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About the Author

"nothing has been received among us, in doctrine or in ceremonies, that is contrary to Scripture or to the church catholic"
The above excerpt from the Augsburg Confession, the chief confessional document of all the Lutheran Churches around the world, is the guiding principle of this The Orthodox Lutheran Web Page. Many Lutherans, particularly those in North America, have never learned that their church was not established in the sixteenth century but in the first. They do not know that they have deep disagreements with Calvinist and Anabaptist theology which dominates the religious scene in North America. They do not know that they are not Protestants.

The hope is that this web site offers nothing new but offers instead something very old -- the catholic faith entrusted to the Holy Church, preserved by the orthodox Lutheran Church and best represented by great Lutheran fathers such as Philip Melanchthon, Martin Chemnitz, Johann Gerhard, James Andreae, Wilhelm Löhe, C.F.W. Walther and of course Martin Luther. These men are not just names from the past. They are the living voices of orthodox Lutheran theology -- not of the latest Church Growth fad, liberal ecumenicism or the all-too-familiar encrusted American "that's the way we've always done it" paralysis.

If you are Lutheran, take a new look at the faith of your fathers. If you are Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox, take this opportunity to learn something new about these Christians you may have always lumped together as just another kind of Protestant. If you are a Calvinist, Baptist or other descendant of the Reformed tradition, have another look at the original reformers and the babies you threw out with the dirty medieval bathwater.

As Blessed Martin Luther said before the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, "Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God."