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NetSaint runs on multiple *NIX systems. The table below lists which OSes NetSaint has been reported to compile and run on (if you have new info to add, let me know). There are also links to other sites that contain more information about and/or ports of NetSaint on different OSes.

Operating System / Distribution Compiles Ok? Runs Ok? URL Notes
AIX Yes Yes Binaries and helpful tips can be found here. Chris Rothecker and Lonny Selinger have put together some notes on getting NetSaint and the plugins to run under AIX. You can also find AIX binaries for both the core program and the plugins here.
Compaq Tru64 UNIX (Digital UNIX) Yes2 Yes
FreeBSD Yes Yes Port can be found here. The port page for the plugins is located here.
HP-UX Yes1 Yes
Irix Yes4 Yes Binaries of the core program and plugins can be found here. Gabor Szabo has contributed the IRIX binaries.
Linux (Debian) Yes Yes Package can be found here. Ben Bell is the maintainer of the Debian package of NetSaint. The plugins package page is located here.
Linux (RedHat) Yes Yes RPMs located at http://www.netsaint.org/download/rpm/ Karl DeBisschop is the primary RPM maintainer. Plugin RPMs can be found here.
Linux (SuSE) Yes Yes RPMs can be found here. SuSE RPMs are maintained by Wolfgang Rosenauer.
Mac OS X ? ?
NetBSD Yes Yes Package can be found here. Rene Hexel is the maintainer of the NetBSD package. The plugin package can be found here. The SNMP plugin package can be found here.
OpenBSD Yes Yes
SCO Unixware Yes3 Yes
SunOS/Solaris (2.6 and earlier) Yes1 Yes
Solaris 7+ Yes1 Yes
Windows 9X/NT/2K No No I have been asked by several people about porting NetSaint to the Windows operating system. I will not do this for a few reasons: 1) I don't want to, 2) the design of the Windows OS and the APIs that are available do not make porting very feasible, and 3) you can easily and cheaply setup a Linux box to act as your monitoring server.

1 Stock compiler and/or libraries shipped with OS do not include snprintf(), strncat(), and/or strncpy() functions. This will cause compilation to fail. Use glibc libraries (with gcc compiler) that support these string functions. Recent versions of OS may not lack these functions (i.e. HPUX 11.0).
2 Configure script fails to detect that 'getopt_long' is not supported, and snprintf() function is not supported by stock libraries. Using the gcc compiler (v2.95) will allow things to compile.
3 The stock make program shipped with Unixware 7 seems to have some problems processing the Makefiles. Installing GNU make fixes the problem and allows the core and CGIs to compile cleanly.
4 The stock compiler and libs shipped with Irix 6.2 do not include the snprintf() function, so neither the core nor the CGIs will compile. Upgrading the compiler and libraries would fix the problems, but they are not supported under 6.2. Irix 6.5.x includes a newer version of the gcc compiler and C libraries, so things should compile okay.

Last modified: Jul 25th, 2002