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Bugs and Known Issues

This is a short list of the bugs present in NetSaint version 0.0.6 and newer. I'm sure there are plenty more that haven't been discovered. If you are unlucky enough to stumble across one of these as yet undiscovered buggers, please report it to the netsaint-devel mailing list.

[ General Bugs | Version-Specific Bugs ]

General Bugs

Version(s) Bug Description Patch/Fix Information Status
All Versions - Temp file must reside on same filesystem as logs
The temp file must reside on the same filesystem as the status log, comment log, and main log. The rename() function will not move files across directories if the directories reside on different filesystems. Can be "fixed" by making sure that temp file resides on the same filesystem as the other logs. A permament fix has been added to the 0.0.7 code to circumvent this problem in the future.

Version-Specific Bugs

Version(s) Bug Description(s) Patch/Fix Information Status
0.0.7b3 (and earlier betas) - Notification logic bug
Two bugs are present in the beta 3 (and presumably earlier betas), in which service and host notifications may be sent out at the wrong times. This was due to me not initializing a time variable properly after I rewrote portions of the notification logic a while back. Fixed in 0.0.7b4.
0.0.7b2 - Embedded Perl interpreter bug
- Service/host state statistics
The bug "fix" in beta 2 produced another minor one involving a missing closing bracket and semicolon in p1.pl. Also, host and service state statistics that are preserved across program restarts (via the retention file) are incorrectly inflated when NetSaint restarts. This bug is present in some of the later alpha releases of 0.0.7, as well as betas 1 and 2. The only real solution to clear these bogus times is to stop NetSaint, delete your retention file, and restart. A utility will be included in beta 3 that will allow you to clear only state statistics from the retention file, while leaving other information intact. Fixed in 0.0.7b3.
0.0.7b1 - Embedded Perl interpreter bugs
- Host notification bugs
There were a few minor bugs in the embedded Perl interpreter code. Host notifications would get sent out even when the application was in STANDBY mode. Also, the notification interval for hosts was not always being honored, so notifications were sometimes sent out way too frequently (i.e. every time a service check was executed). Fixed in 0.0.7b2.
0.0.6 - Bad contact definitions cause segfault
If you add a contact definition that is missing both email and pager fields, NetSaint will core dump. I'll be releasing a patch soon. Until then, don't add bad lines in your config file. :-)

Last modified: Apr 29th, 2001