Strange: January Fortean Events

Page numbers refer to: The Complete Books of Charles Fort. New York: Dover, 1974.
Jan 1 1860 - Third fall of reddish rain in exact same quarter of Siena (see also Dec. 28, 31, 1860) - p40 [Year Book of Facts, 1861-273]
1921 - Several irregular, black objects that "looked like pieces of burnt paper" crossed the sun - p525 [Eng. Mec., 112-276]
Jan 2 1887 - Detonations heard in the sky, Oroville, CA - p535 [Monthly Weather Review, 1887-24]
Jan 3 1865 - Second sighting of red lights on Mars (previously seen in Oct 1864) - p426 [C. R., 85-538]
1869 - Sound of six or seven reports, "as if of heavy guns far away", Harlton, Cambridgeshire - p437 [Nature, 30-19]
Jan 4 1910 - Unknown airship, with lights, seen over Dover and over the Bristol Channel - p512 [London Times, London Standard]
Jan 5 1892 - Light in the sky (part of series of sightings from Dec-Apr every 27th night), Lyons, NY - p451 [Scientific American, May 7, 1892]
Jan 6 1818 - Unknown body crossed the sun, observed for three and a half hours - p393 [Quar. Jour. Roy. Inst., 5-117]
Jan 8 1704 - Earthquake "preceded" by a violent tempest, England - p240 [Rept. Brit. Assoc., 1852]
1840 - Sounds like cannonading, listed as "earthquakes," one of 247 such occurrences in same place between 1839 and 1841, Comrie, Scotland - p405 [Edin. New Phil. Jour., 32-107]
1867 - Garrison startled from sleep by what was supposed to be an earthquake and a sound like thunder, followed by darkness, sky covered with black smoke or clouds, and fall of brownish ashes; another "frightful" shock half an hour later; sighting of dark column of smoke in direction of Klamath Marsh; no report of volcanic eruption, Fort Klamath, OR - p437 [Smithson. Miscell. Cols., 37-Appendix, p71]
Jan 9 1869 - Loud report heard and shock felt, near Colchester, Essex, 30 miles from Harlton (see Jan 3, 1869); extraordinary vibration, described as being like a gunpowder explosion, a big thunder clap, and a little earthquake, South Lopham, Norfolk - p437 [London Times, London Standard]
1873 - Fall of cinders on deck of a lightship - p73 [Proc. Of the London Roy. Soc., 19-122]
Jan 10 1869 - "Extraordinary meteor" seen in the sky, Weston-super-Mare, near Bristol; five hours later three shocks felt said to have been earthquakes - p438 [Chudleigh Weekly Express]
Jan 12 1836 - Sighting of a luminous body, seemingly two-thirds size of the moon, rotating on an axis, with a central dark cavity, Cherbourg, France - p274 [Rept. Brit. Assoc., 1860-77]
1910 - Airship seen and heard at 9 a.m., Chattanooga, TN; also reported in Huntsville, AL (also seen on the next two days) - p510 [New York Tribune, Jan 13]
1916 - A "shock" felt, buildings shaken, flashes seen in the sky, Cincinnati, OH - p520 [New York Herald, Jan 13]
Jan 13 1869 - Explosion in the sky, Brighton - p438 [Rept. B. A., 1869-307]
1910 - Airship seen and heard, Chattanooga, TN (also seen on previous and next days) - p510 [New York Tribune, Jan 15]
Jan 14 1860 - Fall of irregular-shaped pieces of solid ice of different dimensions, up to the size of half a brick, in a thunderstorm, upon Capt. Blakiston's vessel - p186 [London Roy. Soc. Proc., 10-468]
1862 - Fall of black rain, Slains, Scotland - p29 [Rev. James Rust. Scottish Showers]
1910 - "Mysterious white aircraft" seen and heard about noon, Chattanooga, TN (also seen on previous two days) - p510 [New York Tribune, Jan 15]
Jan 15 1869 - Something frightened flocks of sheep (see Jan 9, 13, 1869), Swaffham, Norfolk - p438 [London Standard]
1877 - Fall of snakes after localized ("in a space of two blocks") violent rainstorm, Memphis, TN - p93 [Monthly Weather Review]
1902 - Fall of a meteor near Crater Mountain, AZ - p502 [Amer. Jour. Sci., 4-21-353]
Jan 16 1898 - Sighting of something like a cloud that dimmed and blotted out stars in the constellation of Perseus (sighted again on Jan 24) - p380 [Monthly Notices, 58-334]
Jan 17 1857 - Fall of cinders in showery weather, farm near Ottowa, IL - p76 [Amer. Jour. Sci., 2-24-449]
1913 - Object "larger than the Willows airship" seen in the sky about 5:00 p.m., leaving a trail of dense smoke, Cardiff, Wales - p513 [London Times, Jan 21]
Jan 18 1798 - Dark body of apparent size of Mercury seen crossing the sun - p202 [Monthly Notices of the R. A. S., 20-100]
