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Released in November 1998, Ocarina of Time was the first Zelda game in 3-D. Link is the "boy without a fairy", sent on a quest to save the world and ends up travelling back and forth through time.


Best time: Single-segment 4:57 by Mike 'TSA' Damiani on 17.07.05.

File details: 504 MB / 1.25 GB / 3.24 GB size (low / normal / high quality), requires DivX codec.

Author's comments:

This is the greatest speed run I have ever done, period. I should retire now because I will never outdo this speed run. By all comparisons, I suck at the other Zelda games when compared to this one. I may not view it as the best Zelda game of all time, but I sure as hell view it as the greatest Zelda game to speed run. Many thanks are in order, as this run was the culmination of an entire community. Acryte and FierceLinkMaster for bringing up some really high precision tricks that paid off nicely. Thanks to SamSim for refining the Ocarina of Time route and for being an Ocarina of Time guru. Thanks to the guys who supported this run, since I know the Ocarina of Time runs are extremely popular with the gaming community. Hopefully this run is worth being mentioned in the same breadth as some of the awesome runs in existence, and makes up for my average runs on the other Zelda games.

If you want to know how the hell I did something like this, beyond the help of the great people who aided me along the way, the answer is "no life". Not anymore, of course! But back in the day, I played Ocarina of Time more times than I can count. I was quoted as saying I played this game for 10,000+ hours, when in actuality, it's probably closer to 25,000 hours. I mean I played this game non-stop for over two years. It's not even a matter of ability anymore when it comes to Ocarina of Time. It's just part of my nature when it comes to this game, it's just so natural. I'm sure there are others out there who share this same experience with other games.

The goal of this run was not simply to get under five hours. It was a given this would happen with the plethora of tricks revealed in the wake of my 5:04 run. The goal of this run was to emulate the greatness and high level of skill seen in such videos as the Super Mario 64 video, the Mega Man Zero videos, or the 007 Goldeneye Videos. I wanted to show that I could do something that great in this game.

I will, as a courtesy for this being my last Ocarina of Time run, and probably the last single-segment, minimalist run to be done, break down the entire run. I was considering doing an audio track, but Radix wasn't going to host two separate versions of the run. So this will have to make do.

Before getting into the area comments, I need to explain something many of you casual gamers or even some hardcore Zelda fans probably won't get. Why the hell am I "crouching" and "stabbing" at an enemy? Where are all the quick spins? Well, brought up by FierceLinkMaster (though the original discoverer is yet to be found), there is a way to trick out Link's attacks through a weird bug that is later fixed by Majora's Mask. If you perform any attack, if you crouch after it and don't use any other items or swing your sword again before crouching, you can preserve the strength of that attack "stabbing" while you crouch. This trick is known as the Power Crouch Stab. So for the Gohma battle, I jump attack once with the Deku Stick, and then crouch stab twice. Those two crouch stabs had the power of a jump attack with a Deku Stick. Saves you items, and it's faster. The only downside is that unlike the Quick Spin Attack, it is not quick enough to keep enemies down. However, this problem doesn't arise till Adult Link's bosses, and then the Power Crouch Stab has uses. For bosses in which Quick Spins don't work and you can get in multiple hits, such as Phantom Ganon, you can get in multiple Jump Attack level strikes quickly. For enemies that can stay down but only by Quick Spins, it is best to use the Power Crouch Stab and then after a few convert over to quick spins. This is done on Bongo Bongo and Ganondorf. Anyway, I wanted to clarify that so you don't think it is cheating or some cheat code. Onto the area comments!

Kokiri Forest: The rupee route is unmatched. This is the fastest rupee route. It's not as easy as it looks to do, it's a lot of quick adjustments to perform back walks and side hops.

Great Deku Tree: It is possible to do some more high precision tricks on this stage, but they are meant for a segmented run or a future TAS, should we come to that some day. The strategy for getting the Slingshot is faster than my previous attempt. Also, I execute getting up to the ledge a bit faster from the block in the water room. I also use the lit Deku Stick in a much more efficient way when lighting the web to get to the hole to crawl through. I also light the Deku Stick in the room with the web on the floor much more quickly with the mid-air equip after jumping at the torch. I wonder if that torch was put there for this very reason. The power crouch stab on Queen Gohma is the fastest way to beat her without using codes or cheats.

Hyrule Field: Back walking pays off. I get into the castle market without the music ending.

Hyrule Castle: Notice how you can pull out the Cucco during that text, rather than waiting for it to end. I pull off the jump attack to the edge with only pushing one block slightly over the edge of the moat. I also think you will be impressed with the strategy to get passed the guards. It's very high precision and timing is crucial. It's extremely difficult to pull off.

Kakariko Village/Death Mountain: Back walking in one shot to the entrance of Kakariko is very crucial. I could have done more back walking in Kakariko, but I figure it wasn't worth the mistake if I was off course. Scaling Death Mountain also benefits from back walking.

