"How long does the Refuge program last?"

             A: There are two options for the Refuge program: A two-week commitment and a six-week commitment. It will be Monday through Friday at the Love In Action office from 9am until 5pm. 

   "What is a "rap?"

              A: A rap is a group teaching session.

   "Who teaches the group?"

               A: The different groups are taught by Love In Action counseling staff, consisting of John Smid, Executive Director, Nathan Bell, Associate Director, Sue DeRaad, Women's Ministry Coordinator, Danny Cosby, Counselor, James Serra, Spiritual Development Coordinator, and Tommy Corman, Development Director. 

   "What does the syllabus contain?"

                A: Major topics addressed in Refuge fall into several different categories: honesty, abuse, addiction, family, identity, relationships, future planning, balance, grace, finding a voice, rebellion/submission, and the blessing. Please see our program syllabus for a complete list of teachings. 

   "What is the cost?"

                 A: The cost for the two-week commitment is $2,000 and the cost for the six-week commitment is $4,500.

   "What options are there once the program is completed?"

                  A: After the Refuge client completes the program, there are in-office and phone counseling sessions available for out of town families and weekly support meetings for those in town. Families are also invited to attend a Family and Friends and monthly Open Meetings. See online calender for dates of the above. 

   "In what ways are parents involved?"

                   A: Parental involvement includes a weekly support group at the Love In Action office, periodic check-ins with their child's counselor, attendance at Open Meetings and a Family and Friends weekend (if offered during the duration of his or her program).

   "What is the Parent's responsibility at home?"

                   A: Parents are responsible for enforcing program rules and leading your child in these rules by example. 

   "What options are available for parental support?"

                   A: Parents are offered a weekly support group at the Love In Action office and can take the optional Radical Living course (also offered to program graduates) through Love In Action. 

   "Is the program endorsed or accredited by any other programs?"

                   A: Love In Action is accredited by Exodus International and local area churches.

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