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Ionizing Radiation Division (846)
National Institute of Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8460
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8460
fax: 301-869-7682
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NIST Physics Laboratory
Division Technical Activities

Org #   Position   Name   Title   Phone Number

846   Division Chief:   Bert M. Coursey   Detailed to Homeland Security 301-975-5584
    Lisa R. Karam   Acting Division Chief 301-975-5561
    Division Secretary:   Wanda M. Lease   Secretary 301-975-5524
    Staff:   Louis Costrell   Physicist 301-975-5608
    Guest Researcher:   Randall S. Caswell   301-975-5525
846.02   Group Leader:   Stephen M. Seltzer   Supervisory Physicist 301-975-5552
    Secretary:   Diana Copeland   Group Secretary 301-975-5575
    Staff:   Fred B. Bateman   Physicist 301-975-5580
    Paul M. Bergstrom   Physicist 301-975-5567
    Heather H. Chen-Mayer   Physicist 301-975-5595
    Sarenee L. Cooper   Physical Science Technician 301-975-5054
    Marc F. Desrosiers   Research Chemist 301-975-5639
    Lawrence T. Hudson   Physicist 301-975-2537
    Melvin R. McClelland   Electrical Technician 301-975-2237
    Ronaldo Minniti   Physicist 301-975-5586
    Michael Mitch   Physicist 301-975-5491
    C. Michelle O'Brien   Physicist 301-975-2014
    James M. Puhl   Physical Science Technician 301-975-5581
    Christopher G. Soares   Physicist 301-975-5589
    Ron Tosh   Physicist 301-975-5591
    Contractor:   John H. Hubbell   301-975-5550
    Research Associate:   Joseph W. Motz   301-975-5576
    Guest Researcher:   Mohamad Al-Sheihkly   301-975-5564
    Paul J. Lamperti   301-975-5591
    William L. McLaughlin   Scientist Emeritus 301-975-5559
    Julian H. Sparrow   Physicist 301-975-5578
846.03   Group Leader:   Muhammad Arif   Supervisory Physicist 301-975-6303
    Secretary:   Martha Neviaser   Group Secretary 301-975-6200
    Staff:   Maynard S. Dewey   Physicist 301-975-4843
    Thomas R. Gentile   Physicist 301-975-5431
    David M. Gilliam   Physicist 301-975-6206
    Craig Heimbach   Physicist 301-975-8874
    David L. Jacobson   Physicist 301-975-6207
    Jeffrey S. Nico   Physicist 301-975-4663
    Alan Keith Thompson   Physicist 301-975-4666
    Contractor:   Charles M. Eisenhauer   301-975-6204
    Sam Werner   301-975-5143
    Guest Researcher:   Allan D. Carlson   301-975-5570
    WangChun Chen   301-975-6222
    John Doyle   301-975-5641
    Robert Golub   301-975-5641
    James A. Grundl   301-975-6201
    Greg Hansen   301-975-8194
    Mike Huber   301-975-5641
    Dan Hussey   301-975-4927
    Hans Mumm   301-975-4663
    Roald A. Schrack   301-975-5569
    Robert B. Schwartz   301-975-6203
    William M. Snow   301-975-4664
    Fred E. Wietfeldt   301-975-4398
    Liang Yang   301-975-8870
846.04   Group Leader:   Lisa R. Karam   Detailed to Acting Div Chief 301-975-5561
    Michael P. Unterweger   Acting Group Leader 301-975-5536
    Secretary:   Cecelia Huestis-Beshai   Secretary 301-975-5530
    Staff:   Douglas J. Alderson   Physical Science Technician 301-975-3232
    Charles Brannon   Physical Scientist 301-975-3855
    Jeffrey T. Cessna   Physicist 301-975-5539
    Ronald Colle   Research Chemist 301-975-6149
    Kenneth G.W. Inn   Research Chemist 301-975-5541
    Lynne King   Physical Science Technician 301-975-5602
    Michelle Millican   Physical Science Technician 301-975-5534
    Bruce Norman   Physical Scientist 301-975-5693
    Leticia Pibida   Physicist 301-975-5538
    Michael Schultz   301-975-6964
    Janet Stann   301-975-5546
    Peter Volkovitsky   Physicist 301-975-5527
    Brian E. Zimmerman   Research Chemist 301-975-5191
    Contractor:   J.M.R. Hutchinson   301-975-5543
    Research Associate:   Daniel B. Golas   301-975-5540
    Svetlana Nour   301-975-4927
    Ofelia Palabrica   301-975-5255
    Guest Researcher:   Hiromu Kurosaki   301-975-2282
    Larry L. Lucas   301-975-5546
    Iisa Outola   301-975-4979

Organizational Key
846   Ionizing Radiation Division
 846.02      Radiation Interactions and Dosimetry Group
 846.03      Neutron Interactions and Dosimetry Group
 846.04      Radioactivity Group

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