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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Monica Lewinsky... an Israeli Agent? Only at

There is, at the moment, on the front page of the Rense website, a one-sided "article" by someone named Mark Glenn that takes aim directly at Israel for all of the various "crimes and misdemeanors" that Israel has perpetrated against the United States.

Contained within that article, amongst all of the other clangers, is this colossal absurdity, which is demonstrative of the kind of "independent journalism" that Jeff Rense promotes:

"For blackmailing President Clinton through one of your intelligence agents, Monica Lewinsky, in order to prevent a coherent peace program from being pushed forward between yourself and the Palestinian people that you have brutalized and murdered for the last 50 years, we bless thee."

That's right, folks - Monica Lewinsky was an Israeli intelligence operative who had oral sex with Bill Clinton in order to blackmail him, and prevent him from pushing through a coherent peace program (never mind that Clinton was the best friend the Palestinians have ever had in the White House, and that the Oslo Accords were as good as a deal is ever going to get).

Only at Rense.

Let me tell you, the Mossad must be slipping. If I was going to run a honey-trap of any sort, I would have picked someone better looking than Lewinsky!

Seriously, though (more or less), one can always count on good old Jeff Rense and his wacky band of loons - they never miss an opportunity to promote any anti-Israel claim or theory, no matter how patently absurd it is.

Paul Kimball

Thursday, October 27, 2005

More On Rense, Vol. I

Here's how another person who is interested in the UFO phenomenon - and who often has different views than I do on that subject - views Jeff Rense.

I don't even know where to start. I'm not posting a link here, his site is easy enough to find so, you're on your own. Rense is aired on various AM sations throughout the country, and is a paranormal "New Agey" type program. Lots and lots of conspiracy stuff, politics and para politics -- like Art Bell and Coast to Coast, only without the nasty, oily, smirky anti-Semitism that just oozes out of Rense. Oh, he denies it. Poor guy, he has to sigh and patiently explain how he's not anti-Semitic, the Jewish people are great, it's Israel that's the problem. Hmm, where have we heard that before? Even if one were to give him a break and go along with that line of cold blintzes, just take a look at his site. Lots of leads of Israel's policies, actions, etc. and little if any about Palestinian terrorism, articles by Jews who rant and rage against Jews, Israel, -- listen, it's sickening, it really is. Enough said. Oh, except I forget to mention Rense is slicker than a vat of olive oil poured on a hot metal slide in June. Give me Art any day. Crusty, grouchy, sure, but he's not a bigot like Rense."
- From R. Lee.

You can find the original at

Fortunately, not everyone who has an interest in UFOs is gulled by Rense - just some of them.

"Rense is slicker than a vat of olive oil poured on a hot metal slide in June."

That's a good one!

Paul Kimball

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Simon Wiesenthal Dies

A great man. Rest in peace, Mr. Wiesenthal.

Paul Kimball

Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal Dies


VIENNA (Reuters) - Simon Wiesenthal, who waged an untiring campaign to track down Nazi war criminals and keep alive the memory of fascist atrocities, died on Tuesday at the age of 96, the Jewish Community of Vienna said.

Wiesenthal, a Jew and former concentration camp inmate, achieved perhaps his greatest success in the discovery in Argentina of Adolf Eichmann, the man Adolf Hitler entrusted with carrying out his genocide program against the Jews.

Eichmann was captured by the Israeli secret service and smuggled to Israel where he was tried and hanged in 1961.

Wiesenthal, who helped trace some 1,100 Nazis, many of whom had assumed false identities, died early on Tuesday in his apartment in Vienna, the Community said. A funeral will be held on Wednesday in Vienna. He will be buried in Israel.

"Simon Wiesenthal acted to bring justice to those who had escaped justice," Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said. "In doing so, he was the voice of 6 million."

Altogether the Nazis are estimated to have murdered at least 11 million civilians, including 6 million Jews, between 1933 and 1945, mainly in central and eastern Europe.

The Wiesenthal Center is still investigating some 1,200 cases of Nazi war criminals it suspects to be still alive and at large in 15 countries including Austria, Ukraine and Croatia.

