ReBug: A Regular Expression Debugger in Perl

Please excuse the simplicity of this website. It exists for it's purpose, not for itself.
A history of rebug. From the intial idea, to today.
The TPC5 Paper
This is the paper I gave at The Perl Conference 5.0. I'll admit I wasn't a good speaker there, but I blame that on the equipment, and it being my first time speaking at such a big event. :) This paper explains a bit of everything: the history of rebug, how it's implemented, and links back to this website.
Download Rebug
This includes the entire Rebug application. Run if you're lucky enough to have Perl/Tk installed. If you only have a commandline, run, and be sure to enter "?" followed by a return to see the various help commands before you get started. The text interface was something I worked on so that I could demonstrate rebug in the abscence of a machine with Perl/Tk access, but unfortunately I didn't have it ready in time for TPC5.

Expressions are 'variable watches' through which you can type any perl expression to be evaluated. The more interesting expressions use variables that depend upon the current state of the regex. $1-$9, $`, $&, $', and pos() are all available for use.

Breakpoints allow you to write a conditional based on the above expressions. When the breakpoint expression returns non-zero, any playing of the regex (forwards or backwards) will cause it to stop and wait for further input.

What's next for rebug? Current bugs, future issues, etc
Please email me, Mike Lambert at with any comments, ideas, or suggestions. Criticism and rants are welcome as well.