New Omega plate

United Shield has developed a brand new hard armour plate, which is constructed from composite material and UHMWPE using proprietary and novel production processes. The plate provides excellent ballistic characteristics with low weight and high performance for both ballistic and anti fragmentation. This new development boasts an areal density of 25 kg/m² or 5.12 lbs/ft² giving an all up weight of <2 kgs or <4.4 lbs for a typical 25 x 30cm or 10 x 12 inch combination plate.

The plate is rated NIJ Level III but will also stop the 7.62 x 39mm M1943 Type PS AK47 round, the 5.56 x 45mm and M855 SS109 round and the 7.62 x 54mm R Draganov Type LP round.

Test reports are available from the company.


New NIJ Level II PASGT Helmets

United Shield has concluded development work on their new low cost NIJ Level II ballistic helmet. This helmet is based upon the hugely successful PASGT and Commando models. The use of new materials has enabled a low cost, low protection helmet variant to be produced.

In addition to the new Level II helmet, United Shield is also able to provide special cut helmet variants to suit specialist applications i.e. low profile, asymmetrical, tank crew etc.


Key Staff Role

United Shield are delighted to announce that Ian Dunbavand joined the company on 1st August 2005. Ian is a well known and much admired ballistic specialist who has spent many years in the industry. He joins the company as Technical Sales Director and will spend his time between new product development and sales within the EU, especially the United Kingdom.

His ballistic skills and knowledge will provide a solid platform in the search for new solutions and products.