Spooky goings on in Howden

  • It is written that, at the funeral of "John of Howden" in 1275, while laying in an open coffin in the choir during his requiem mass, John did raise his hands to greet the host as it was raised at the consecration. It is chronicled that as result of this John came to be regarded as a saint.


  • In Saxon times there is the tale of a woman who in Howden church inadvertently sat on the wooden tomb of Saint Osana (sister of King Osred) and then found she was stuck solid to the wood by her backside and was unable to free herself. Stripped naked and beaten with lashes by the angry townsfolk until she was bleeding profusely, still she was unable to break free. Only after much wailing and praying for forgiveness by this poor woman did some divine intervention set her free.


  • Both the above tales were regarded as miracles so little wonder that Howden became a center of pilgrimage. The donations from the pilgrims helped fund the continued building of the church, so fulfilling John of Howdens prophecy, that he would continue the building of the church after his death.