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If you're interested in the medium... The Comics Journal is the magazine for you. The broadest range of interview subjects, the hardest-hitting news, articles on theory and the real-world impact of comics, and a full battery of reviews written with intelligent flair make this the ideal platform for a discovery of the world's most neglected art form!

If you're already reading comics... The Comics Journal is the magazine for you. We take comics seriously as an art form and a business, from the definitive interviews with the great craftsmen who built the superhero genre to the newspaper giants you grew up with to the absolute cutting edge cartoonists of today. It's the magazine that pros pay attention to, the media elite monitor, and the discerning fan seeks out to find out about a whole new approach to the medium!

If you're a fan of alternative culture and/or alternative comics... The Comics Journal is the magazine for you. A longtime champion of comics for art's sake, it's the magazine with the first word on what people are going to be reading and the last word on what people have read. Your favorite cartoonist is reading it: find out what comics will be on their "Things to Buy" list and what opinions they'll be debating with their friends!

Comics is a special medium, alive with possibilities and quality artists producing remarkable work that with the rare exception goes unnoticed. That medium is covered with an unblinking eye by The Comics Journal, which in its 25-year history has become one of the most respected art-specific magazines on the stands. The Comics Journal's website is proud to offer the following subscription deal:

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