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Brian Glass 

Brian has been working in the office since 1997. He graduated in 2005 from Washington University's University College with a B.S. in psychology. He works as a programmer for the CDIS and SAM projects. Brian also designed websites for the EPRG, MPE, and DIS and continues to maintain the sites. He will be attending the doctoral program in Cognition & Perception at the University of Texas in Austin in the Fall.


Dr. Linda Cottler
Dr. Lee Hoffer
Dr. Kit-sang Leung
Dr. Lawrence Scheier
Dr. Catherine Striley


Arbi Ben Abdallah
Deborah Arnett
Jane Bogetto
Lillie Boone
Symphony Brooks
Laura Cottler
Scot Fague
Jennifer Gamble
Brian Glass
Melanie Koleini
Chris Perkins
Catina Meeks
Tamara Millay
Erin Murdock
Braden Van Buskirk
Caroline Vemulapalli
Dott Wallace
Lisa Wines
Jane Works


Kristina Aldridge, PhD
Monica Bishop, MD
Judson Bliss, PhD
Ellen Edens, MD
Daniel Mamah, MD
Catharine Mennes, MSW
Odity Mukherjee

Angela Reiersen, MD
Krishna V.A.S., PhD
Jenny Wang, MD






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