleading and just plain ignoring of the distinction between accepting money from special interest groups and taking money as a quid pro quo just pisses me off.

Also the AP article that was quoted left out some very important facts

The AP noted that Reid opposed legislation to approve a Michigan casino for a Native American tribe that would have rivaled a casino owned by a tribe represented by Abramoff. But the article omitted the fact that Reid said at the time that he opposed the legislation because it would create a "very dangerous precedent" for the spread of off-reservation gambling -- something Reid had opposed for nearly a decade. The article also suggested that Reid coordinated with Abramoff to sabotage proposed legislation that would have raised the minimum wage in the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. territory represented by Abramoff, without noting that, in fact, Reid was a co-sponsor of that legislation and spoke on the Senate floor in favor of its passage.


Accepting money from the Indian Tribes is and of itself IS NOT ILLEGAL. The key issue here is quid pro quo. (Latin, this for that, as my Latin Scholar reader will no doubt tell me). The good people at myDD have an excellent post about this. Now if a certain radio talk show host would bother to understand the distinction he wouldn't have a "Hot" topic to rant about. When he did have a caller, Jim, who wanted to calmly point out the facts Sussman changed the subject (and then hilariously said he wasn't changing the subject.)

Good try Jim, but trying to have a rational conversation with Mr. Sussman and get him to admit he is either wrong or intentionally misleading is like pushing water uphill. Like a used car salesman he has three slippery statements to every one of your rational facts. I wrote about this type of interaction in December, "How to Talk to Wing Nuts." When confronted by facts that prove that they are wrong they switch topics and pull up a different "fact" you know nothing about, use the classic, "But, Clinton" or --which was the case in this exchange -- they sum your entire statement falsely. It's what they do. The sad thing is that some people hear this "entertainment" and use it to solidify their opinions or, most horrifing, use these people's inaccurate information and smears as sources of news.

Jim, Media Matters has some good advice on dealing with these hosts under the heading of Take Action, it might help for the next time you call, but remember it's not a level playing field and they never make it a fair fight.

Important things to remember for certain radio talk show hosts and this AP article: (from bink at myDD)

Abramoff is a convicted criminal. He plead guilty, in Federal courts, to the following:

* Defrauding the Indian Tribes
* Tax evasion
* Conspiracy to bribe a Congressman Bob Ney (R) with material gifts and lavish trips * Bank fraud in the purchase of the SunCruz casino deal

Now, looking at this article, how is Harry Reid implicated in any of these charges?
He wasn't.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

KSFO Employees, meet Farid Suleman, Chairman of the Board and CEO, your new Boss!

So ABC Radio sells its stations to Citadel Broadcasting for $2.7 billion. So how will this effect you? Well if you work for a program that has been known for saying mean things to suspected Muslims, maybe a guy named Farid might be a bit annoyed by you. Now I'm not sure what Mr Suleman's faith is, maybe it doesn't bother him that one of his radio hosts demanded of a caller:

"Say Allah is a whore. That'll prove to me that you are not an Islamist."


"Prove to me that you are not a Muslim, say that you love eating pig."

(42 second Windows media sound clip here)

Now of course this was last October, so maybe he will cut you some slack, I mean it's not like you have done anything new to intentionally provoke another religion under the banner of "free speech". What? You say that you are using your KSFO webpage to directly link to the offensive cartoons of Muhammad? That seems to be just asking for trouble, doesn't it? I sure hope that Farid doesn't notice a pattern here of saying offensive things, never apologizing and spreading hate.

But I'll bet Farid is a bottom line kind of guy. Someone who just looks at the ad sales.
Oops! Boy, I hope he doesn't notice that KSFO's evening drive time host is so radioactive with his offensive comments that pretty much all the major national advertisers have pulled their ads, during the BUSY HOLIDAY SEASON no less. Bummer.

I mean big advertisers like:
Borders Books
Mercedes Benz
American Express
History Channel

That must have hit the bottom line a bit. I heard of a liberal radio host that lost an advertiser and then lost her job. But we all know that right wing hate radio is very different from other radio, they have a long tradition of propping up money losing hosts even though they profess to love the invisible hand of the market in this great capitalist society. Heck, Rush Limbaugh lost money for years, The Washington Times -- the GOP house organ owned by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, still loses millions every year. It really isn't about the all mighty market, it's about making sure attack poodles are in place to serve the big right wing "media" picture. Let's just hope that Farid doesn't listen to the show or look at the books.

Because really, Farid Sulman is a busy, busy man now. He probably never heard about the comments on December 15, 2005 6:14 pm PST during Brian Sussman's 6 to 8 PM drive time show where Mr. Sussman talked about cutting off someones penis.

"I would say first we cut off your finger next we go for your penis, what do you want? What do you want? Okay? I'll tell you what, the guy says nothing we cut off the finger first. Just the tip of the finger, that's all. I got news for you he's going to start talking quickly, we can't do any of that now."