"Wiesenthal's personal mission has ended, and there are others who are carrying on with the work," said Efraim Zuroff, director of Simon Wiesenthal Center in Israel, on radio.

Wiesenthal, born in 1908 in what is now Ukraine, travelled the world into his old age, lecturing on the Holocaust and as director of the Jewish Documentation Center in Vienna collecting data on the whereabouts of unpunished villains of Nazi Germany.

He maintained that his motivation was not anger but justice.

"I am someone who seeks justice, not revenge," Wiesenthal said. "My work is a warning to the murderers of tomorrow, that they will never rest."

German President Horst Koehler paid tribute.

"Wiesenthal was one of the greats who contributed to clearing up the crimes of the Nazis. He also made it easier for Germany to look to the future."


Wiesenthal was detained by the Germans in Lvov in Galicia in 1941 and forced to work on the railroad. After passing through 12 concentration camps, he ended up in the Mauthausen camp near Linz in Austria, where he was liberated by U.S. soldiers.

He weighed 50 kilogrammes. Eighty-nine members of his family perished in the Holocaust. But he was reunited after the war with his wife Cyla, who managed to escape a camp in 1942.

Wiesenthal said he began memorizing his perpetrators' names during his detention.

A job at the War Crimes Office of the U.S. army was the beginning of a mission that spanned six decades and continued until last year. Wiesenthal said his own survival was a privilege which committed him to action.

"He just took the job, nobody appointed him, nobody else wanted it," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles.

Wiesenthal founded the Jewish Documentation Center in 1947, which opened its office in Vienna in 1961. But Austria, which was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938, was ambivalent for a long time about its famous citizen.

Although Wiesenthal never believed in the collective guilt of a people, he pointed out that a disproportionate number of Nazi war criminals were Austrians and attacked the right-wing Freedom party for tolerating Nazis in its ranks.

"Eichmann and 70 percent of his troupe as well as two-thirds of the commandants of the concentration camps were Austrians," Wiesenthal said. "And after all, Hitler was no Eskimo either."

Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria, in 1889.

Wiesenthal once reflected: "Should history repeat itself, my example will repeat itself too...and not once, but fifty-fold."

Friday, June 03, 2005

Rense, the Nazis & Imagery - Part II

Okay, now compare the "cartoon" found on the main page of to this one.

Look similar? They sure do.

So, you might ask, where is this one from?

The mid 1930s, by notorious Nazi propagandist Josef Plank, aka Seppla, whose "artwork" was part and parcel of the Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda effort.

Now tell me - with a straight face - that Rense is not promoting anti-Semitism, using Nazi imagery.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Paul Kimball

Rense, the Nazis & Imagery - Part I

This "cartoon" appears at, on the main page.

Looks anti-Semitic to me.

Perhaps, however, the reader is prepared to give Rense the benefit of the doubt?

Perhaps the reader is not convinced about the link to anti-Semitism, and Nazis?


Paul Kimball

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Rudolph Hoss & Holocaust Denial

The Rense website (, and his radio program, provide a platform for the likes of Mark Weber, of the self-proclaimed Institute for Historical Review ("IHR"), to spread their denial of the Holocaust, under the guise of legitimate historical research (which they call "revisionism").

Often Weber and others at the IHR refer to Rudolph Hoss, the commandant at Auschwitz, and one of the key witnesses to the reality of the Holocaust. They contend that he was not a reliable witness. They say that either (a) his story was beaten out of him, or that (b) he was trying to curry favour with his captors, in the hopes of avoiding the gallows.

