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Credentials & Recognition.

Pacific International University is in good standing with the American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions Inc. (North Carolina) and is also a member of the Association of Christian Colleges and Theological Schools (Louisiana), having been granted "Full Institutional Approval".� These memberships do NOT constitute accreditation by the U.S. Office of Education.� It is relevant to state that some U.S. States (and private institutions) do NOT accept all U.S. Office of Education "accreditations".


The following are typical commendations received for Pacific College of Graduate Studies all apply to Pacific International University.


Both bachelor and higher degree graduates of your college have worked in professional positions in bodies in membership with our organization.� We believe that the standard of the graduates is adequate for such professional employment and that the degrees of Pacific College are of the standard that they claim. R.V.Clough (Exec. Sec.)


This is to confirm that World Radio Missionary Fellowship, operating as HCJB - Australia, is pleased to recognize and accept graduates of Pacific College of Graduate Studies for professional ministry.� The college offers studies of the highest academic standard.� Barry Cutchie (Chairman - HCJB Australia, World Radio Missionary Fellowship of Australia)


From our perspective, the Bachelor of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology degrees offered by the College provides appropriate training for people who wish to engage in professional ministry in an overseas missionary context. Further, our Society accepts the Masters and Doctoral degrees from Pacific College as adequate formal training for our staff who wish to engage in theological education in Third World settings.� Rev. Chris Pittendrigh (Overseas Secretary)


One of the singular benefits of the Pacific College of Graduate Studies is that they have been able to offer academic training to students in the particular disciplines that they are wanting to study...In the main we have followed two streams, that of field linguistics and the other of counseling training. Both of these have been of excellent value to us. I therefore endorse the formal training that your college is offering to our field practitioners who otherwise would have to take a significant break from their work. Mr. David Cummings (Director)


The Wesleyan Methodist Church has worked in close relationship with P.C.G.S. for close to ten years, and we accept the degrees offered by Pacific College as adequate formal training for professional ministry.� Rev. Thomas Blythe (National Superintendent)


Pacific International University will be offering theological and biblical courses to help enhance minister’s service both in Baptist denominational groups and transdenominationally. High quality video, audio and specialized studies have been prepared. Over 200 such courses are available.

The school will render a most valuable service to ministers in the field of religious and biblical studies. A highly qualified faculty will serve as mentors and advisors to those who will pursue distance learning.�� This wave of the future is increasingly becoming a method of choice for those more mature ministers, established in their churches, who will not uproot their families and move to a city with a theological or biblically oriented College.

I am happy to serve with Dr. Clifford Wilson, a distinguished scholar and archaeologist with impeccable credentials.�� Rev. Dr. James Combs.� (Former Editor)

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