Here is a list of contemporary texts linked to this site.

Other Elizabethan and later texts will be gradually made available.


Sir Philip Sidney, Cassell's edition of 1891. Samuel Daniel. 1592. Renascence Internet edition (The 1592 edition)
 A Defence of Poesie   Delia and Rosamund

 Thomas Lodge, Sonnets to Phillis, 1593


Sir Philip Sidney, Astrophel and Stella, 1591.
Wherein the excellence of sweet poesy is concluded.


Attributed toT homas Watson, probably in error: The Tears of Fancie, or Love Disdained. 1593.


Edmund Spenser, Amoretti and Epithalamion, 1595


 Barnabe Barnes, Parthenophil and Parthenophe,
Sonnets, Madrigals, Elegies and Odes, 1593.




    Giles Fletcher, Licia, or Poems of Love, Sonnets, 1593.


The Carrier's Cosmography.

A guide to all the Carriers in London, where they may be found, and on what days, whence, and whither, they arrive and depart.   As given by John Taylor in 1637.



   Bartholomew Griffin, Fidessa, more chaste than kind. Sonnets, 1596.


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