Streets of Stalingrad


Somebody asked for it so you've got it, the V2.1 RULES!!!"

Streets Version 2.1 Rules in .pdf format

Old stuff for those may want it

WBC Tourney Setup Sheet

Streets Official Tournament Setup Instructions

Pavlov's Variant House Counter 2-10-03

Robert Davis SoS DRM Chart

Joe White's consolidated charts & tables UPDATED for v2 charts! (Adobe)

Sayeth Art: Storage stickers available for use for people who have purchased the game, to use as they see fit to help with their counter storage issues. In other words, they are for your personal use so feel free to download them and photocopy or print them to use as labels for zip locks or the trays for your game.

German Stickers from Art

Russian Stickers from Art

Official L2 Design Group website

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