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RatmanDU Rattery is devoted exclusively to the Downunder marked rat. Downunders first came about in 1998 originating in Sydney, Australia. The first Downunder was bred by Cindy Cairns of Rodent Ranch rodentry and was born hairless, however the next was a fully furred boy called Rodent Ranch Enigma.

The Downunder markings are striking, hooded marked head and back, but these rats also have a full length tummy stripe, hence the name Downunder. Sue Brown from Pendragon rattery in the UK was responsible for the downunder name, her comment about our stunning rats "downunder", meaning Australia, was thought to be very clever and as such, the Downunder name was born. They are now available in a variety of colours and markings but the original mutation was in Black and Hooded. The marking is dominant, only requiring one parent to replicate the marking.

There are Hooded, Spotted, Hooded/Spotted, Variegated and Berkshire varieties of Downunder. I was the originator of the type 'Berkshire Downunder' and have also developed the Spotted, Hooded/Spotted and Variegated variety. The potential for more varieties of markings is there - I recently saw a Bareback Downunder!!! From this line we are hoping to breed the first truly dalmation rat. Recent births at RatmanDU have shown we are not too far off that.

In 1999 I exported some rats, including Downunders, to a breeder in Holland. In late 2002 I exported some rats, including Downunders, to a breeder in the US.

We are very experienced in freighting rats within Australia and we do export rats overseas although freight/shipping costs are very expensive for the purchaser. Please see the Rats for Sale page to see shipping prices for within Australia.

* Please note* I have a very strict policy - our bRats are not available to breeders for snakes, our rats are bred as companions only, not food!

AusRFS Registered Breeder No.008a/00 - RatmanDU


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