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The Embroidery Software Protection Coalition is a non-profit group of embroidery software and design manufacturers whose purpose is to defend the integrity and quality of embroidery products by promoting copyright compliance.

About Us

Bernina of America, Inc.
3702 Prairie Lake Court
Aurora, IL 60504-3108
Ph:  630-978-2500
Fax: 630-978-8215


Great Notions Embroidery Designs
2474 Manana
Suite 101
Dallas, TX 75220
Ph:  214-352-6940
Fax: 214-352-7249


OESD, Inc.
Oklahoma Embroidery
12101 I-35 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73131
Ph:  405-359-2741
Fax: 888-388-1083


Pfaff American Sales
PO Box 458012
Westlake, OH  44145
Ph:  440-808-6550
Fax: 440-847-0001


Pulse Micro Systems Ltd.
300-6711 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, ON
Canada L5N 2W3
Ph:  905-821-8300
Fax: 905-821-7331


Tacony Corporation
1760 Gilsinn Lane
P.O. Box 730
Fenton, MO 63026-2004
Ph:  636-349-3000
Fax: 636-305-7293


Viking Sewing Machines, Inc.
31000 Viking Parkway
Westlake, OH 44145
Ph:  440-808-6752
Fax: 440-847-0003


The purpose of the Embroidery Software Protection Coalition (ESPC) is to promote a safe and legitimate embroidery design and software world.

The ESPC is the voice of the manufacturers of embroidery design and software. The ESPC actions are similar to that of the movie, music and business software industries. We work to protect the rights of our members’ copyrighted works and to educate consumers on protecting copyrights. We also participate in and support the investigation of counterfeit and pirated designs and software.

You can not turn on the television or pick up a newspaper without reading about the pirating of movies, music and business software, yet the pirating of embroidery designs and software is just as prominent and causing major financial distress to the embroidery designs and software industries.

The ESPC targets those persons whom violate our member’s copyrights  - both sellers and purchasers. We have a team of investigators and attorneys fighting to combat the piracy and counterfeiting of legitimate embroidery designs and software.

PO Box 1312
Monroeville, PA  15146


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