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About the Olympic Village

The Southeast False Creek Official Development Plan (ODP) is divided into seven sub-areas. Sub-area 2A will be the first phase of City-owned land to be developed and will become the Vancouver Olympic Village for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The Olympic Village will be home to approximately 2,800 athletes and officials during the 2010 Winter Games.

Olympic Village sub-areas

The buildings in the Olympic Village will be turned over to VANOC on November 1, 2009 for the final preparations and use during the 2010 Winter Games. The buildings will be returned to the City of Vancouver on March 31, 2010.

After the 2010 Winter Games, those buildings used by the athletes will provide approximately 1,000 residential units, including 250 affordable housing units, a community centre, daycare, retail and service space for the new residents of Southeast False Creek.

Development of the remaining City Lands (Sub-area 1A and 3A) will continue to 2018. Development on some of the private sites (Sub-area 1B, 2B, 3B and 3C) may occur prior to the 2010 Winter Games and will likely continue beyond 2018.

This website focuses on the development of the Olympic Village. Updates on the development of the other City-owned lands (sub-area 1A and 3A) will be provided as information becomes available.

Olympic Village during the Games

This conceptual diagram illustrates how the Southeast False Creek site will likely be used during the 2010 Winter Games.

conceptual diagram of Southeast False Creek during the 2010 Games



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