Sacred Forest Meadow: I could have been slightly faster in the maze part, but back walking up the steps to get passed the last two Deku Scrubs is nice. I could have been quicker navigating the Lost Woods.

Dodongo's Cavern: Back walking to the ladder is faster than waiting for the platforms to rise. Back walking in the Baby Dodongo chamber also is a plus. You only need to fight off one Lizalfos and the remaining one will not flee. This preserves your Deku Sticks, even though two per enemy would be faster, but the time to get extra Deku Sticks outweighs this option. Better bomb choice in the stairs room with the bombs. Text skip trick in the spike trap maze before you have to toss a bomb at a wall. I pulled off tossing both bombs into the eyes. I had a slightly faster Dodongo Battle by being closer to him, tossing bombs earlier, and hitting him earlier.

Death Mountain Summit: I messed up near the very end of back walking in the rock falling part, but it was nothing major. Back walked to Fairy steps, triggered Ocarina Song sequence earlier.

Zora's River/Zora's Domain: Faster navigation of river using Cucco. Took a bit more time to get extra Deku Sticks and Deku Seeds, but it pays off later. Back walked up steps to King Zora.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly: Discovered some cool tricks like reaching the Spiritual Stone early, but nothing helped. Better fights, better boss battle helped.

Temple of Time: Long cut scene, but I skip Din's Fire for later.

Graveyard/Goron City: I wasn't trying to set any record against Dampe because you don't have the hookshot anyway. I got Hylian Shield so I could do Power Crouch Stabs as Adult.

Fire Temple: Cut out some uses of Farore's Wind, improved time on the Flame Dancers.

Sacred Forest Meadow: Faster navigation, though one of the Moblins gets me at the end, though I use an invincibility trick to get back at him.

Forest Temple: New route, though I don't know how much time it really saved. The other route was cooler abusing the Twisted Corridor. A better Poe Battles thanks to quick spins. Improved Phantom Ganon battle, even better than the video you all saw on the EGM DVD.

Ice Cavern: Like that high precision trick on the blocks?

Water Temple: New strategy. I hope you like it. This now makes the Water Temple the shortest temple to complete by far. I improved the Morpha battle.

Gerudo's Fortress/Haunted Wasteland: New fighting strategy on Gerudo Guards, but I think it is just as fast and perhaps cornering them would be the fastest way. New way across Haunted Wasteland without Lens of Truth, I hope this impresses people.

Warp back to Young Link: Get Din's Fire now, saves time so you can warp away.

Spirit Temple (Child): Use Power Crouch Stab on Iron Knuckle to save time.

Shadow Temple: I lose time at one spot because my theory in my 5:04 video was not correct. In fact, you can only guess on the Bird Statue part near the beginning. I get it on 3rd guess, which is not so bad. I make up the time with a nice trick in the spiked ceiling room with the block in the invisible wall. Damage boosts rule in Zelda. The Bongo Bongo battle is the fight of the game.

Spirit Temple (Adult): Koume and Kotake battle was awesome thanks to me figuring out a small strategy change. You spot the one that will shoot you with magic in first person mode, then in 3rd person, tilt Link around to eye the other if it is not in site. If you keep the one firing in your peripheral, and find the other, just hold the shield out then and you at least have a shot at hitting them, instead of times when you face forward and don't see the other and have to guess.

Ganon's Castle: A few small improvements on the trials.

Ganondorf Battle: Eck, mistake of the run. Why didn't he do what he was supposed to at the start? Oh well. Took two attack sequences to beat him because I fail to continue quick spinning (hands are tired by now folks). Funny thing is the battle time is about the same as my 5:04, meaning if I executed this strategy perfectly, it's probably 20 more seconds shaved off.

Ganon Battle: There is a more advanced strategy by standing under his legs the entire time and swinging your hammer, but I didn't risk it. Ganon runs into a wall and slashes at it, causing some loss. Somebody told me Light Arrows do more damage, but that wasn't true, but it didn't slow me down. Nothing special about the fight.

With this, sadly (or happily for you competitors), I am forever done with speed running Ocarina of Time, even if somebody beats this time. I have no plans at the moment to do Master Quest because it is on GCN and I hate the GCN controller for all the Zelda games on it (see TWW comments). I'm not sure when I will begin my next run, but I now plan to achieve a sub 32 (or close to it) run of The Legend of Zelda for NES. If you are wondering, should I claim the Legend of Zelda title again, I will also retire from speed running that game as well. I think I will then do a final run of The Adventure of Link after that. By the time I finish these next two runs, Twilight Princess should be coming out. I know you all are looking forward to that game. I might have a present in store for you all, too.

If you wish to talk about this run, or Zelda in general, you can IM me at ZeldaSpeedRuns.

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