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PPV Picks
The Inside Credle Report- 3/29/04

Bret Hart is suing Lloyd's of London insurance company for $2.2 million, accusing the firm of not paying Hart's disability claim, due to the career-ending concussion Hart suffered at Starrcade '99 against Bill Goldberg.

TNA has stripped Chris Sabin of the X-Division title and will awarded to the winner of The Amazing Red vs. Frankie Kazarian match this Wednesday on PPV.

Well, the plan for Paul Heyman is to return as a manager, as he was very instrumental in the initial success of Brock Lesnar. The idea for the ECW revival is still up in the air. The WWE-produced ECW DVD comes out in June.

Wrestlers are petitioning for McMahon to bring back the older championship belts, like the ones used in the late 80s-early 90s, as they want to restore some of the history of the company.

Kurt Angle has been medically cleared to return to wrestling. But, official will keep Angle out of the ring for a while, using him only when necessary, as they try to protect his neck.

And Maven is off injury list, and is expected to return to RAW tonight


here are no plans for Stephanie McMahon to return on-air, right now.
And Paul Heyman will not be seen on TV for a while either.

The Rock's contract expires next year, but he is expected to resign.
Canadian fans are upset over Chris Benoit new hometown of Atlanta, GA. The Canadian office is upset as "the home talent" was the selling point of the Edmonton, Canada's upcoming Backlash PPV.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was involved in another domestic dispute, this time involving his new girlfriend. No charges were filed yet.

Goldberg is officially done in the states, but will continue wrestling in Japan.

WrestleMania XX profits are to exceed $40 million, and wrestler's bonuses will be the highest ever.

The Rise & Fall of ECW 2-disc DCD will be released on June 1st

The 1st ever RAW repeat, which featured the draft lottery, will air Sunday night at 8pm on Spike TV

And finally, Vince McMahon is considering holding the Draft Lottery every year after WrestleMania.

In Other news:
-TNA & ROH star Chris Sabin is out for 4 weeks with a knee injury
-TNA & ROH working together. Well, talks have begun about deciding how to deal with wrestlers who work for both promotions. This was sparked from the possible deal between TNA & Fox Sports Net.

Check out the Mid Eastern Wrestling Federation, who has their next event this Sunday night at Northpoint Flea Market in Dundalk, MD. with Champion Danny Doring vs. Reckless Youth, and more. Call 410-391-3200 for more info.

Enjoy the weekend everyone, and Call back on Monday for the RAW preview & more wrestling news.


Last night on TNA saw Christopher Daniels and Low Ki def. Shane Douglas and Michael Shane, Slash & Sinn def. Glenn Gilberti & David Young, Kid Kash & his partner def. Sonny Siaki & Simon Diamond, The Naturals def. 3 Live Kru, Abyss vs. Ron Killings ended in a no-contest, and The Amazing Red won the 6-man elimination match over Petey Williams, Nosawa, Frankie Kazarian, Elix Skipper, & Jerry Lynn.

Well, Locker room controversy has hit right here at home as there is a growing rift between MEWF management and MEWF wrestlers for various reasons, from creative direction to wrestler's salaries. This rift became public as several disgruntled wrestlers aired their feelings on the MEWF website message board and other wrestling newssites. Management responded by taking down the message board entirely. All roads now lead to this Sunday's live event in Dundalk, MD. Should be interesting indeed.

Other quick notes:
Blade III featuring HHH will be released December 10th.
TNA is close to getting a spot on Fox Sports Net, only if the network deems it as a clean product.
& WWE 24/7, It's the new subscription video-on-demand service, will debut soon, featuring footage from WWE, WCW, ECW, AWA, & SMW.

Enjoy SmackDown tonight with Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T, Chavo Guerrero vs. Spike Dudley, Rob Van Dam vs. Charlie Haas, Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley vs. Doug & Danny Basham, Billy Kidman vs. Rene Dupree, plus new GM Kurt Angle and more, tonight at 8 on UPN.

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