(20 second Windows media sound clip here)

And I'm sure he won't notice when the FCC indecency complains come in, because as we all know, broadcast radio has different rules for speech than someone standing on the corner in front of the Federal Building expressing his opinion. Radio is regulated. And our good friends at the American Family Association have pushed harder and harder to ensure that indecent speech between 6 am and 10 pm is punished with big fines. Of course if H.R. 310, the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005, were to pass and trigger the new proposed FCC indecency or obscenity fines of $500,000 per instance someone at Citadel Communications might notice.

Farid might not worry about what the children hear, but a $500,000 fine just doesn't look good to the stock holders especially if the fines aren't balanced out by revenue from advertisers.

Some say that radio companies are amoral when it comes to issues, but as a public corporation when the bottom line is threatened, they act.

The people at Citadel might just be tough as nails professional folks who don't appreciate sloppiness. For example, they know they can swear all they want in their office, but as owners of lots of radio stations they know that obscenity is never allowed on the radio. Nothing personal, it's just business. They know there are special tools on radio that are suppose to protect little children's ears from being burned.

So when they hear swearing going out over the air on one of their broadcast stations they might think first of how the sloppy team can be more professional and then maybe they worry about of the huge fine.

Click here or on the carton of hate to hear the 7:43 pm swear word Mr. Sussman uttered in anger on Feb, 7 2006 - Clip is in Windows Media Audio and runs 14 seconds (Not Safe For Radio)

Now to me this obscenity seems slight, but then I'm not the one who wrote the rules for radio and I'm not the one pushing for stiffer fines. It's the rapture right wing Christians who want to impose their morality. I don't think it will be a multiple million dollar Howard Stern size fine that the Christian Right has been begging the FCC for. How ironic if the fine would be used on one of the Christian Right's own? It's one of those stories of blow-back and unintended consequences that the traditional media just love to cover.

But I doubt anything will happen. If Disney owned ABC decided to just absorb the loss of seven major national advertisers instead of dealing with a offensive broadcaster's comments, I doubt Citadel will do anything different. So rest easy KSFO employees as you meet your new boss he'll probably be the same as your old boss. (Then again, maybe not...)

Why NOW is one of the best Shows you haven't seen

Just watched the 2:00 am repeat showing of NOW on KQED regarding the TOTAL SHAM Colin Powell speech was to the UN. Why bother with this now? Because they are setting us up for either the US or Israel to bomb Iran. They lie like most people breath. And when they get people to support them in their delusions and word games people die.

The NOW story is damning. The WH used stuff from known bad sources, and repeated unconfirmed reports as facts. It is just stunning how blatantly we were lied to.

Here is part of the transcript
BRANCACCIO: The business about mobile labs was not the only claim administration officials were making based on false information. Anyone with a TV would have noticed they were also intent on linking Saddam Hussein to Al Qaeda.

Television Clips: CHENEY: Al Qaeda sent personnel to Baghdad to get trained…
RICE: The head of training for al Qaeda, they sought help…

RUMSFELD: When I say contacts, I mean between Iraq and al Qaeda.
BRANCACCIO: The president said so too, most notably in a prime time speech to the nation in October 2002.

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH speech, Oct. 7, 2002: We've learned that Iraq has trained Al Qaeda members in bomb-making and poisons and deadly gases.

BRANCACCIO: According to the administration, these were more than just suspicions: they claimed to have a first hand, eyewitness account. In his U.N. speech, Secretary of State Colin Powell spelled it out.

POWELL: Fortunately, this operative is now detained and he has told his story. I will relate it to you now, as he himself, described it.

BRANCACCIO: That operative who said Iraq was working with al Qaeda was an al Qaeda official named Al Libi. Al Libi was captured in 2001 and sent to a prison in Egypt where he may have been tortured, according to published reports. It was during his imprisonment in Egypt that al Libi "confessed."

BRANCACCIO: There's only one problem with al Libi's confession: it was most likely false. It was only after the invasion the C.I.A. admitted as much. But here's the thing-there were doubts about this guy going back years.

SEN. CARL LEVIN (D-MI), press conference Nov. 14, 2005: The intelligence community said, "That's not what we believe."

BRANCACCIO: Senator Carl Levin is a Democrat from Michigan. A member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, he gets secret briefings. He says when it comes to dubious claims about a link between Iraq and al Qaeda, the public doesn't know the half of it.

Levin's been working to declassify what he can. One item he recently brought to light: a Pentagon assessment of al Libi that goes back to a year before the war. It reads, "it is…likely this individual is intentionally misleading debriefers." And there's more, agents wrote that Iraq was, "wary of Islamic revolutionary movements," like al Qaeda, and was, "unlikely to provide [them] assistance."

LEVIN: There is a clear difference between what the administration was saying in that regard, and what the intelligence community was saying.

