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Jeff Burch


Jeff Burch is a modern young social democrat and an experienced representative and negotiator. Burch became an NDP member at age 19 and by 25 was running as the NDP candidate for St. Catharines in the 1995 provincial election and two years later as a municipal candidate for Port Dalhousie Ward Councillor .

Burch has also distinguished himself academically. After graduating from Brock University with an honours BA in Philosophy, Jeff spent three years as a graduate student and Teaching Assistant at Brock, teaching seminars in social issues and women's studies. He left his studies in 1996 after being elected president of a United Steelworkers local union.

In 1999, Burch began working as a representative and negotiator for the Service Employees International Union, advocating on behalf of front line health care workers in hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies and social services in Toronto and Niagara. His negotiating experience, advocacy skills and knowledge of government ministries qualifies him to speak effectively on health care issues.

A lifelong resident of St. Catharines and son of an autoworker, Jeff Burch has a record of working to improve his community. In addition to being a former Niagara Regional Auxiliary Police Officer, Burch also served as an Executive Board Member of the United Way of St. Catharines and District. Most recently, Jeff participated in the Niagara Health Coalition's anti-P3 campaign to stop hospital privatization and was instrumental in lobbying St. Catharines City Council to pass a resolution supporting a 100% publicly owned and operated hospital.

Jeff Burch believes in putting power back into the hands of everyday people. “The right wing claims that people are simply hostile toward government” he says. “But I think they're wrong. What people object to is government that isn't working for them, doesn't listen and isn't on their side.”

Jeff currently lives on Queenston Street . in central St. Catharines with his wife Linda and looks forward to being St. Catharines' first NDP federal Member of Parliament.



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