The Arts

The program envisioned for The Arts had its basic documentation in guidelines drafted by Link Margaret Hough.

During the 14th National Assembly in Nassau 1964, it was voted that a program focusing on the Arts be added to the facets. Despite the fact that our government was not providing some assistance in this area, this was not enough. There was still a desperate need for the private arts patron. Links feel it obligatory for us to recognize the needs for creative people everywhere, but in particular, the needs of the creative artist of African descent.

The goals of Links’ concentration on The Arts and their creators obviously are manifold. The specific goals are:

  • To enhance the knowledge and appreciation of youth and adults for the fine arts.
  • To assist chapters in search of new approaches for their national Links’ project.
  • To give Links another area of programming which highlights and educates the community on the contributions of the black artists.
  • To increase interest in the purchase and commissioning of work from noted artists.
  • To create greater opportunities for exposure to and experience in the various art forms.

The Links, Incorporated has a strong and rich record of support for the performing and visual arts. From the inception of the organization, Chapter members found unique ways to express their individual and collective interests in cultural enrichment in communities across the nation. Links continually provided scholarships for talented individuals, sponsored quality programs for display of talent by budding as well as established artists, and sponsored countless programs and projects for young people.

Today, The Links, Incorporated is at the forefront of organizational advocacy for the preservation of African American cultural heritage. In addition, the National organization, through its chapters, is busily engaged in activities which support the development of new talent. Outstanding local and national projects have made the name Links synonymous with excellence in arts activities as varied as conducting arts camps in the southern states, showcasing artistically talented individuals, to contributing funds to major art museum exhibitions.

The direction for The Arts in the 1984-86 biennium was toward development of a national after-school program, for using arts as a catalyst for encouraging basic skills training. This program was a part of The Links National Program—“Youth Eighties Survival (YES)” – prioritized to utilize our resources to find innovative ways to support black youth. The arts were used to explore, stimulate and develop the creative and intellectual potential of students who are otherwise “turned off” by the traditional school curriculum. Links provided leadership and resources to develop this exciting project.

For the 1992-1994 biennium, The Links, Incorporated, as an organization, through its members, continued to develop and offer cultural and educational opportunities for families and individuals across this nation.

Top priority has been given to establishing criteria and financial resources for exhibition(s) organized by The Links, Incorporated, to promote the excellence found in African American Art identified from the four geographical areas. The traveling art show has and will continue to be exhibited at museums and culture centers across the nation. In addition, and in conjunction with the proposed traveling exhibit, lectures, films, workshops, and performing arts events are sponsored to enhance and enrich a greater understanding and appreciation of the rich and diverse cultural contributions found in this country.

Funding will be secured from private and governmental sources in order to promote and develop, through education, a diverse audience of the acceptance and appreciation of world cultures.

Finally, an edited catalogue regarding this exhibition will document its purpose and historic value as it relates to the world of art. History will record the African American contribution over a period of time and its relationship wit other world cultures for all future generations to study and appreciate. Therefore, The Links, Incorporated, as an organization, through its chapters, will develop substantial linkages across this nation to direct, support, and foster this process.

The Links are proud of their fine tradition of taking the lead in finding innovative ways to integrate the African American arts into the general art culture. Women in the organization are enthusiastic and dedicated to continue their support for the arts.


The Links, Incorporated is proud to salute Dr. Dorothy I. Height and sponsor the Benjamin Banneker Memorial. This flyer was created by Link K. Joy Peters.

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