1835 - Fall of small friable vesicular masses, from pea-size to walnut-size, Lobau - p70 [Rept. Brit. Assoc., 1860-85]
1913 - Something "that was lighted or that carried lights" seen moving rapidly in the sky again, Cardiff, Wales; later reports said it carried a brilliant light that had been seen in Liverpool; list in the Standard of cities where the object was seen - p513 [London Times, Jan 21, Jan 28, London Standard, Jan 31]
Jan 20 1850 - Fall of caterpillar larvae after a snowstorm, Warsaw - p97 [All the Year Round, 8-253]
1860 - Sound "resembling discharge of a gun high in the air" heard, near Reading, Berkshire, England - p408 [London Times, Jan 24]
1891 - luminous object or meteor in the sky, fall of stones from the sky and earthquake, Italy - p244 [L'Astronomie, 1891-154]
1911 - Fall of black rain, Switzerland - p28 [Nature, 85-451]
Jan 22 1882 - "Obscuration" at 10:30 am, so that person on opposite side of street could be heard but not seen; not a fog, London - p234 [Nature, 25-289]
1898 - Sighting of an unknown body between Venus and Mars during a total eclipse of the sun, Viziadrug, India - p489 [Jour. Leeds Astro. Soc., 1906-23]
1904 - F4 tornado leveled the northern part of the town of Moundville in Alabama a little after midnight, killing 36 people. The tornado reportedly glowed with a phosphorescent glow. [source: The Weather Notebook; not listed in Fort]
1911 - Fall of very friable (50% of its soluble in water) carbonaceous substance, Rajpunta, India - p77 [Records Geol. Survey of India, 44-pt 1-41]
Jan 23 1880 - Something like a luminous cable or a shining wall seen on the moon in Aristarchus - p443 [L'Astro., 1885-215]
Jan 24 1849 - Fall of insects or black larvae, Lithuania - p97 [Trans. Ent. Soc. Of London, 1871-183; Revue et Magasin de Zoologie, 1849-72]
1891 - Fall of saucer-sized snowflakes, Nashville, TN - p19
1898 - Sighting of something like a cloud that dimmed and blotted out stars in the constellation of Perseus (first sighted on Jan 16) - p380 [Monthly Notices, 58-334]
1913 - Further reports of brilliant lights in the sky, Cardiff, Wales - p513 [Cardiff Evening Express, Jan 25]
Jan 25 1825 - Fall of little symmetric objects of metal, Orenburg, Russia (second fall of these objects; 1st in Sept 1824] - p178 [Quar. Jour. Roy. Inst., 1828-1-447]
1894 - Brilliant light seen in the sky, explosion heard, quake felt, Llanthomas and Clifford; half hour later, similar occurrence, with illumination so brilliant that for half a minute everything was almost as visible as by daylight, near Hereford and Worcester, Stokesay Vicarage, Shropshire - p476 [Symons' Met. Mag., 29-8, Nature, 49-325]
1913 - Yet more reports of lights in the sky: "...this evening, the lights grow bolder. Streets and houses in the locality of Totterdown were suddenly illuminated by a brilliant, piercing light, which, sweeping upward, gave many spectators a fine view of the hills beyond", Cardiff, Wales - p513 [Cardiff Evening Express, Jan 25]
Jan 27 1912 - Sighting of "an intensely black object" on the moon, estimated to be 250 miles long and 50 miles wide, resembling "a crow poised, as near as anything" - p211 [Popular Astronomy, 20-398]
Jan 29 1860 - Body of apparent size of Mercury seen crossing the sun - p201 [Nature, 14-505]
1910 - Luminous object, thought to be Winnecke's comet, seen near Venus, Manila Observatory - p510 [New York Tribune]
Jan 30 1847 - Fall of larvae and snow, the Eifel - p97 [Trans. Ent. Soc. Of London, 1871-183]
1868 - Fall of fist-sized mass of burning sulphur, Pultusk, Poland - p68 [Rept. Brit. Assoc., 1874-272]
1869 - Fall of larvae in a snowstorm, Upper Savoy, France - p97 [Flammarion. The Atmosphere, p414; La Science Pour Tous, 14-183]
Jan 31 1686 - Fall of substance like charred paper, Norway & other parts of northern Europe - p57 [Kirkwood. Meteoric Astronomy, p66]
1890 - Fall of "incalculable numbers" of larvae, some black, some yellow, in a "great tempest", Switzerland - p97 [L'Astronomie, 1890-313]
1915 - A "symbolic-looking formation," six or seven white spots arranged like the Greek letter Gamma, seen on the moon, in Littrow - p519 [Eng. Mec., 101-47]



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