Wall's Sky Ray Space Raider Lollies

This is actually a cinema commercial, hence its colour origins. Nice to see genuine BBC Daleks bursting into the TARDIS, but alas they have trundled into a dodgy replica operated by a Patrick Troughton doppelganger. For his only close up, he's forced to adopt the "Plan Nine From Outer Space chiropractor" pose to disguise his fake identity! These lollies cost just six pence and came with full colour collectable cards.

Splink Public Information Film
C.O.I., 1976

Jon Pertwee had left Doctor Who two years before this came out, but it is well worthy of inclusion. Our hero explains the acronym 'SPLINK' perfectly, but I don't believe any ice cream-obsessed child would recall it.

Beecham: Day Nurse - Day Time Cold Relief

This commercial is of interest in that it features Ian Marter, alias 1975-6 Tom Baker-era assistant Harry Sullivan. He plays a farmer suffering from a terrible cold, whose wife kindly finds him a bottle of orange syrup in the cupboard that will make him feel better in time to go to market. Marter has no speaking role, nor does he voice the advert. He merely mouths and gestures.

MB Games: Tank Battle

Even more tenuous for inclusion here, a commercial in which one young lad fights his best mate to the death, in a game of Tank Battle, at least until mum comes home from the shops and makes them a plate of toast and jam... Yet it is voiced by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart himself, alias Nicholas Courtney, albeit some time after he last hung up his cap in The Seeds of Doom.

Prime Computers
Australia, 1979-80

A series of computer hardware commercials made for Australian TV, featuring husband and wife celebrity team Tom Baker and Lalla Ward. Funny - even if you don't speak seven languages and up to five protocols...

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Streets: Dr Who's Choc Chip Lolly
Australia, 1979

My profoundest apologies for the awful quality of this clip, but I couldn't resist including it because it is SO intriguing. This is for a Dr Who Choc Chip ice lolly from Australia, sought after and protected by cartoons of Tom Baker and K-9. It sounds as if they got Leslie Phillips to do Tom Baker's voice, while K-9 appears to be impersonating the Daleks!

Keep Australia Beautiful, 1979

Tom Baker was on a promotional tour of Australia in 1979, giving him time to record these conservation adverts, played before syndicated Dr Who repeats. Once again, apologies for the video quality, but they make for fascinating viewing. The message is: don't run round beaches in bare feet, you never know what you'll be stepping on.

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