Short stories written by Kouhei Kadono

In addition to writing the Boogiepop novels, Kouhei Kadono is a frequent contributor to the Japanese magazine Dengeki HP. These stories often take place in the fictitious world that Boogiepop inhabits, but often focuses on other, minor characters rather than Boogiepop herself.

front cover for Beat's Discipline Side 1 [Exile]
One character in particular, a composite human named Beat, has been the focus of a recent number of Kadono's stories. Mediaworks has compiled and reprinted a number of Beat's adventures in the book Beat's Discipline SIDE 1 [Exile] (�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ�󡡣ӣɣģţ�), published in March of 2002. Volume 2, Beat's Discipline SIDE 2 [Fracture] followed in August of 2003. Beat's adventures are not yet over, so I imagine a volume 3 will be coming out some time in mid-to-late 2004.

The following is a list of Kadono's short stories that have been published in Dengeki HP. Much thanks goes out to Ken, a Japanese fan who told me about these stories.

#Japanese Title"English" Title"Author"Release Date
1 �������Υ֥����ݥåס��������θ�ū�᤭���֥����ݥåפ�����The Piper at the Gates of Dawn / The End is the Beginning is the EndBoogiepop at Dawn12-18-98
2�������Υ֥����ݥåס�̸����Υ�������[Nagi Kirima's] StyleBoogiepop at Dawn3-18-99
3�᥿�롦�����롼Metal Guru---6-18-99
4���ɥ󥳡����London Calling---9-18-99
5������Ԥ��ʤ���My Death Wait---12-18-99
6����ꥪ�åȥ��塼����Chariot Choogle---3-18-00
7�ߥ�������ӥ󥽥�μ����Ȥ��ʤ����What's That You Say, Mrs. Robinson?Boogiepop Paradox6-18-00
9�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ������á�����̿�����Beat's Discipline Phase 1: "Command & Avenge"---12-18-00
10�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ�������á��������ư�ɡ�Beat's Discipline Phase 2: "Funeral & Shakiness"---2-18-01
11�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ���軰�á�����Ĺ�ȶ�����Beat's Discipline Phase 3: "Improvement & Accident"---4-18-01
12�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ�� ����á����Żߤ����ǡ�Beat's Discipline Phase 4: "Fixed & Careless"---6-18-01
14�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ�� ����á�����Υ�ȱ����Beat's Discipline Phase 5: "Distance & Roundabout"---10-18-01
15�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ����ϻ�á���̵���ȰŹ���Beat's Discipline Phase 6: "Starless & Bible Black"---12-18-01
16�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ���輷�á�������̤���Beat's Discipline Phase 7: "Past & Future"---2-18-02
17�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ����Ȭ�á������Ϥȶѹա�Beat's Discipline Phase 8: "Power & Balance"---4-18-02
18�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ������á�����ȷи���Beat's Discipline Phase 9: "Disgust & Experience"---6-18-02
19�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ���载�á����ĺ��������Beat's Discipline Phase 10: "Shutdown & Aim"---8-18-02
20�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ���载���á�������ȿ���Beat's Discipline Phase 11: "Mingling & Counterattack"---10-18-02
21�ߥ��������󥯥���ͷ�Фʤ�Mr. JinxBoogiepop Staccato12-18-02
22�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ���载���á�����������ҡ�Beat's Discipline Phase 12: "Death & Fragment"---2-18-03
23�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ���载���á������ȿ����Beat's Discipline Phase 13: "Diamonds & Pearls"---4-18-03
24�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ��ήž�Ȱ�žBeat's Discipline Phase 14: "Wandering & Pitch-dark"---6-18-03
25�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ��ľ���ȱ���Beat's Discipline Phase 15: "Intuition & Concealment"---8-20-03
26�ӡ��ȤΥǥ����ץ�����������Beat's Discipline Phase 16: "Moderate & Witch"---10-18-03

Thoughts and notes by me
Wow, where to start? The English-given titles aren't necessarily literal translations of the Japanese, but instead more like a subtitle that was given with each installment. I'm kinda clueless about the author thing. "Boogiepop Stacatto" and "Boogiepop at Dawn" and whomever could be guest writers, and not stuff written by Kadono. I dunno. The Forbidden Booklists of Boogiepop doesn't list these entries at all.

I think that Phases 1 through 6 of Beat's Discipline are reprinted in the "Side 1 [Exile]" book. I base this on the fact that again, the Forbidden Booklist doesn't include these chapters, probably due to redundancy.

Can you spot all the song references? Kadono apparently is quite a fan of American/British rock music, and these influences very often appear in his titles. Here's a handy little reference (thanks to joker-sama for identifying several of these as well):

  • The Piper at the Gates of Dawn - the title of Pink Floyd's first album.
  • The End is the Beginning is the End - name of a Smashing Pumpkin song, from the Batman & Robin soundtrack. I like the Smashing Pumpkins. ^_^v
  • Metal Guru - song that appears off the T.Rex album "the Slider."
  • London Calling - album by The Clash.
  • Chariot Choogle - another T.Rex song. The Japanese seem to really like T.Rex for some reason...
  • What's that you say Mrs. Robinson? - famous lyric from the Simon & Garfunkle song "Mrs. Robinson." A character in the Boogiepop books also appears with that name.

That's about all for now, I'll update as I learn more. Lastly, here's the publication info for the two Beat's Discipline books currently out in Japan:

Beat's Discipline SIDE 1 [Exile]
Written by Kouhei Kadono, illustrated by Kouji Ogata
ISBN number: 4-8402-2056-5
price: 610 yen
349 pages
first published on March 25 2002 by Mediaworks

Beat's Discipline SIDE 2 [Fracture]
Written by Kouhei Kadono, illustrated by Kouji Ogata
ISBN number: 4-8402-2430-7
price: ??? yen
??? pages
first published on August 25 2003 by Mediaworks