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The University of Arizona

The First Fight Songs

Fight! Wildcats! Fight! Sheet Music

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Fight! Wildcats! Fight!:  :Arizona's first fight song was "Fight! Wildcats! Fight!", written in 1929 by Dugald Stanley Holsclaw, class of '25. Holsclaw went on to serve in the state legislature for many years. "Fight! Wildcats! Fight!" was officially introduced by the UA band at the 1930 Homecoming game and was also performed by Rudy Vallee and his orchestra over the NBC radio network that same year.

Bear Down, Arizona!:  One day in 1952 Jack K. Lee, an applicant for the UA's band directorship, was leaving Tucson by air following an interview with university administration. From his airplane window, Lee observed the huge letters on the roof of the UA gymnasium. Inspired, he began to scribble down the music and lyrics to an up-tempo song. By the time his plane landed, he had virtually finished it. A few weeks later Lee was named the university's band director, and in September of that year, the UA band performed "Bear Down, Arizona!" in public for the first time. Soon thereafter, "Bear Down, Arizona!" became accepted as UA's fight song.

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