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A Brief Introduction of Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park

Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park lies in the extended line of the west Chang’an avenue, is 15kilometers away from the Tian’anmen Square, the Bajiao Subway is close to the main gate area, it has unique geographical position and a convenient transport, she boasts construction with different styles, gardening art and more than 60 items amusement facilities in one, it is the one of the amusement park with the most variety of amusement facilities, it has unique landscape and elegant scenery; among the verdant pines, cypresses and green grass, the Gothic Cinderella Castle, the Arabic Restaurant, the European Blue Bridge and the Russian Entrance Hall are full of exotic atmosphere , showing different mien and extraordinary vigor, you will enjoy many facilities such as, The Roller Coaster, Warrior Turnplate, etc these are challenging the brave visitors. Giant Wheel, Magic Manor, UFO Bicycle, Waving Chair are good for the young and old alike. In the water world, there are several Water Slides, man-made Waving Pool, Children Playing Pool, Children Water Slide, Raft Slide Way and Wave Slide Way, as the best place for you to enjoy the cool in summer; it is exciting to play with the waves or to surf by a raft.
Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park was prepared to construct or establish with the funds of 23million Yuan in 1986, and ran its business officially in Sept 28th in the same year. It covers an area of 400mu, which is equivalent to 31 hectares by the amusement facilities has increased from 17 items in the beginning to 60 items, the amusement assets has increased from 23.2million in the beginning to 100 million by now. It has its 600 working staff now, There are twelve functional departments, these are : General Manager office ,System Reforming Office, Human Resources Department, Marketing Department , Finance Department. Operating Department, Catering Department, Ticketing Department, Gardening Department, Public Security Department, and General Affairs Department, Executive Office of PCC branch. In running the business these years, he implements laws and regulations of the country and instructions from the higher authority .he puts forward the management system reform in accordance with the spirit of enterprise “unity, rigorousness, matter-of �fact, innovation”, adhering to the working policy of” upgrading management inside the enterprise, while setting a good image to visitors” and the working principles of “three benefits”,that means , benefit for the development and growth of the enterprise and a better economic profits; benefit for unity of the staff members, which makes the enterprise more strength; benefit for better welfare and income of the staff members. We have launched and perfected a series of effective system to upgrade staff members’ quality and better management, such as “Shijingshan Amusement Park Rewards and Punishments Regulations ”; “Shiingshan Amusement Park Rewards for its Staff Members (Detailed Rules and Regulations);” Shijingshan Amusement Park’s Work Attendance Checking on System; “Shijingshan Amusement Park’s Code of Conduct for its Staff Members ” ; In 2001 , The Quality Management Systems of Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park has been assessed according to the requirements of ISO9002 and awarded title “Tourist Spot with “AAAA” issued by National Tourism Bureau in the same year. In 2002, the authentication on certification of upgrading of 2000 edition is underway. Combining with practice in Amusement Park. We have put 27 different amusement facilities into operation by 2003.The total number of amusement facilities have been added up to 66 items. The volume of stable tourists is between 1.1million-1.5million annually. The volume of business income has broken 40 million Yuan in 2000. In 2002, it has broken 50 million Yuan which help us to achieve the” two great leaps” goal. By the end of 2002, the owners’ rights have increased by 10.32% than that of three years. The stable assets have increased by 57.9% in three years, and paying tax to the country has added up to 20 million Yuan in the three years, increased by 8.46%. The income for all staff members has been raised remarkably. Shijingshan amusement park was awarded title “Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization” for three years consecutively since 2000; awarded title “Civilized Tourist Spot” and ” civilized park” in 2000 and 2001 respectively; it was also on the list of “ Top Class Park ”among its kinds. In 2001, it was awarded title “Advanced Unit” for its openness and transparency in business management affairs. Awarded title “Capital Civilized Tourist Spot” in 2001, 2002. “Advanced Unit in Innovation and Reform in Economic Construction”. General Liu Jingwang was awarded title “Capital Labor Medal”. In 2001,The park was awarded title“Advanced Unit” by Shijingshan District Commission for Inspecting Discipline, “Typical Unit in News Writing ”;“Advanced Unit in Implementing the Birth Control Policy”. “Advanced Unit in Voluntary Blood-Donation”, “Advanced Unit in Supporting the Construction of the Army.” “Advanced Unit in Fire Control ”etc. In 2002, since the management system reforming has been underway. A series of competition system are introduced, all staff members should complete the post instead of being offered a post, in this way, it makes the enterprise more energetic, and it was awarded title “Key Enterprise” by Shijingshan District government. “Key Enterprise Developing in a Healthy Way”, in the evaluation made by Beijing Finance Bureau according to the standard issued by National Finance Ministry, ShiJingshan Amusement Park has leaped from 48th place to 17th place in these three years among 256 independent accounting enterprises in our city, we have invested a large amount of money for the renovation of the park and upgrading some service facilities. A great change has taken place both inside and outside of the park. During the quality evaluation by Beijing Tourism Bureau. Shijingshan Amusement Park ranks the first place for its good environment and order. The rate of tourist content accounts for 94.7%. There is no complaint case, which help to rank the fourth place. We persist on that innovation result from reform, development result in innovation, we have great confidence that with the leadership of Liu Jingwang, A new modern Amusement Park with great knowledge and interest, entertainment and participation in one will erect in the extended line of west Chang’an Avenue, It will become the window to know better about man-made tourist spots in Beijing, and help people enjoy the international metropolitan for tourists from home and abroad. It will become the most beautiful scenery in the western part of Beijing.