Operation Star Gate: U.S. Intelligence & Psychic Spies
    by D. Trull
    Enigma Editor

Imagine a military intelligence operative with abilities reaching far beyond any network of informants or advanced spying technology. An agent able to probe the enemy's deepest underground bunkers, determine the exact location of a group of hostages, or physically incapacitate foreign leaders or entire armies. All from thousands of miles away, using only the power of his mind.

For decades, U.S. intelligence agencies have been engaged in a quest to find just such an agent. Efforts to determine intelligence applications for psychic abilities have centered around "remote viewing," a purported clairvoyant ability to spy on distant enemies. In this special report, we'll examine the testing methods used to measure psychic ability and the conclusions drawn by two doctors who examined the Star Gate program at the request of the CIA.

1: Testing Psychic Abilities of SG Operatives

2: "Psychic Functioning is Well Established"

3: "Parapsychology Has No Foundation"

4: Unexplained Anecdotal Evidence

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