By Chris Malone

    Materials for All:

  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Sewing thread and extra strong thread
  • Supplies: scissors, ruler, pins, sewing machine, fabric glue
Materials for Rectangular Zebra Pillow
(Finished Size: 12" x 18")
  • 5/8 yard Safari Felt™ by Kunin Felt - Zebra print or print of your choice
  • 24" (4" wide) black fringe
  • Black cord (27") with tassels

Materials for Square Tiger Pillow or Round Leopard Pillow
(Finished Size: 16" and 14")

  • 1/2 yard Safari Felt™ by Kunin Felt - Orange Tiger or Leopard print or print of your choice
  • 3" x 6" piece Rainbow Classic Felt™ by Kunin Felt - Black
  • 2 (1 1/2") metal button blanks to cover
  • 2 1/2 yards (1/4") black twisted cord (square) or 48" (4" wide) black fringe (round)
  • Long needle

Materials for Triangular Cheetah Pillow
(Finished Size: 19")

  • 5/8 yard Safari Felt™ by Kunin Felt - Cheetah print or print of your choice
  • 9" piece (4" wide) black fringe
  • 1/2 yard (1/8") black twisted cord
General Instructions for Pillow Construction

Step 1: Pin pillow front and back together, right sides facing, and sew a 1/2" seam, leaving a 5" opening. Trim corners or clip curves, and turn right side out.

Step 2: Stuff evenly with fiberfill. Fold in seam allowance on opening and whipstitch closed with extra strong thread.

Step 3: Finish as directed in individual instructions.

Rectangular Zebra Pillow
  1. Cut two 13" x 19" rectangles from Zebra Felt or print of your choice.
  2. Cut fringe in half and baste one piece to right side of felt rectangle, on center of short edge. Line up bound edge of fringe even with edge of felt, with a 1/2" margin left on each side for seam.
  3. Construct as above, making sure not to catch ends of fringe in seams.
  4. Tie tasseled cord in a knot around middle of pillow.

Square Tiger Pillow
  1. Cut eight 9" squares from Orange Tiger Safari Felt (or choose a variety)
  2. Seam four squares together, alternating print direction, as shown. Repeat to make pillow back.
  3. Construct as above.
  4. Glue cord around pillow over seam. Clip cord and glue ends together where they join. Tie knots on ends of remaining cord. Tie a knot in the center of this cord and glue center knot onto joined ends of cord on pillow seam. Apply a small amount of glue to cord ends to prevent raveling.
  5. Follow manufacturer’s directions to cover buttons with black felt. Using long needle and strong thread, sew one button to center of front and back of pillow, pulling gently to indent.

Round Leopard Pillow
  1. Cut two 15" circles from Leopard Safari Felt or print of your choice.
  2. Baste fringe onto right side of one circle with bound edge of fringe even with outer edge of circle.
  3. Construct as above.
  4. Follow step 5 of Square Tiger Pillow to cover and attach buttons.

Triangular Cheetah Pillow
  1. Cut two triangles with equal 20" sides (60-degree angles) from Cheetah Safari Felt or print of your choice.
  2. Construct as above.
  3. To make tassels, cut fringe and cord each into three equal pieces. Apply glue to bound edge of fringe and roll up tightly. Glue cord around top of tassel, wrapping 3-4 times. Glue and/or tack top of tassel to each point of pillow.

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