It is true - and has never been in issue - that Hoss was beaten by his British captors immediately after his capture, and prior to making his original statement. This is a red herring, however. His subsequent testimony at Nuremberg was much more detailed, and was not the result of beatings. When he was transferred to Polish custody, pending his own trial (he was convicted and hanged in 1947), he was, by his own admission, treated "with humanity and understanding... [which] I never ever could have expected... I owe it to this humane understanding to contribute, as far as it is possible for me, and to shed light on events which needed clarification." The result was his even more detailed memoirs. [Hoss, "Some Final Thoughts" statement, Cracow, Poland, February 1947]

As for the allegation that he was trying to curry favour with his captors, in the hopes of avoiding a death sentence, this is simply ridiculous. Hoss had no illusions as to what his final fate would be, and stated so in his memoirs. This is also demonstrated in his final letter to his wife, when he wrote:

"My dear good Mutz... From the beginning I was completely clear about the fact that I would perish with the world to which I had pledged myself with all my body and soul when that world was shattered and destroyed... My activities in performing my task were out in the open. Since I was the Kommandant of the extermination camp Auschwitz I was totally responsible for everything that happened there... It is tragic that, although I was by nature gentle, good-natured, and very helpful, I became the greatest destroyer of human beings who carried out every order to exterminate people no matter what. "

Hoss' memoirs are MUST reading for anyone who wanders on to and then finds themselves at the IHR website or the Ernst Zundel website. The most recent version, pictured below, is Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz (New York: De Capo Press, 1996).

Holocaust survivor and author Primo Levi explained why the Hoss memoirs are so important in his foreward (take note, Jeff Rense et al):

"Several years ago, an insidious trend was launched when people began affirming that the number of victims of the Nazi era was far less than stated by 'official history,' and that no poison gas was used to kill human beings in the camps. In regard to both these points Rudolph Hoss's testimony is complete and explicit, nor would he have formulated it in such a precise and articulate manner, and with so many details confirmed by survivors and by material evidence, if he had been acting under coercion, as the 'revisionists' allege. Hoss often lies to justify himself but never about the facts; indeed, he seems proud of his organizational work. He and his supposed instigators would have had to be very shrewd to concoct such a coherent and plausible story out of thin air. The confessions extorted by the Inquisition, the Moscow Trials of the 1930's, or the witch hunts had an entirely different tone."

Levi makes a critical point here. It is one which the self-proclaimed "revisionists" who appear at, like Weber, ignore - for obvious reasons.

As Michael Berenbaum, at the time Project Director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, wrote:

"Death Dealer is an important document for all those who seek to understand the killers. It is a horrible book - horrible in its detail and in its descriptions of the killings - but those who wish to understand Auschwitz must read this work."

Time Magazine concurred, calling it an "imagination-defying portrait of a monster, a man who approached killing and torture with the zeal of an efficiency expert and counted corpses with the cool dedication of a trained bookkeeper. Hoss is as methodically informative as a suburbanite fighting crab grass as he discussed the relative merits of poison gasses... An eyeopening account of the crime of the century and an equally revealing introduction to the seemingly average man who became the criminal of the century."

As a final tact, the self-proclaimed "revisionists" claim that the Hoss memoirs are fraudulent - that he never wrote them.

As Steven Paskuly points out in his introduction to Death Dealer, these claims are "absolute rubbish."

"The documents written in Poland," notes Paskuly, "the personal interviews given to psychiatrist G. Martin Gilbert during the Nuremberg trials, and Rudolf Hoss's blunt testimony during the trial itself are consistent with each other to such a degree that we can safely believe that the memoirs written in Poland are an elaboration of the Nuremberg testimony containing much more detail." The memoirs, note Paskuly, are also consistent, in terms of the essential facts, with accounts given by other SS personnel stationed at Auschwitz, not to mention Holocaust survivors imprisoned there. They differ only when Hoss attemps to recall exact dates and numbers, when he discusses his personal role in the Holocaust, and when he consciously lies to protect his wife, whom he claimed had no knowledge of what was happening at Auschwitz, but who, according to earlier testimony he gave, clearly was aware, at least to some degree, of what was going on there.

Finally, there are Hoss's own words, which, at points towards the end, demonstrate his conflicted conscience, but at other points reveal the true nature of the man. The most revealing - and chilling, in my opinion - statement is found in his "Final thoughts," when he wrote:

"Today I realize that the extermination of the Jews was wrong, absolutely wrong. It was exactly because of this mass extermination that Germany earned itself the hatred of the entire world. The cause of anti-Semitism was not served by this act at all, in fact, just the opposite. The Jews have come much closer to their final goal."

