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A Christmas Miracle A thin young man's dream comes true on Christmas Eve when Saint Nick transforms him into a beefy stud. A year later they meet again and Saint Nick makes the young man even bigger when he works his Christmas Miracle. Author Unknown
Adam and the Devil Adam makes a deal with the devil. In return for a perfect body, a humongous dick (not less than 10 inches), a bodybuilding contest win, and a fortune, Adam would lose most of his hair, keeping just a fringe over his ears, and gain weight after the contest. Author Unknown
Al's Gain Gainer Al discovers that his old flame and good friend Ken has more than just selling pizza and fast food on his mind when Al's weight begins to rapidly increase.
The American Cousin Baby Huey
An Affair to Remember When studly young Keith and his wife move into their new apartment, neighborly friendship grows into a consuming passion as Keith meets an attractive and encouraging friend who helps him turn his husbandly pot-belly into a giant paunch of food and lust.
Baby Makes Three Booth McK
The Barn A few erotic mealtime moments in the lives of two gainers spent in their country barn.
Bruce M. Lloyd
Beginnings Jay joins his friend Derek on a trip to some of Derek's buddies in Denver. When his attractive hosts express how they like men with good appetites, Jay surprises himself with his ability to keep putting the food away.
The BellyMaster For just $49.95, Todd thinks that he can literally "have his cake and eat it too," with the BellyMaster. But he soon discovers that this "as shown on TV" gut reducer has its own unique and exciting side-effects.
The Bet A drunken bet leads Dennis to seek the help of a trainer in order to fatten up. He begins to find that his growing gut is making some interesting changes in his life -- especially when it seems the trainer has his own reasons for bloating Dennis...BELLYBLDR
Big Al Special A chubby young man, unsure of his sexuality, visits a restaurant owned by a superchub chef who encourages him. Soon he falls in love with the chef's cooking and then with the enormous chef! After they make love, he discovers that he's gay and also a gainer, too. James Ferrante,
Big Bum One hot day Darryl asks for his usual handout and gets more than he expected. Cube
Big Kevin & His Slave A salesman working in a large man's clothing store becomes the sex/encourager slave of Kevin, a huge, gluttonous fat man who wants to be enormous - and likes to get *real* dirty! Bruce M. Lloyd
Billy Bob GutGrowr
Blackmail Mr. Sanders knows something about the macho office-hunk Chris that Chris would do anything to keep buried -- even under pounds of blubber!
BlubberWorld Todd, having had it with the campus clones who could never accept a 275 lb. gay man, turns to the "BlubberWorld" web page and meets SuprmeEnkoragr who does more than just cyberchat...
Brad, SIR (Original Version) Young hustler Brad finds that after graduation, it's hard to keep his trim swimmer's build. As he starts to put on weight, he begins to attract a different clientele... Author Unknown
Brad, SIR (Enhanced Version) (See above) Enhanced by
Breakdown Seeing the car by the side of the road, our hero gives two men a lift to the nearest hotel. Soon the three men find themselves in a sensual eating contest that promises to lead to a firm friendship and ever growing bellies. JB
"Bulk Body" Builders
The Cast This is a story of two college age lovers--after Paul has broken his leg, he decides to use his recovery time in his cast to indulge himself, eating all the things his mother always had denied him, preparing him for a career as a professional dancer. When he jokes about "letting himself go" and shocking his dance professor when he waddles back in after spring break, he discovers his lover is a closeted encourager who asks to use the time that Paul is in his cast to fatten him. As the story continues, his lover also is tempted into the joys of blowing up his own belly.
The Chunky Bodybuilder Kyaada
Classmates In this man to man translated story, originally written by "big beautiful woman" lover, an innocent encounter between college classmates becomes a warmly erotic tryst, reminding us all that the first 30 pounds are the sweetest.
College Life GutGrowr
Corps de Belly Dance, foreign intrigue, sex and heavy meals form the core of a life changing adventure for kidnapped ballet star Gregor Illych Patkok. Cube
Creamery Gold Young bodybuilder Johnie has abs that no one can compete with. But after trying a new tanning agent, and through some trickery from his "friends," his gut is still impressive, but in a much bigger way. Dion

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Dolly Madison Driven to the limit by Tom's bullying at the gym, Brian discovers the drunken bodybuilder passed out in an alley. Soon Tom wakes up to find himself bound, blindfolded and being constantly force fed endless quantities of Dolly Madison ice-cream, pastries and other heavy food. As his sculpted body disappears under a layer of his increasing fat, the arrogant man faces constant humiliation from an unseen captor.
