Paul's Genealogy Page

If your ancestors are from the South West of England please feel free to browse the following indexes

Newspaper names indexes (South West of England)  (this newspaper index currently contains around 30,000 names covering Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall.

List of Mansfields births, marriages, deaths and miscellaneous other entries for Mansfield's in Somerset including many of my own ancestors.

Somerset Parish Registers An indexed listing to some parishes in West Somerset.

West Country Clock and Watch makers Names of watch makers taken from assorted old lists and newspapers

West Country migrants who joined the Cardiff and Glamorgan Police Forces

Many migrants to South Wales joined the police force at the end of the last century. Some only stayed for a matter of months. This is a list of names, dates of birth and previous occupations.

Trade Directories

Various genealogical odds and ends

Old Cardiff Records

Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society Index

Sarah Luke and Daniel's Page My children's part of this page.

The most important thing