BRANCACCIO: Levin says before the war, intelligence officials told members of Congress they didn't believe Iraq was working with al Qaeda — certainly the White House must have known that too. Levin eventually voted against the war.
LEVIN: The administration was making statements, repeated statements, that there was a relationship between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, the people who attacked us. Those statements were exaggerated, they were misleading. And the C.I.A. had concluded that, in fact, there was no significant relationship at all between the two.

BRANCACCIO: So did the administration mislead the public? The President says he was just conveying the best information he had at the time. The White House refused to comment for this story. But late last year, Vice President Dick Cheney had this to say:

VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY speech (Nov. 21, 2005): Any suggestion that pre-war information was distorted, hyped, or fabricated by the leader of the nation is utterly false. Senator John McCain put it best: "It is a lie to say that the president lied to the American people."

BRANCACCIO: Senator Levin believes at the very least, the administration played fast and loose with the facts. Consider, he says, the president's now infamous line about uranium from his 2003 State of the Union speech.

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH speech (Jan. 28, 2003): The British have learned that Saddam recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.

BRANCACCIO: The administration has admitted that statement was false. But just weeks ago, another damaging revelation: this newly declassified memo from the State Department. It shows administration officials were warned before the President's speech that the uranium claim was probably untrue.

LEVIN: The only purpose, the only purpose, of telling the American people that the British have learned that Saddam was seeking uranium in Africa was to create the impression that we believed it. But we didn't believe it. The intelligence community did not believe it.

BRANCACCIO: Levin believes Vice President Dick Cheney also played with language in a way that is not accidental. One of Cheney's oft-repeated remarks? Unsubstantiated reporting of a meeting between the Iraqis and one of the 9/11 hijackers.

CHENEY (NBC News, "Meet the Press", Sept. 8, 2002): "We have reporting that places him in Prague, with a senior Iraqi intelligence official."

LEVIN: The CIA did not believe that meeting took place. "We have reporting that places him in Prague." Technically, that was true. But it creates the impression we believed something we didn't.

Dick Cheney's use of language to obscure information is more damaging to America than any phrase Bill Clinton ever parsed.

"We have reporting." Is the reporting believed to true? No. But I guess if nobody asks you "Is that reporting to be believed?" everything works. Now whose job was it to ask those questions? Now that we know his tricks, the media need to ask him those kind of follow up questions. Of course he will play the "National Security card" and we will all be told to shut up.

Boy, playing the fake national security card is almost as good as Bush playing his Born Again Christian card. It shuts people up fast.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Newspapers should carry pet obits

I found this posted on a telephone poll when visiting a friend of mine. It was just so touching.

Monday, January 30, 2006

If only Mike Wallace was Alive

An Open Letter to 60 Minutes.

I really enjoyed the hard hitting story on Deborah Voight’s weight loss. This is the kind of investigative reporting and powerful storytelling that will keep you safe from lawsuits, right-wing bloggers and Karl Rove’s wrath. I look forward to more of the same from the new gentler 60 Minutes.

Seriously, what kind of chicken shit outfit have you become? I’m just glad Mike Wallace isn’t alive to see this.

Just who and what are you afraid of? Just how cowed are you to be doing celebrity weight loss stories? 60 Minutes is one of the few shows that still has the resources to bust open something like the domestic spying story. You could demand the White House memos regarding Hurricane Katrina. You could refuse to be sucked into the lazy, “He said, she said” type of political reporting. Dig for some deep truth damn it!

You used to drive the nation’s conversation, not hide in the corner and worry about right-wing nutball bloggers (who as you now know had financial connections to right-wing groups and was tipped off before the story even aired).

There are so many real stories you could do, for example:

o How much money is really being lost in Iraq and who’s getting the pay offs? Don’t pussyfoot around talking to mid-level bureaucrats who wring their hands and shrug their shoulders. Do the kind of work that leads to law breaking people going to jail.

o Do a story about outsourcing and the massive net negative impact on the majority of people. They can’t connect the dots because they think it is just their problem, a personal failing instead of a systematic process. You can connect the dots.

o Show us how capital is chasing cheap labor around the globe, gaming the system and breaking both international and US laws to exploit people and destroy lives.

o Do a segment about what our massive debt to China MEANS to all of us in the form of a compelling story.

We want REAL stories about important issues. That is what you do. Or at least that is what you did. Come on, get in the game! We don’t need anymore silly ass stories like tonight, leave those to ET. You are 60 Minutes for god’s sake. So you got your nose bloodied, suck it up. Do something you can be proud of. Get some lawyers with guts to bullet proof your stories if you are afraid of being sued again. If they sue you, tell us how they responded. Make sure we know what bullies they are.

You can save some lives with your reporting! You can expose a man who is ignoring our constitution and who would be king instead of a president. Or you can become 60 Minutes-Lite and keep covering the fascinating lives of singers, dancers, athletes and actors.

Be MORE daring this year. Be relevant. Make 60 minutes EVENT TV again. You sure as hell aren’t going to do it running weight loss stories.

Mr. Spocko