Double Mocha? Kevin, a professional writer, notices that he's put on a lot of weight since he and his wife have separated, and he's spending more time on the computer service, where he gets an interesting response from the gay personal ad he's posted....he also spends a lot of time being encouraged by John, a grad student who works the espresso stand up the block. Terry Tafoya
Eater A glimpse at a man lost in the pleasures of the table. Cube
Extra Help Tom's having trouble with calculus, and goes to his professor for some extra help. But his calculus scores aren't the only thing that end up getting bigger.

A Fantasy In Brief(s)

As our hero meets the washed-up remains of a great baseball player/underwear model, he discovers, to the mutual delight of both men, that some things can be based upon the brief fantasies of teen-age days... Cube
Fat Farm Author Unknown
FATMAN Sidekick grows up as his Hero grows out. Cube
The Feast of San Gennaro Marcello, with his hypnotic voice, is persuaded to help his homophobic uncle Tony try to increase visitor's purchases at the San Gennaro Festival. Soon sagging sales are replaced by drooping bellies as Tony's hatred and conniving go too far and cause Marcello to turn his uncle's Feast into an uncontrolled orgy. Cube
The Feeder and the Demon Still in love with Phil, the man who had fattened him up and then left him for the growing charms of other young gainers, Jack turns to the occult for help. Phil soon finds himself involved with a mysterious young hunk named Mario who, to Jack's delight, turns the tables on his encourager. Note: This story was originally written as a straight FA fantasy by Wilson Barbers ( It appeared in the December 1990, issue of BUF.
The Fiend When he was a teen, bad boy jock Johnny was fattened up by his cousins and teased incessantly. He vowed never to put on pounds again! But now he's crashed his motorcycle and woken up in Hell! Now, a crafty devil is about to find out hunky John's darkest fears... Not for the timid!
Fill'im Up A glutton orders out and a delivery boy puts the order in. Magebear
The First Signs In this second installment of the "Mike's World" series, we're introduced to the incredibly hot cousin Kevin, and get to see what Mike's first work-out with his best buddy Tony is like. In each of these sexy jock boys, we start to see signs of recent overindulgence! This story takes place just after "Mike's Secret " and just before "Tony's Puttin' On A Belly." By
Foreign Trade Author Unknown
The Fridge The Fridge is about a guy who has a small appliance worker in his home fixing his refrigerator. Little do both characters know, that they have a mutual interest in gaining. Eddy, the appliance guy, loves eating and comes from a long line of gainers. Bruce, the fridge-owner, is a feeder. He's been looking for someone to fatten up! Both come to an agreement, and Eddy becomes super-huge in Bruce's basement - along with Eddy's brother!
Funnel Feeding "Big" Al
Globally, We're Expanding A spoof on a serious article about the worldwide increase of obesity. James Ferrante
Gaining for Him
Gaining On-Line Steve Heyl
The Gaining Statue A middle-class gay couple's relationship is challenged when Tom, a gainer, discovers a weight gain cult made-up of superfat members. After showing his thin lover, Michael, his new gainer friends of the Gainer church, they both happily redefine their relationship with big plans to pork-out Tom. James Ferrante
Getting Big Jeff meets an old college friend, Bill, at a dance club. Bill has really beefed out as a bodybuilder in the past year. Jealous, he starts his own work out program, meeting an ex-almost pro bodybuilder, Steve, who's gut has began to go on him, to his immense personal pleasure. Steve helps Jeff make even more muscle gain. The two old friends Jeff and Bill continue competing, jealous of each other as they both get bigger... only to begin realizing that, through Steve's conniving, their muscles aren't the only thing growing on them. As Jeff and his friends' bellies swell larger, they begin to discover that they have everything and more to gain. GottaGain
Growing Tony Baby Huey
Growth & Income In a fond letter to his own gay nephew, George tells how his fat Uncle Jesse once left him stock in a candy company and how it led to his current, happy big-bellied state... Steve Heyl
Guinea Pigs Cube
Gut Force The original story "Male Force" (author unknown) was revised by for weight gaining instead of muscle building.
