Patterns by Lindsay Rogers

Swans with Reeds and Rushes - Copyright 1999

Ball and shuttle using no.20 crochet cotton

p = normal picot, P = long picot.

Ring (4ds,p) x 3,4ds.
Chain - 4ds,p,4ds. Repeat this sequence to make 5 rings joined together but the last should be worked as follows:

Chain - 4ds,j to last p, (p,6ds) x 5, j to 1st p of 1st ring, 6ds,p,6ds, j to p on 1st chain, 3ds,p,3ds.
Ring - j 2nd p to 2nd chain.
Chain - 8ds.
Ring - j to last ring.
Chain - 8ds.
Ring - j to last ring and adjacent chain.
Repeat these last 4 instructions.
Chain - 3ds (P) x 3 for tail (largest P first!), s.
Ring - 4ds,j,4ds,j to base of adjacent ring, 4ds,p,4ds.
Chain - 4ds,j to last p on ring, (6ds,j) x 5, 14ds,j,6ds,j,20ds for neck.
Head ring - 8ds,P for beak,6ds.
Tie ends and cut off neatly. Cut picot to open beak.

Large Swan. Start at X

Small Swan. Start at X.

Ring - (4ds,p) x 3,4ds.

Chain - 4ds,p,4ds.

Ring - 4ds,j, (4ds,p) x 2, 4ds.

Chain - 8ds. Repeat rings and chains to get 5 rings joined together.

Chain - PP for tail, 4ds, j to last p of last ring, 16ds,j to 1st p of 1st ring,10ds,j to p on 1st chain,12ds.

Head ring - 6ds,P for beak,5ds. Tie off neatly and cut threads.

Bullrushes should be worked as a ring on a thread for stalk.

Rushes should be picots at the end of a chain.

Long leaves can be chains. Short leaves and grass a series of picots.

For the background draw lines by sticking down a single thread.

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