About Our Products

Health Programmes:

Each of the eight health programmes is a self-contained oasis of wisdom and solutions to your health needs –both emotionally and physically. Each programme contains the best herbs that are available, rated at G.P. or guaranteed potency, which means you get higher quality and higher proven efficiency rather the normal standardised extracts which you find in most herbal products on the market, where efficiency is not always reliable. Also included you will find safe and effective advice on eating, food, diet and dieting along with simple safe Tibetan meditation and exercises to do as part of the herbal health programme. Thus adding to a complete health care solution that you can use and do at any time. Each of the eight health programmes is designed on a theme of human experience or health need, so you will find a programme that is right for you. So take some time to explore each of them

Aromatic and Therapeutic

In all of the Christopher Hansard products other than the Health Programmes, essential oils and absolutes are used to create benefit and beauty for you in every part of your life. Essential and Absolute oils are used in many brands of cosmetics and health products but it is important for you, our customer to know why our products really are different. We use a much higher per centage of natural essential oils and we also use natural absolutes to create a three-dimensional aromatic and therapeutic experience. Mental clarity as well as physical vitality is part of the experience offered by each of our products, with the aromatic qualities evoking good memories and enhancing your emotional well being.

Tibetan Medical Wisdom

The age old wisdom of Tibetan essential oil blending create healing aromatic experiences, giving you heightened states of relaxation. The beautiful natural fragrances, designed by Christopher Hansard, are simply exceptional aromatic masterpieces, seemingly simple elegant fragrances that are far more than their amazingly complex, aromatic and natural components. We use only the best quality essential oils and absolutes available, with small production runs and use rare, but environmentally sustainable oils and absolutes and thus costly ingredients, to create an authentic experience for our customers. Christopher Hansard products are an investment in quality, effectiveness, luxury, rarity and better-quality health and happiness.

By using the aromatic knowledge of botanical and herbal ingredients, essential oils and absolutes from the vast knowledge base of Tibetan medicine, combined with the needs of people today and the rigours of modern health, cosmetic and personal care sciences, you the customer, can have a truly life enhancing and beneficial experience.

The Christopher Hansard range of candles, room sprays, hair therapy shampoos and conditioners, body lotions, bath oils, shower gels, massage oils and diffusing oil concentrates, bring age old wisdom to modern times, offering new insights to you and your day.

Essential Oils and Absolutes:

Firstly, let us explain what essential oils and absolutes are. Essential oils are steam distilled or made through other processes from very precise parts of distinct plant species. Essential oils can come specialized tissues of plants that circulate fluids, such as flowers, buds, roots, leaves, stems, barks, fruits, seeds, spores, grasses, exudates, resins and gums.

Essential oils are extremely complex mixes with thousands of sub compounds making up one type of oil. It is the combination of the entire exclusive and specific ingredients that make up one oil that gives each essential oil its own extraordinary fragrant and therapeutic virtues. Essential oils are very hard to scientifically replicate or copy or to analyse because of their complexity, yet when used expertly these natural wonder-workers can bring healing, well being, comfort and positive change to those that make the most of them, something that no synthetic fragrance can ever do.

Contained by the general term, ‘essential oils’ there are those distinctive ones called ‘absolutes’. They are called this because they have gone through a form of extraction which allows more healing ingredients to be in the absolute than an essential oil that is made by normal steam distillation, which releases only lighter aromatic molecules.

Absolutes contain both the lighter and heavier molecules. Later please see a list of the absolutes (and essential oils) used in Christopher Hansard products. In the making of an absolute many millions of petals or leaves go into making an absolute. Carbon dioxide is used often to extract the wonderful properties from a plant to make an absolute. An absolute smells exactly like the flower or plant from which it comes. This is not true for steam-distilled essential oils, which may be different in aroma from the plant that it comes from.

All Natural

Absolutes contain within them natural waxes, natural colour pigments, natural fatty acids and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, which are all very helpful for hair, skin, body, mind, emotions and spirit. Christopher Hansard products use natural essential oils and absolutes in room sprays, candles, bath and hair products and diffusing oils. Normally they are used just in fine perfumes but Christopher Hansard believes that their therapeutic qualities have a wider approach, which can help all of us have a better quality of life, slow down and be healthier, happy and connect to our inner beauty. The use of absolutes and essential oils in Tibetan medicine has been successfully applied for thousands of years in a wide range of medical and lifestyle applications. The absolutes are as their name says more inclusive, full, and absolute, than other essential oils due to their wide range of medical, therapeutic, emotional and psychological applications due to their ingredients and evocative aromas. In using an absolute you are getting the full potency of the plant.

How Essential Oils and Absolutes Are Absorbed and Affect the Body

Essential oils and absolutes are absorbed into the body most effectively through the skin and hair. The aromatic molecules set off chain reactions in your nose’s receptor cells, stimulating enzyme activity and powerful electrical impulses and waves that go to the olfaction bulbs-which are an extension of the brain. Also as airborne molecules, through room sprays or candles or diffusing oils, they also affect the mind through the receptor cells of the nose and influencing the olfaction bulbs, passing into the bloodstream through your mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and respiratory tract. As in Christopher Hansard bath and hair products, these delicious and life changing ingredients are absorbed through the skin, stimulated by heat and water and through breathing, as also when using our body lotion or massage oils. Essential oils and absolutes can move through the body and thus the mind, with great ease and effect passing through interstitial fluid without any problems. Thus they easily bring benefit and well being quickly.

Interstitial fluid is one of the two mechanisms of extra cellular fluid, the other part is plasma. Each of us has as adults, about eleven litres of interstitial fluid giving the cells of the body nutrients and a means of waste removal. Plasma and interstitial fluid are essentially identical except for location. Plasma, the major component in blood, communicates freely with interstitial fluid through pores and other biological functions. Blood pressure causes continuous production of interstitial fluid by pushing plasma through these openings.

The pores are too small to allow proteins or cells through, but essential oil and absolutes components can pass. Eventually, the interstitial fluid is forced back into the capillaries by osmotic pressure. Additionally, the fluid may drain into the lymphatic vessels. Interstitial fluid consists amino acids, sugars, fatty acids, coenzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, salts, as well as waste products from the cells. Interstitial fluid bathes the cells of the tissues. This provides a means of delivering materials to the cells, a form of intercellular dialogue, as well as removal of metabolic waste. All of this ends up helping you to benefit from the essential oils and absolutes in our enjoyable products.

The end result is that you are left looking and feeling better as the absolutes and essential oils pass out of your body, leaving their comforting and therapeutic qualities behind. Thus having helped to relax and rejuvenate, ease aches and pains, detox and improve your skin and appearance, moisturise and cleanse the skin, nourish your scalp and hair, improving the quality of your living space, to assist you in times of celebration or reflection, to help you slow down and enjoy the act of being alive…the healing powers of the natural world are offered for you to benefit from.

A Short list of Essential Oils and Absolutes used in Christopher Hansard aromatic products for the home, hair, body, bath and well being.