Gym Bodies Rick and Jerry are two handsome gym-built men who discover that the joys and pleasures of "plumping up" are far better than those of "pumping up." J.B.
The Heavy Hitchhiker On his way to California, a young stud muffin catches a ride with a big-bellied truck driver who introduces him to the joys of belly building. He arrives in California a few months later, much more of a man than when he started.
How Much Can a Belly Hold? Gulp! unicorn@texas. net
High School Dreams A young high school senior despairs of being anything but skinny, and in the meantime has a severe crush on the captain of his alma mater's football team, Kyle. He joins the team as the sports medic to be closer to Kyle, who learns of his sexual attraction to him. Kyle decides that "Scarecrow" needs a little meat on his bones and brings the whole team in on a plan to fatten Kyle up as their playtoy.
I Grassi (The Fat Boys) Erotically inspired thoughts of gaining with a chubby Italian professor come gloriously true for a fat college boy who learns the fine art of Tuscan-style gluttony through a semester long marathon of sensuality.
Inflation Magebear

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John's Gay Adventure John's doctor has his own opinions as to how big a man should be, as the 290 pound hero discovers when his simple appointment becomes a more sexual man-to-man examination. Virginia Butters
José Jose', a hot young Latin stud, comes to America in search of the good life, and finds it in the International House of Pancakes. And all of that good life starts showing up on his waistline... Author Unknown
Lord of the Pies (Parts 1 & 2) When Arlen first came to the diner, Brian knew that he was in construction, but had no idea of what he was truly interested in passionately building. Kyaada
N'kwame, The Cannibal Rob & Nathan
The Last Summer Four long time "straight" friends in a small southern town enjoy the summer events which lead up to the straight marriage of two of the four. The story takes you to parties and other encounters where the guys just let go of their former jock bods and gain weight seemingly uncontrollably and the best part is that they notice it but seem to pre occupied to actually care. In short this is the summer they go to POT! The weight gain is believable, natural and realistic. No overt gay sex but lots of "guy to guy" comments about the weight gain. This is the first installment with more to come......
Letting Go Massive Mike
Loaves and Loves, A Tale of Yore With a loaf of magic bread and a flask of magic beer, a lowly but well liked peasant teaches a vain and selfish king and his court encounter what is truly meant by the old saying "Biting off more than one can chew." Cube
Los Playeros (The Beach Bums) A steamy true-to-life memoir of a young man's sexual awakening during a trip to Puerto Rico, and its link to his efforts to put on weight to impress his broodingly sexy cousin, Carlos. Lush atmosphere and rich detail highlight the special, uncut GainRWeb version of this published story.
The Main Course Jose, a castaway sailor meets his calorie-packing love on a South Sea Island. He enjoys the life of fat luxury, only to discover a sinister reason for his rapidly growing heft... Cube
Mass Police Action The big-bellied cop may be just a stereotype, but when an attractive intern starts work in a police precinct, the handsome officers around him grow beyond his wildest dreams. Cube
Merlin's Welcome to Merlin's, a magical bar where the sweetbeer flows and the bellies grow. And grow. And grow... Author Unknown
Mike in Gino's Backyard Here's another little adventure from my "Mike's World" collection. This one takes place between "The First Signs" and "Tony's Gettin' a Belly." On his way home from Tony's house, Mike remembers to stop by sexy jock Gino's house, where a hot night of belly play is already under way!
Mike's Secret Meet hot muscle-stud, Mike. In his world, all the college jocks are gorgeous, happy-go-lucky bisexuals, who happen to think sporting a bit of a belly is the latest rage in campus fashion! The first chapter in Joey188's "Mike's World" series.
My Five Year Reunion
Never Enough Massive Mike
Not So Model Behavior
The Office Healthfair
Once Given, Many Times Gained The handsome kind farmer M'bana receives a magic gift. His enemy the warrior Baru shares that gift fourfold with fascinating and fitting results....
Oustide the Office Window Hunky, huge bellied Doug is just the sort of scenery Mark likes to discover outside his office window -- especially when he can then meet the sexy young man for lunch... Author Unknown
Partners Its Friday night and Steve is late getting home for his special supper with expanding lover Louis. As the 350-plus pound Louis waits impatiently over a pint of Cherry Garcia, he remembers a time when he felt fat and unhappy at two-hundred pounds and how Steve had changed all that.
