Gypsy Encampment

Extra special HUGE thank you to Caravan Shop Sims 2 for allowing me exceptional permission to recolor their caravan
roof and window pieces!!!
They do not normally allow this. You will need their meshes for
these items to work in your game! (See mesh list below)

Special thanks to the following mesh makers and Links to the meshes you need for this grouping:

Caravan Roof and Window from Caravan Shop Sims 2
Xanathon Wagon Wheel at The Anything Box
Lethe's Cauldron BBQ, Medievel Toilet, Medievel Wash Basin, and Waterbutt
Simthing's 2x2 Painting Mesh
Echo's 3x4 Rug Mesh


~Build Items~

Window & Roof Pieces

~Room Sets~

~Gypsy Encampment Starter Lot~

This is the lot you can download. Maxis and McTrick's Items ONLY!
You must download other items from the list at the top of the page!

The following are pix of the lot in MY own personal game. I am picturing it to give you some
ideas on how to decorate your own Gypsy Camp using the downloadable lot above as a base. :o)

Animals in pictures can be found at Mod the Sims 2. Do a search for animals or try this link: http://forums.modthesims2.com/search.php?searchid=3834196

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