This is not the statement of an apologist, or someone trying to curry favour with his captors. It is not the statement of forgers. It is the statement of a man who, even when admitting the crimes that he had committed, refused to abandon his core anti-Semitism. The extermination of the Jews was wrong, not for moral reasons, but practical ones. The extermination of the Jews was a tactical mistake that undermined both Germany and the cause in which he still believed - anti-Semitism. "I am," he wrote, "now as I was then, as far as my philosophy of life is concerned. I am still a National Socialist."

Almost sixty years later, a quick trip to, and the Holocaust denying commentators and Internet sites which it contains, and to which it leads, will show that these vile and dangerous sentiments remain very much alive today.

Paul Kimball

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Rense and Zundel, Part II

Not content with providing plenty of space for Neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel's writings, has also seen fit to find some room for his "artwork." A sample appears below.

"The end is at hand!"

The end of whom?? The drawing makes it clear.

Ask yourself - is Rense not aware of the danger and poison inherent in this? Is he that blind?

Like the original Nazis, Zundel is making a base appeal to American nationalist sentiments with this kind of drawing, of which Goebbels would have no doubt approved.

This is further reflected in his letters, which can also be found at (just in case you needed elaboration as to what he meant by his drawings, I suppose). In one such letter, for example, Zundel writes:

"I have... a large photo of the Soaring Eagles Gallery and a lovely photo of an American Bald-headed Eagle before a U.S. flag - one of my favorite images showing the German-Roman influence over America's heraldry. It's not the British Lion (of Judah?) nor the Fleur de Lyse (?) the U.S. Founding Fathers adopted, but the powerful image of the Eagle. I always found that very much to my liking and made my mental association with that great "continental" country - like the errand child of Prussian Germany gone temporarily astray. "

Zundel continues...

"Most people in our age have not the faintest idea of the remarkable and profound part German immigrants had on the creation and founding of this great overseas extension of Europe. I always looked upon Americans as Romans undoubtedly looked upon Carthagenians at the prime of Carthage, and always hoped that the modern Carthagenians would come to their senses and not continue to squander their precious gene pool and resources in the service of "extra-European" forces. My fervent hope is that America will find men and women of wisdom and courage who will soon seize the reins and, like Christ, drive the money changers from the Temple of American public life. It can be done! Germany did it successfully and almost bloodlessly - that means that America with their revolutionary traditions will once again defeat the tyrants who lately have usurped power by stealth and by deception - and are now ever more visible!"

Think a moment about these phrases:

- "drive the money changers from the Temple of American public life"

- "defeat the tyrants who lately have usurped power by stealth and deception"

- "I always hoped that [Americans] would come to their senses and not continue to squander their precious gene pool and resources in the service of 'extra-European' forces."

All not-so-subtle code for "Jews" ("money changers" and "tyrants" and "extra-European forces").

Also, compare Zundel's use of "Carthage" (another neo-Nazi code word) as a metaphor for America with the following:

"A shrewd victor will, if possible, always present his demands to the vanquished in installments. And then, when a nation has lost its character - and this is the case of every one which voluntarily submits - he can be sure that it will not regard one more of these individual oppressions as an adequate reason for taking up arms again... The fall of Carthage is the most horrible picture of such a slow execution of a people through its own deserts."

Ernst Zundel?

Nope. Adolf Hitler, at the end of Mein Kampf, exhorting Germans to resist the "tyrants."

What tyrants?

The Jews, of course, who, according to Zundel, as found at, "have usurped power by stealth and deception" (Zundel) and then, according to Hitler, after gaining power, "casts off the few cloaks that he still wears [and] becomes the... tyrant over peoples." (Hitler, Mein Kampf)

Is there any doubt that Zundel is a neo-Nazi?


Is there any doubt that Zundel is an anti-Semite?


So, the question remains - why are Zundel's writings and drawings found over and over again at, and his website linked to directly, without any comment placing them in their proper context?