Personals This is the continuing exchange of a cyber "bellyslave" and Master Encourager who meet over the personals, and traces their e-mails and the bellyslave's experiences.
Physics Class
Prisons of Obsession He never thought much of Keanu Reeves as an actor, but when the plumping actor goes into hiding after his last flop, our hero decides to find him and let Twinkies and lust take their natural course....
Project G2 GutGrowr

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Quitting Smoking Don discovers that quitting smoking is hard, gaining weight is easy, and that the way to a man's heart is through Don's own stomach.
Randy Wrestling Coach Jeff Collins finds that Randy Timmons is not happy in the heavyweight class of wrestlers. The coach decides to help the young man get his self-confidence back by making him gain some weight... and then some more... and some more.
Santa's Helper Greg discovers that he is Santa's last stop on Christmas Eve and that there are better hung items to stuff than just "...stockings by the chimney..." Cube
The Secret Lab Ugo
The Sleeper "Big" Al
South Beach Bellies
The Story Matt gets together with Sean, an old high school football player friend of his, for some gaining and fun with Sean and some of his other friends. by DoubleImage
The Story (Editor's Cut #1) (See "The Story" above) This was a possible new part to the storyline, but it became way too fantasy-related, and not enough realism so it became it's own story-let. by Double Image
Stuffed in Jason's Van A routine jog turns into the ride of Mike's life, when he innocently accepts an invitation into college superjock Jason's Chevy van. What our hero doesn't realize is that Jason is a closet encourager who's set his seductive sights on Mike's already softening belly! Another romp in the "Mike's World" series.
Stuffing Damien, a young high school jock, discovers that stuffing his gut is the secret to increasing sexual pleasure. Of course, all of that pleasure starts showing up on his waistline, much to the delight of a young encourager, who sets his sites on Damien and his growing belly. Dion (
Sweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge A mysterious bakery with the most irresistible, super fattening pastries provides Craig with the most unique way to win back his muscle-bound lover.
Taking Advantage Eddie was a stunningly handsome "trick-n'-steal" con man, until Troy tries to stop him. The slim thief OD's on a metabolic drug that starts turning his slim figure into an ever growing mountain of fat. Cube
Thanksgiving Stuffing "Big Al"
Thanksgiving Vacation After his Connecticut vacation, Jay finds it hard to keep motivated to gain weight. But the Thanksgiving spirit finds its way into his day and his belly, with the help of a couple good men.
Tony & Mike's Work-Out Let's face it -- these two hot college jocks have let themselves get fat! They know it's time to hit the weight bench, but Tony insists they do their work-out in their high school gym shorts. Just listen to the stitches pop! More from the "Mike's World" series.
Tony's Puttin' On A Belly For Tony, the only thing good about his decrepit aunt's funeral was being reunited with his long lost cousin Mark. But Mark had only known Tony as a scrawny kid -- and not the big, beefy, beer-bellied muscle jock standing in front of him today. Suffice to say, there'll be a lot of good-natured teasing before this pair gets down to business! A part of the "Mike's World" series.
The Trainer Tony shows his workout trainer, Eric, that muscles aren't the only thing that look great when stretching out spandex. Cube
The Traveler Jim the Policeman and Mario the Chef are just two of the men that the ever-hungry, chub-adoring spirit of the "Traveler" inhabits and fattens up as it passes through Texas.
Travis Coming out of a depression after a tragic accident, a newly plump Travis discovers that the food that was a such consolation can also be a great turn on!
Tricks and Treats After pulling a Halloween prank on a strange old man, Todd and his friends find that the old man's revenge takes the form of a never-ending bag of candy coupled with a never-ending appetite.
Twins A sizable wager between a pair of expert chefs places a lithe pair of bratty brothers into a most unusual situation. It seems the fox who puts on the plumper belly signifies the better cook. For these identical hunks, resistance is futile! A story translated for men by
The Ultimate Vacation On Vacation, Jay discovers that a healthy appetite makes it easier to meet a new...friend.
Wide Gauge Rail Service Inspector Steve discovers how-well conducted the Overland Flyer is as he meets a hefty railway man named Robert... (from a suggestion by W. Davis) Cube
Yuppie Guts Two advertising accounts for major food companies lead two yuppie comrades to explore the extra-dimensions of their friendship as work demands bring on some very un-yuppie paunches.

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