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The Big Biscuit
16506 E 40 Hwy.
Independence, MO 64055

The Big Biscuit
530 N. 7 Hwy.
Blue Springs, MO 64014

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Eat Big, Live a Full Life

S E R V E D     A L L     D A Y
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S P E C I A L T I E S  
Big Breakfast 2 pancakes, 2 bacon, 2 sausage & potatoes 6.95
Jim's Platter 2 eggs, half biscuit & gravy, potatoes 5.50
Breakfast Burrito scrambled eggs and veggies, wrapped in a tortilla with melted cheese, salsa and sour cream. Add bacon or sausage for .95¢ 6.50
Waffle Combo waffle, 2 eggs, bacon or sausage 5.75
Country Benedict scrambled eggs on a biscuit and sausage patty covered with sausage gravy, served with potatoes 6.25
Mayberry Breakfast sausage omelet, half biscuit and gravy, potatoes 6.75
Our Famous Ham & Eggs thick cut 8 oz. ham steak 6.50
2 Eggs Any Style
w/choice of 4 oz ham, bacon or sausage (links or patties)
Italian Sausage & Eggs 5.75
Diced Ham & Scrambled Eggs 5.95
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs 5.50
Tenderloin & 3 Eggs 6.75
Chicken Fried Steak & 3 Eggs 6.75
Steak & 3 Eggs 8oz ribeye 8.95
O M E L E T S served w/fried potatoes, hashbrowns or grits, toast or biscuit  
Kansas City Omelet ham, sausage, bacon and cheddar 6.95
Popeye spinach, mushroom, jack & swiss 6.45
Bacon & Cheddar 6.25
Cheese american, jack, swiss, cheddar or pepperjack 5.50
Ham & Cheese american or cheddar 5.95
Veggie onions, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes 5.95
Western ham, green peppers, onions, cheese 6.50

Chicago italian sausage, onions, green peppers, provolone

S C R A M B L E S 3 eggs scrambled w/cheese and potatoes, toast or biscuit  
Big Scramble ham, mushrooms, sausage, onion and cheddar 6.95
Missouri bacon, sausage, cheddar 6.75
Veggie spinach, mushroom, onions, tomatoes, jack 6.25
Southwestern jalapeno peppers, onions, tomatoes, jack, cheddar, salsa 6.75
B I S C U I T     S A N D W I C H E S served w/potatoes, add an egg for .75¢  
Ham, Sausage or Bacon w/Cheddar 4.50
B I G     H E A L T H Y     B R E A K F A S T S  
Oatmeal (until noon) with raisins, brown sugar, milk, fruit salad or toast 3.95
Six Pointer Egg substitute scrambled w/veggies, rolled in a flour tortilla, served w/salsa and sour cream. 5.95
Workout Scramble Egg substitute scrambled with spinach and mushrooms served w/fruit salad and dry wheat or raisin toast 6.25
B I G     B I S C U I T S     &     G R A V Y Served w/potatoes  
Quarter 3.25
Half 3.95
Full 4.75
P A N C A K E S  
Buttermilk Short/Full 3.75/4.25
Blueberry Short/Full 4.50/5.25
Bacon 4.50/5.25
Chocolate Chip w/whipped cream or powdered sugar 4.50/5.25
Cranberry 4.50/5.25
Pecan 4.75/5.50
Cranberry-Pecan 4.95/5.75
Strawberry w/whipped cream or powdered sugar 4.50/5.25
Banana 4.50/5.25
Banana Pecan 4.95/5.75
Pigs in a Blanket 4.95
W A F F L E S  
Plain 3.95
Pecan 4.75
Bacon 4.75


Strawberry w/whipped cream or powdered sugar 4.75

F R E N C H     T O A S T
Made with our thick cut egg bread w/strawberries add .99

B R E A K F A S T    S I D E S  
Fruit Salad 2.95
One Pancake specialty pancake add .75¢ 1.95  
Toast white, wheat, raisin, biscuit 1.25  
Grits small/large 1.50/1.75  
Hashbrowns 1.75  
Fried Potatoes
w/sausage gravy add .75¢
Salsa .50  
Bacon or Sausage links or patties 2.75  
Corned Beef Hash 2.75  
Ham Steak 3.75  
PLEASE CALL (816) 478-6958 or (816)229-3108