Is this responsible journalism? Is this defending freedom of speech?

Of course not.

To be continued...

Paul Kimball

Friday, May 27, 2005

Rense and Zundel, Part I

Ernst Zundel, a man properly described in a 2004 editorial of Canada's National Post newspaper as "Canada's most notorious Holocaust denier... a repellent figure who represents a horrifying combination of racism and historical blindness," is given plenty of space at, where there are posts that refer to him as a "revisionist," a "prisoner of conscience," and a "POW".

As his logo (below) shows, it is pretty clear who Ernst Zundel is, and what he represents.

That logo appears at Zundel's website, which one can link to directly from the Rense website. At Zundel's website one can find all sorts of hate propaganda, Holocaust denial, and anti-Semitism. Terms such as "the Holocaust Promotion Lobby" and "The Big Lie" abound.

Who is this man, Ernst Zundel, to whom provides so much publicity? Margaret Cannon, in The Invisible Empire: Racism in Canada, provided perhaps the most accurate portrait when she wrote:

"Zundel is a man with a mission, a mission that can be summed up in one word: Hitler... According to the fantasia in the head of Ernst Zundel and his cobelievers, 'orthodox' historians in the West - obviously in the employ of ZOG and its international publicity machine - have created the myth that six million Jews were gassed, shot, starved, and systematically destroyed, all as a way to discredit the German people and promote the interests of the Jewish conspiracy. The 'proof' that the ZOG-inspired fabrications are pure lies is a vast heap of spurious tracts, pseduoscientific 'research documents,' and other oddments, which all show that only a few thousand Jews - maybe a hundred thousand, maximum - perished in German camps during the Second World War. Not enough Jews, in other words, to count - and certainly not as many as ZOG claims. And anyway, the death of this insignificant number of Jews wasn't deliberate. The camps were decent, healthy places set up to provide work for the German war machine, but - well, sometimes people get hurt in war. Surviving Jews shouldn't take the deaths of their coreligionists personally, and, anyway, maybe even the 'authentic' deaths are inventions of ZOG."

Cannon rightly describes this as "lunacy."

Doubt that this is really what Zundel is all about? Think that he is nothing more than a "prisoner of conscience," as he is described at

Then you haven't been paying attention. The mission statement at Zundel's website, for example, refers to the Holocaust as "an Allied propaganda tool concoted during World War II - that is not based on historical fact but is a cleverly used ploy to keep the German war time generation and their descendants in perpetual political, emotional, spiritual and financial bondage."


Considering Zundel is talking about one of the world's most powerful and prosperous countries today, one of the pillars of the European Union and NATO, and a good bet to soon get a permanent seat of some sort at the United Nations, I'd laugh if it wasn't so serious, and if there weren't people out there inclined to believe him.

And yet, there is Zundel, all over In fact, if you search for his name within the Rense site, you'll come up with 298 hits, including one "article" that actually compares Zundel to Galileo!

Make no mistake - this is not Jeff Rense defending freedom of speech, a concept that Zundel and his kind have no use for, other than as a convenient tool to disseminate their views. See, for example, Stanley Barrett, Is God A Racist: The Right Wing in Canada, p. 165:

"Radical-right members like Zundel are perfectly aware of the benefits that accrue from transforming their cases into a freedom-of-speech issue. Moreover, the irony is that they themselves do not espouse unlimited freedom of speech. Zundel, for example, in a document in my possession dated 28 March 1978, argued that all reading material, especially for children in schools, containing 'excessive stereotyping and slander' against the German people should be removed from circulation and burned, and that all television programs and audio-visual materials for schools and universities should be similarly dealt with." [emphasis added - PK]

Book burning? Well, why should anyone be surprised? Zundel is, after all, the same man who told Canadian television reporter Victor Malarek, in a 1993 interview for the program the fifth estate, that Hitler "wasn't a monster. He was a decent, peaceful man."

This is the man that Jeff Rense is aiding and abetting in the spread of his his Neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying views.

Make no mistake - it is both irresponsible and dangerous.

(to be continued)

Paul Kimball
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