The USA IMO Team: Tony Zhang, Oleg Golberg, TianKai Liu, Aaron Pixton, Alison Miller and Matt Ince.
The results are in from the 45th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) held July 4 - July 18, 2004 in Athens, Greece. The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the pre-eminent mathematical competition for high-school age students from around the world. More than 480 students from 85 countries competed in the 2004 IMO. The IMO awarded 45 gold medals for correctly and elegantly solving 6 extremely challenging mathematical problems in a 9-hour competition administered over two days. More information about the 45th International Mathematical Olympiad is at

The USA team did very well at the competition, winning 5 gold medals and 1 silver medal and finishing 2nd overall among the 85 participating countries. The final team standings had China first, the USA second, followed by Russia at third place. This is the best medal count and highest placing for the USA team since 1994.

  • Oleg Golberg of Bedford, MA distinguished himself by accumulating 40 out of 42 possible points to have the best overall score on the USA team.
  • TianKai Liu of Saratoga CA had 38 points for another of the USA's gold medals.
  • Aaron Pixton of Vestal NY had 37 points, and
  • Alison Miller of Niskayuna NY had 33 points, for a gold medal. She is the first female gold medal winner for a team from the USA.
  • Tony Zhang of Arcadia CA also had 33 points, for a gold medal. .
  • Matt Ince of Arnold MO gained a silver medal with a score of 31 points.

The sponsor of the USA team to the IMO is the Mathematical Association of America through its America Mathematics Competitions program, with travel support provided by a grant from the Army Research Office. Training for the team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is aided by a grant from the Akamai Foundation. Additional support for the team is provided by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

For further information, contact:

Steven R. Dunbar at the MAA American Mathematics Competitions office at 800-527-3690.

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