Running Time: 49:45 (worksafe)

Another 50 minute episode, with a whopping 9 tracks? Reminds me of the good ole’ days. The lengthy shows this week are a result of the influx of excellent music, and your insomniac just finding the groove. I promise I won’t consistently give you three longplayers every week, but it’s been a nice change of pace, no?

Have a killer weekend gang. Talk to ya on Monday…

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3 Rants to “Insomnia Radio #79: Longplayer, Revisited”  

  1. 1 er

    Bug up his a$$? HAHAHA You crack me up. It’s all in the spirit of fun :)

  2. 2 Zaldor

    Great play with XRAYOK! I played them on my show as well, they’ve got a great vibe - ya should play Otto Vector ( too!!


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