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A few testimonials from actuals users of NetSaint (not paid actors) can be found here...
O'Reilly NetSaint is mentioned in Building Internet Firewalls, Second Edition.
In The Press
InternetWeek NetSaint is mentioned in Lenny Liebmann's "Living With Linux" article in the February 26, 2001 issue of InternetWeek.
ITWorld Denise Dubie mentions Netsaint in Network World's "The price is right: 10 free net management tools" (February 26th, 2001).
Linux Gazette Netsaint gets a mention in Linux Gazette's News Bytes (Issue #61, January 2001). BizRelations Inc. uses NetSaint to monitor availability of their systems.
Network World Network World includes NetSaint in "The pick of the Linux litter" (October 16th, 2000). The picks were selected from what network professionals said were the most useful products.
UNIX Insider Peter Galvin writes about NetSaint and MRTG in UNIX Insider's October 2000 edition of Pete's Super Systems.
Network Computing Robert Kohlhepp writes about NetSaint in this Network Computing article entitled "NetSaint: A Prayer Answered for Network Managers on a Budget" (May 15th, 2000). Jeff Ballard writes about NetSaint in this article entitled "NetSaint Watches Over Your Network " (June 11, 2001).
Linux Journal NetSaint is mentioned in this Linux Journal article (Issue #69, January 2000). Global Media Corporation is apparently using NetSaint to monitor their e-commerce stuff. NetSaint also gets a mention in this "Focus on Software" article (Issue #63, July 2000).
Linux Magazin This November 1999 article of Linux Magazin (German) describes how to go about creating RPM packages of your favorite software. Lucky for me, they use NetSaint for the example. It really isn't about NetSaint per se, but it still gave me warm fuzzies. And I like calling NetSaint a Netzwerküberwachungstool...
BYTE Moshe Bar talks about NetSaint in this BYTE article (August, 1999) on Linux and network monitoring.
Product Integration
Contrived Technologies Netsaint is being incorporated into Contrived Technologies' rackmount server monitoring solution. The unit comes in a 1U case with redundant power supplies and is ready to go. All configuration is done over the web via apps and the unit automatically prints out reports each night of loads, peak load time, etc. Units will be available by 4th quarter 2001 and may be purchased from the web site.
openROCK NetSaint is distributed as part of the Telemetry Box distribution, a collection of open source software for management and diagnostics of networks and servers.
LinuxMonitor NetSaint is playing a role in Tim Niemueller's LinuxMonitor project.
Locomotive NetSaint is being integrated with Locomotive - an Open Source Java-based web application server - to increase system status awareness and allow for automated restarting of the Locomotives.
AskAround NetSaint is being used in AskAround's wireless network management product, a tool which provides a WML interface to vital information such as host status.
Other Items Of Interest
High-Availability Linux Project NetSaint is listed in the service monitoring software links section of in the High-Availability Linux Project, which aims to provide a reliable clustering solution for Linux.


NetSaint is a tool that monitors the availability of network resources, such as hosts and services. It does not provide network security tests, security information, or network security services, nor does it produce security assessment reports.

NetSaint is not affiliated with World Wide Digital Security, Inc. (WWDSI); Richard S. Carson and Associates, Inc; and the marks WEB SAINT, SAINT, SAINTWRITER, SAINTEXPRESS, and SAINTBASIC owned by Richard S. Carson and Associates, Inc.

Last modified: Jun 11th, 2001